Let's get home

Sage Wilson was a normal girl, living an ordinary life before an accident launched her into a coma. When she finally woke up, you would expect her family to be rushing to her side to see her...but that wasn't the case. Instead she was welcomed by dust and silence. She soon realized that the world she left isn't the same world she woke up to. The apocalypse hit while she was gone, leaving the whole Earth deserted. However by some luck, she finds another human who just so happens to wish their paths never crossed. Now he is stuck with a girl who has no clue how to survive and no matter what she is not leaving.


5. Chapter 5

,, you are completely sure I will not turn into a ripper?” I ask following William over the fallen wall, he sighs and lend me a hand,, I promise you that you won't, as Jack probably told you.
She needed to bite a lot deeper, and it's really rare that people turn from a bite. If she had eaten you heart, had you turned into a ripper” he replied pulling me up, I stand on the wall looking out on the city we just arrived to, it's not that big. But Lucia has already cut one head of since we got here.
So there are still rippers.
I see a glimpse of something moving out of the corner of my eye and try to see what it was that caught my intention. I see a glimpse of something black and then Jacks face.
We haven't talked since the time I slept with William instead of him, me cause I'm still kind of mad. And he possibly doesn’t care either way. Lucia and Jack decided to leave us and search for something we could use, because I'm hurt and Jack doesn't think I can be alone without getting eaten. He's probably right but that doesn't make it sting less.
I follow William down to the road, I look at all the car that just are abandoned making me think once again on why we don’t try to get one of them started.
But as Lucia told me it's not like we could get them to work, there isn't any electricity to kick start them and there probably isn’t any gas left in their tanks.
But it would be so easier if we could get them to start, it's not like there isn't plenty to choose from. We see Lucia sit on what I think is a black Honda, but the bad climate have make the paint rust and it now just look like something that should be made into metal.
Before I can ask her anything she throws a flashlight and a couple of batteries over to me.
,, a good thing to have on you, but don’t go around using too many batteries, I was lucky even finding some” she confess looking like she regret giving me all the batteries.
I take 3 out of the seven batteries and hand them back with a smile.
,, here, finders keepers. Thank you” I smile looking around seeing if I can see Jack anywhere.
Normally he would join in when we are gathered like this.
,, where is wonder boy?”
,, right here pumpkin, did you miss me too much?” I turn around and Jack stand a couple of meters away from us covered in blood. William run over to him and examine him, and Jack tells him it isn't his blood. Lucia ask him why he always have to get into trouble and Jack just grin and reply,, I don’t go looking for trouble, but I do enjoy befriending it”
He tries to wipe the blood away from his face but just smear it more around.
It's not like it's un normal, my jeans are covered in that little girl and womans blood, and a little of my own, and the others guy are smitten with blood too. It's not like it's easy to find clothes out here that fits. I was just lucky that the girl that lived where we where only was a little bigger than me. Lucia sees how I look at the stains on my jeans and say. ,, I'm pretty sure home as some clothes that will fit you, and it's clean”
I look at her deciding to ask the question that have played a while in my head.
,, but how do we get there? It's not like we can walk to Denmark, it's on the other end of the ocean” they all look at each other before looking at me, I clearly see I shouldn’t have asked because it is something they all have taught about. But not wanting to dwell on.
,,we cross that bridge when we get there” William smile
,, and then we burn it to the ground” Lucia mumbles looking at her hands.
,, burning a bridge takes too long. I prefer explosives” Jack smile and look like a completely lunatic when he's also covered in blood like that.  I should let it go, we find out what we should do when we get there. And I shall remember not letting Jack near a landmine if we are so unlucky to find one. He doesn't look like someone that would think twice about trying to dig it up and kill us all in the try. dig it up and kill us all in the try. Jack look at my face and probably realize what it is I am thinking about cause he sighs and says ,, it's a joke, not a dick. Don’t take it so hard.” I send him my middle finger before following William down the street.
The sun is high in this hour of the day and make me sweat all through the hood.
I wipe the sweat of my forehead before kneeling down trying to find a t-shirt in my back or something. I find what I once think should be blue crop top and decide it's better than having a hood on in this weather. I sneak behind a car and when I stand there half naked does Jack think he should look for me and see me standing there with the crop top half over my head.
,, why is it that you like to strip so much in front of me? if you want me to see you naked tell me instead of making these sneak attacks on me” he sighs covering his eyes before turning his back to me. ,, it's you that keep looking! Not me that flash in front of you!” I declare red in the face before I run past him up to the others. william look at my infuriated face and decide not to ask anything but still send Jack a interrogative face, but Jack just smirked winking at me making me want to hit him. ,, I don’t really know how to kick ass, but for you. I'm happy to try”
,, you probably hit like a little girl”
,,  I'm happy to demonstrate what hits like a girl mean” I snarl moving towards him, he takes a step back but before I get the chance William have a grip around my waist holding me over the ground. I glare at Jack from Williams grib, sometimes it suck to be small.
I haven't really grown much from before I was in a coma, last time I was checked was I 1,65.
I'm probably not much bigger now.
,, I could strangle you” I hiss looking at his smirking face.
,, you aren't tall enough”
,, you’ve sunk low enough for me to reach” I snarl trying to get out of Williams grib, the smirk have vanished from  his face and now it's him that look dark and gloomy walking towards us.
,, that’s enough you two! Jack, up front with Lucia, Sage you stay here with me” William yell pushing Jack away from us towards Lucia that stands a little further down the road looking at all of us. He puts me down with a sigh before taking a grip of my arm probably to make sure I not tackle Jack from behind. What a asshole! Why does he keep trying to push my buttons? I never done anything to him that could make him dislike me so much.
And if he wanted he could have left me when we slept the first night if he really wanted to get rid of me. but no he take me with him and make me remember every damn second that I just are here because he allowed it. ,, he's aasshole, don’t you have a urge to smack him?” I snarl looking at Jack and Lucia in front of us, before William gets a chance to answer do I hear.
,, please forward all complaints to my mother, after all, I'm her fault”
How does he even hear me so far in front of us? Does I have super hearing or something.
Before I can answer William gets my attention on something else when he puts a protein bar in front of my eyes like a treat if I ignore him. And as the good girl I am I take it.
God none can tell me that hunger isn't a emotion, because I feel this shit in my soul I think enjoying every bite of it. Being in a coma for so long really makes you hungry.
We walk all day until the sun stands low on the sky and I have to take my hood on again cause it's freezing cold when it's night. Lucia finds a old small motel, and we find a room with two not so rotten beds in one of the rooms there still are glass in the windows to stop the wind to get in.
Lucia and I take the one bed and the guys the other one.
Jack goes out into the bedroom to clean himself up leaving me and the others in the room.
,, Sage is not like he hates you. he's like that to everyone except William. You should have seen the way he treated Brian” Lucia mumbles putting her rifle beside the gun, she lay down on the bed with a sigh and a soft smile. I lay down beside her in the big bed just enjoying to get a chance to rest my sore muscles, being in a coma really takes on you. and have to walk all day, it's hard.
I don’t really care, where I came from is there plenty of idiots, and I survived them.
But seriously I'm not sure I will survive him. if something is going to kill me is it him , not the apocalypse. When Jack comes out have I almost fallen asleep.
But not enough to not hear their conversation.
,, you need to be nicer to her Jack. She is just a child that suddenly find herself under the apocalypse” I hear William whisper not to wake me and Lucia up that is sound asleep beside me. ,, in know, but she just remind me so much of her that it's hard” Jack mumbles, I hear something cracking and think it must be their bed. Their talk a little more before they also are sound asleep leaving me by myself with one question.
Who is she?

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