Wold of Zinio - The Great War

Spying is a dangerous job, that both Rose and Zepf has. But what do they do when there is war?


3. The War Continues

As they were walking in the passage way only silence could be heard. Rose was concerned about Zepf because of the things he had seen. She had honestly seen something similar herself but she still cared about him alot and she didnt want him to go though the same thing she did all those years ago with her father. Seeing her father getting killed was the worst experience of her life and she never wanted Zepf or anyone else she cared about to go though that. Zepf didn't talk because of just the thing Rose thought about. He had seen everyone he knew being dead and he wasn't "okay".

They started getting close to the exit in Penella were they would meet LP.

They were almost to the exit when Rose finally decides to break the silence and say "Hey, are you okay?". It took some time before he answered with "Considering the cercomstanses, Im alright actully." Zepf finally looked at Rose "I still have you, right?". Rose blushed a little and said "Always". But no nice moment last forever and the corridor started to shake. Zepf fell to the ground and Rose tried as hard as possible not to fall again. "What is that!?" Rose asked. But then the shaking stopped. After only a few seconds they started to hear a sound. As they looked back, in the distence they could see water... Alot of it. The passageway started to flood. Being paralyzed Rose just looked at the water. Zepf had a quick reaction, he got up and grabbed Rose by the wrist. Running and running. But in the end the water cought up to them. They tumbled with the water for some seconds until everything went black. Rose came too but she couldnt see anything because the only thing that was lighting up the passageway before were torches that had now gone out. Rose tried to look around but she couldn't see anything. She didn't even know which way was up. But she could find out. Rose used her gravity magic on herself and she quickly got down to the bottom. When her magic was cast she gave of some light and in the distance she could see Zepf, uncontus. Rose made her gravitational pull "light" and pushed herself towards Zepf. Rose was running out of air and when she got to Zepf she had almost run out completly. She saw something red by Zepf's head. "Blood?" She thought but it wouldnt matter bacouse she would die any second now anyway. Wait! In Roses last moments she rememberd something she could do. She could give even Atoms a gravitational pull, if she pushed them downwards it would turn into ice, right? In desperation she tried it. It didn't turn into ice but it worked and the corridor was not only half-full but half-empty aswell. She took Zepf and used a light-gravitational pull to hover out of the corridor.

Rose fell to the ground after using so much power to get them out of the corridor. She hurried to Zepf after catching her breath and she shouted his name, but no answer. She looked at the wound on his head, it looked pretty bad and there was a lot of blood. In the distance Rose saw ships. The same ships that attacked their island, with a red sail but now she could see the symbol. It was some kind of bull looking figure with a halo and two weird looking blue marks in the middle of them. As fast as she saw the ships she had to make a decision: Stay with Zepf or run and warn LP. Rose thought about how many people she was helping and who she was helping. She couldn't make up her mind but lucky as she was: "Rose?".

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