I kinda like you

A story about the boys from 5 Seconds Of Summer and a girl named Crystal. Could Calum and Crystal get together and go through the obstacles? Will Ashton and Luke be okay with it? Will Crystal let things get far? Crystal has gotta 'Bad Girl' reputation. Luke and Crystal gotta story. And Calums got his heart layed on the girl he wants. Ashton is close to Crystal until an incident and Michael is stuck in the middle of it all.


11. Chapter 11

Crystals' POV





"Hello?*lots of background noise*" -Cr

"Uhh.. Hey Crystal! Its me Calum, i got your number from Lukes phone." -Cal

"Oh My God. Whats your deal with me. Seriously just tell me" -Cr

"I know so far i seem really creepy but like i said i just wanna get to know ya besides you dont seem to talk to people." -Cal

"Ookayy so you feel bad that i dont have friends at school"-Cr

  "No i dont feel bad i mean if your happy that way, why need friends" -Cal

"Ha ookayy so im happy that way... dont talk to me." -Cr

  "But i wanna, you seem cool and your different... i like that"-Cal

"Why cuz im not a bitch tryna get your attention, all over you" -Cr

  "No, right now thats my job... where are you, i cant hear you well" -Cal

"Oh yeah, right, ima tell ya where im at so you can stalk me again." -Cr

  "Are you at a party." -Cal

"Oh my God what part dont you get ?! Im not interested!" -Cr

  "Sooo.. you are at a party... wow i wouldnt expect you to be" -Cal

"Unbelievable." I said laughing he was just not giving up. 

  "Yeah i think i know what party your at, see you in a bit" -Calum said i could tell smirking.



Oh crap. I thought to myself, I was kinda annoyed now, he wouldnt let go! I didnt think he would find me because it was my fourth party since i broke up with Luke, I was with a guy i met a year ago because i knew if i asked my best friend he would say its lame. We were upstairs in a room, we just didnt fit in with everyone else so we were there... not doing anything dirty though, just a being ourselves and occasionally kissing a little, i really went out my comfort zone because i even got a little alcohol which wasnt my thing.

I heard Calum the moment he went upstairs so i did something crazy... I kissed Isaac not awkwardly though it was a good moment to. He hesitated but joined in and deepened it, it was good and in sync. Calum knocked on the door opening it slowly but by then Isaac had me pressed against the wall, I didnt mind. 

"Crystal?" he sounded confused.

Me and Isaac stopped, he had my dark purple lipstick all over his face and jaw. 

"Hah oh my god Isaac go clean up" i said genuinely laughing. Once he left to the bathroom, i grabbed my lipstick to reapply turning to the mirror. "So Calum what are ya doin here"


  "I came with my friends, what brings you, this doesnt seem like somewhere you would be." Calum said intrigued. 

"Why cuz im not a slut" I said chuckling

  "No, because your different" he said with a smirk getting closer. Oh gawd he was so cliche, kinda cute but not really my type.

"Kay so what do you want" i asked with a fake smile.

  "How bout we get to know eachother somewhere else" he said as Isaac walked back in.

"Mmm... if Isaac is fine with that" I said and Isaac just nodded his head. He knew i was a bit drunk and so did I cuz i wouldnt have agreed otherwise.


Calum and I walked out and ended up outside, sitting on a 2 person swing set. 

  Calum spoke "Honestly I didnt know you ran... I wasnt expecting you to be there in the morning"

"Well you werent supposed to see me like that... there, besides everything I do is so surprising to you, you dont know who I am, dont judge me by the way look"

  "Sorry" he scratched the back of his head

"Im not mad, im just sayin" which was true, "So could you be honest with me and actually tell me why your talking to me... you dont have to feel bad for me, im fine" I said with a reassuring smile.

  "Im honestly just tryna be your friend, i like you" he confimed. He continued "but i dont wanna make things awkward ... since you know... uhh .... you and Luke.. have.. .uh had, a thing."

"He told you" I said in a little whisper.

  "Uh no, both of you didnt wanna say anything and lied but i figured it out. Maybe you could tell me more about it. Just like I always wonder why you have no friends at school and you seem so ... cool"

"I dunno Calum thats not what i wanna talk about and you know everyone kind of sees me as a bad girl" I said making air quotes. "I dont know why, they just see me different because of the way i look, but im fine with that, i dont fit in"

  "Well.. will you be a "bad girl" with me... cuz i think we would fit in together perfectly fine" he laughed and smiled adorably. 

"I guess thats your best pick up line... but fine only because you have been trying so hard... let me go get my stuff and tell Isaac." I left him out side and ran up the stairs finding Isaac talking to his friend told him and left. On my way downstairs Luke caught my eye, we made eye contact again, but i smiled a little and shrugged leaving even though he was clearly watching where i was going, he was with someone that looked extremely familiar but i was way too drunk to remember and i only saw his hair.


I shook everything off and got to Calum knowing Luke was still watching me through the window. "So where are we going"

  "Umm i dont know, its dark but only 7... how bout we go to the beach or pier, its not that far so we can walk... you dont have a curfew right?"

"Eh yeah i do, my parents are really strict, but i snuck out so ill get in trouble anyway and make an excuse."

  "*gasp* such a bad girl!" He said joking. As we went down the driveway, me knowing Luke was still watching and Calum put his arm around my waist.

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