I kinda like you

A story about the boys from 5 Seconds Of Summer and a girl named Crystal. Could Calum and Crystal get together and go through the obstacles? Will Ashton and Luke be okay with it? Will Crystal let things get far? Crystal has gotta 'Bad Girl' reputation. Luke and Crystal gotta story. And Calums got his heart layed on the girl he wants. Ashton is close to Crystal until an incident and Michael is stuck in the middle of it all.


1. Chapter 1

"Yes?" I unwantingly turned and took one earphone out when someone tapped my shoulder. To my surprise i saw a boy whom looked really familiar.


"Um I just wanted to...-", A boy I knew, Luke cut him off. 


"What are you doing dude, leave her alone. Come on!"


He waved goodbye and i just smiled, really confused.


See here's the thing. I have no 'real' friends. No one ever talks to me unless its for a specific reason. Its like people are afraid of me and I dont quite fit in with anyone. But it's fine, I am better off alone because i dont want to be the same as every basic girl. I like to be different, although sometimes i wish i did have friends.


First off, My name is Crystal im 17 and I am a Junior. I have many personalities and im not really like any other girls. Im different in many ways. My closest friend is also a guy, he goes to school on the other side of town though and he is a little bit older.


At school, I'm avoided my everyone, so I like to spend lunch and any free time on the grass, its the "forbidden" area but people just got used to seeing me alone there. Its far from everyone so its peaceful which i like.


My life is simple, its always been that way. My parents are a strict, meaning i never go out, i get good grades, I listen to alot of music and read. I also like to play soccer, and run occasionally and i play a little guitar and draw but i suck at everything i try to do.


Anyways, today was like any day, except i was wondering all day why the boy came up to me, at lunch. No one would walk across the school field and lunch area to get to me. I was used to people getting away from me though. I didn't bother, I gotta admit he was kinda cute so i just supposed he was about to do something stupid to embarrass me.

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