Let's get home

Sage Wilson was a normal girl, living an ordinary life before an accident launched her into a coma. When she finally woke up, you would expect her family to be rushing to her side to see her...but that wasn't the case. Instead she was welcomed by dust and silence. She soon realized that the world she left isn't the same world she woke up to. The apocalypse hit while she was gone, leaving the whole Earth deserted. However by some luck, she finds another human who just so happens to wish their paths never crossed. Now he is stuck with a girl who has no clue how to survive and no matter what she is not leaving.


6. Chapter 6


When we wake up it's raining so much that it wouldn't surprise me to see Noah’s ark sail by.

The only one awake is William that sit by the window looking out on the rain.

I tiptoe over to him not wanting to wake the others up.

,, I don’t think we can get out of here soon, this doesn't look like it will stop” I confess looking at some of the garbage that slowly drift down the street that almost have turned into a river.

,, we have to get to higher ground, the weather isn't like you remember it Sage, we could drown if we don’t get away from the rain” he answer looking concerned, I look out and realize he's right.

It's really looks like there isn't much time left before the water gets knee high.

We get the others awake and head out to find an apartment building or something.

And at that point I can really feel my height slowing me down, the others have a hard time passing through the water where I almost have to put my knees up to my ears to get forward because of the fast stream in the water. It's like trying going through a river against the water.

Multiple times am I about to fall, but William that goes behind me catch me every time before I fall.

And in the end I think Jack got irritated over me slowing them down.

Or that’s the reason I think it is for him to carry me most of the way.

We even saw a ripper get pulled with it, or more like we heard the growl.

The rain hits hard making it hard to see anything and dangerous because we can't see what the stream carry with it. Bikes, fallen trees get with the stream and many other things.

All of our clothes a drenched making us all shiver and sneeze cause it feels like going on Greenland or something. Maybe we should just have stayed in the motel I think after some time.

But eventually do we reach an apartment building that looks like it's high enough to the water doesn't reach us.

We all stand there in the room, drenched and irritated. I sneeze loudly holding around myself trying to hold myself warm. ,, we need to get out this clothes and put a fire up. We’re going to get too cold if we don’t” William says beginning to take his clothes off. Both Jack and Lucia follows and just stand there in their undergarments like it isn't there first time.

Probably not, but it is mine.

I just stand there in my wet clothes trying not to look at them, like what the hell. Stripping like that.

,, Sage you need to get your wet clothes of too” William says walking towards me.

,, I'm fine” I smile pulling back.

,, for god’s sake!” I hear Jack says walking towards me, I step back and walk right into the wall.

He begins to pull my hood trying to get it of me ignoring my struggles.

When I stand there only in the cross top and my wet pants I give him a uppercut when he takes a grip of my pants line. ,, I can take that of myself thank you very much” I whine pushing him away.

He touches his jar surprised,, I actually felt that... good job”

I ignore him pulling my pants down with my back to the others, I can't believe that I am doing this.

Mom would kill me I think feeling my self-worth run down the river.

Suddenly my sight is blocked and I look up at William that just throws his blanket at me.

,, use this to keep warm, I will go try to find something to start a fire with”

Before he even reaches the door is Jack at his side, he push him back while putting his blanket at him. , I will go, keep the girls warm. And yourself” he smirks softly before leaving.

We just sit there huddled together, trying to warm each other, and I almost expect not to see Jack again him maybe been turned into a ice pick somewhere.

But he shows up shortly after with some old wood and newspapers, and soon has the fire going.

Knowing William his blanket to me, I try to give it to Jack, but he won't take it.

After some arguing I hear a big sigh, and then feel something warm against my back.

I feel two strong arms pull me closer to a bare chest and a head resting on my shoulder.

The blanket got pulled over me too, making like a cave from the wind and coldness.

William hand Jack the blanket I tried to give him and move us closer to the fire.

I sneeze loudly sitting there in my wet undergarments, but no way in hell I would also take that of.

And William is warm, making it easier to hold myself warm.

Lucia soon join us and we all tree sit there looking at Jack that sits on the other side under a blanket looking into the fire. I ask him if he isn’t cold like the rest of us and he mumbles he doesn't get cold.

I hear the rain drum on the walls and roof sounding like shoots getting fired.

The taught that other survivors have been caught in that rain scares me a little and make me hope that they also have found a safe place too.

I would never have survived a day without those guys, I would have got eaten alive or the nature would have got me. Even though it won't surprise me if Jack thinks I'm too slow and he doesn't want to carry me around like he keeps doing. I will probably get left behind.

He doesn't seem like a person that would think twice about if, if I become a pain in his ass more than he already think I am. He clearly has his mind set on going home as fast as possible.

And when my muscles are still weak and I can't really catch up.

I comprehend that mission.

William sneezes and Jack heads shut up and for the first time I can clearly see the worry in his eyes. He really love William I think surprised and a little glad to see that h can actually care about someone and don’t hate anyone like he hates me.

We all sit there trying to keep ourselves warm when we suddenly hear noises downstairs.

Jack stand up taking his gun from his pants looking down the hallway with the gun ready to shoot.

,, got dammit is cold! So lucky we got away from the rain” I hear a female voice shrug.

I look at the others that look just as surprised, other survivors? Does rippers talk or?

,, are they..?” Lucia whispers looking, at William that shakes his head.

,, I don’t think so” he replies moving over to Jack with his knife against his leg, the look each other in the eyes and nod. We hear footsteps approach and the guys tense up.

Lucia quickly moves over to our clothes we have hang up to dry and find my knife and her gun.

She throw it to me and I just stand there not really sure why we need all this.

They probably other survivors, not rippers.

Lucia realizes my look and whisper. ,, sometimes other survivors can be worse than rippers. There aren’t many supplies so some kill others to get theirs. Before you came there were a group that tried to kill William for his” oh yeah that explain a lot. And that was probably the reason why Jack tried to get rid of me after finding out I wasn’t a ripper.

Or I can hope he's not just a jackass.

There are footsteps from two people and suddenly Jack spring out the door and what it sounds like tackling a man and William soon follows taking the screaming woman down.

I look out the door seeing Jack holding a man in a headlock and William sitting on the womans back with the knife against her throat. ,, relax will ya?! We won't hurt you! we just tried to get away from heavens rage out there!” the man gurgle trying to get out of Jacks grip.

They must be in their 40’s.

,, Jack for god’s sake, they are not a treat” I yell walking towards him, but Lucia stops me and shake her head,,  other survivors are always treats” He quote and tightens the grip when he tries to get out.

Lucia comes out with some ropes and I just stand there looking surprised while they tie them up.

When they both are tied neatly sitting in the corner looking rather angry.

First there does they put down their weapons.

I can't believe it, they humans too, why do we treat them like enemies?

,, you can be here with us until tomorrow, but we will not take the ropes of. Tomorrow we will let you go and then we will go our separate ways” Jack growl sitting on our side looking over the fire at them with a angry look. ,, why not take them with us? Isn't numbers safer?”

,, are you kidding me? I still try to find a nice way to get rid of you. I don’t need two more that will slow us down” Jack rages looking angry at me, and right there I'm glad I sit beside Lucia and not him cause he looks like I'm next getting tied up.


The morning we get dressed, in our almost dried clothes. Jack get us out of the building before letting them go, when we are okay far away I seem them come out looking shortly after us before walking the other direction. Maybe I should have asked if I could go with them, Jack doesn't want me here. I'm slow, and can't really protect myself even though I have a gun.

I have no idea how to survive this.

I'm only a bother.

William see the face I make when I look after them and try to cheer me up with running around jumping poodles until both me and Lucia joins in like small children.

We run around like that jumping poodles and over things the river had taken with it until Lucia suddenly stop laughing looking at something behind a car that have drifted with the water.

Jack goes over to see what she looks at behind the car and even him get a distressed look.

When I go over to see what it is that they look at does Jack pull me back shaking his head.

,, you don’t need to see this” he whisper softly making me more determined to see what it is.

I try to look over his shoulder clearly knowing I probably can't get past him, but he keeps pulling me back. ,, take what we need and leave it” he says to William that now stand beside Lucia with a heartbroken look. They vanish behind the car while Jack still holds me tight into him making sure I not run over. But when they come with a backpack I know what they have found.

Another survivor, but what is most heartbreaking is the little fluffy bunny William takes out and the little backpack in Lucias hands.

Stops struggling and are actually grateful he didn't allow me to see it.

I have a kid brother, and that ripper girl still took a piece of my heart, seeing more… I probably can't take it. I'm not used to it like the others. Before I meet Jack is one of the last memories is that I was with my father driving to a park to pick up mom and Jason.

We empty the backpacks and soon are on our way, but with a much gloomier atmosphere.

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