Wold of Zinio - The Great War

Spying is a dangerous job, that both Rose and Zepf has. But what do they do when there is war?


1. It Begins

As Rose looked over the land on a high mountain, listening to the wind and the birds tweet.

Rose is a beutiful young worrior at the age of 19, with brown curly hair that reacher to her weist and blue-green eyes that are as clear as a summer day sky, with a brown hooded capelet and black shorts+tank top one pice and some sneekers. She also has a dark-green heart on her right cheek.

Suddenly she heard a sound. She quickly drew her sword and looked behind her, something was moving. She started to slowly walk towards it, suddenly a flink popps up looking at her with its grey eyes, bunny-like body and golden furr. Rose put down her weapon and crouched down to the little animal. The flink sniffed on her hand and then started to nibble on it. After a few moments Rose stood up again and got her hand back. She took one last look over the far land, turned around and slowly walked into the forest.

Rose walked farther and farther into the dark woods. After some time she arrived at a big wooden door that was slamed shut. Rose starts to sout "Leo! Tia! Its Rosemarie! Let me in!". Just then a redheaded boy, Leo, looks over the wall, he looks to be about 14 years old, purple eyes and a spear in hand. "Oh! So it is you!" He said. Just as he was done talking another head looks over the wall, his twin Tia. "What do you want!" She shouts, "Where is Zepf?!" Rose shouts. Tia and Leo looks at her for a second, then they both dissapear. The gate slowly opens for Rose and she walks in to a village that live among the trees. The village doesnt have alot of people but all of them look diffrent. Leo and Tia stands infront of Rose "He is here" Tia says, "In the village" Leo finishes, "By the lake" They both say. Both of them are wearing armour with green acessories. "Thanks" Rose says and pats them both on the head. Rose walks through the town, she saying hello to some people that say hello to her. But she finally arrives at the lake. A young man her age is sitting there, fishing. He has black hair, red eyes and a white hoodie. He noticed Rose walking towards him and sayd "Sup, why are you here?" Rose sits down beside him and says "Is that the 'welcome home' I get?". "I though you were going to be gone for the rest of the year?" Zepf asked. "Well, I finished the jobb early" Rose said and leaned back. "Must have been a heck on an easy spying mission if you came home after only three weeks" Zepf said and put down his fishingrod. Rose lay down in the grass and sais "That king is up to something again. He was planning to lower the age of men who has to become worrior. He also encreased his security rate". Zepf lies down beside her and says "Maybe he is being hunted or a target for assasination". Rose just lays there. Zepf turns his head towards her and says "Rose..." Rose turns to Zeph and answers "Yeah?". "Do you think where will be war?". Rose looks at him for a minute and then answers "I--", before she could finish her sentence they heard something exploding. Both of them got up quickly and ran towards the sound. But in the sight of something, they stopped. Far away there was alot of smoke, screams could be heard all around and as they looked closer they saw it: Boats, hundreds of them, all sailing towards them. Rose and Zepf looked at eachother and in a breaf moment Rose said "I think It has already started".

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