Wold of Zinio - The Great War

Spying is a dangerous job, that both Rose and Zepf has. But what do they do when there is war?


2. With Power

(A/N: I had to re-wright this four times because It didn't want to save so sorry about the quality)

Zepf and Rose are running towards the ships. "Any idea who they might be?" Zepf asked, "They must be from The Capital, how else would they have that kind of power?". In a breaf moment Rose felt like she whent though a wall, in pain she fell to the ground. "Rose!"Zepf shouted and ran to her. "There is now way... Their magic-field it reaches all the way over here..." Rose said and had a hand against her head. Zepf helped her up and said "We have to get out of here".

Zepf and Rose stumbled towards the dock on the other side of the island where everyone else had already gone on the boat. But when they got there... The boat was destroyed, bodies of the villagers in the water and fire everywhere. Rose looked at Zeph, but he didnt look back. He just looked at the bodies in the water, the bodies of everyone he knew and loved. Rose also grew up here but after her mother left and a year later her father died in battle. She went off at the age of 14 and came back four years later to her childhood home and her childhood friend that was now starring at dead bodies in the ocean. Rose took a grip on Zepf's shoulders and shook him a little "We have to get off this island... NOW". Zepf snapped back into reality and took Roses hand "Hurry!". Zepf pulled her behind one of the trees, as he cut open the tree with a knife Rose looked over at the ships between the trees on the other side of the island. "Here, this is a secret passage." Rose looked over and inside the tree was a dark trapdoor. "This will lead you to the town Penella" Rose looked confused and asked "'You'?". Zepf stood up and looked at Rose "Yeah, Im not going. I have to protect this place, this is my home and I--" In the middle of Zepf's speech Rose threw him down the hole with her magic. He landed, quickly got up and shouted "Hey!", "If anyone is gonna stay behind its me!!" She interupted. Rose looked down at him and shouted "Idiot! How could you possibly think I would just leave you behind!!" Zepf took the chain that was around his weist and threw it towards Rose. It grabbled her arm and pulled her down the hole. She landed beside Zepf. "What the hell!?", ""Exactly! You're the idiot for thinking I would leave YOU behind!" Zepf interupted. Rose looked grumpy. "Now lets get going. We can meet up with LP in Penella" Zepf said concerned and got up. Rose got up as well and followed with even though she could get out of the passageway with her gravity magic.

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