Let's get home

Sage Wilson was a normal girl, living an ordinary life before an accident launched her into a coma. When she finally woke up, you would expect her family to be rushing to her side to see her...but that wasn't the case. Instead she was welcomed by dust and silence. She soon realized that the world she left isn't the same world she woke up to. The apocalypse hit while she was gone, leaving the whole Earth deserted. However by some luck, she finds another human who just so happens to wish their paths never crossed. Now he is stuck with a girl who has no clue how to survive and no matter what she is not leaving.


4. Chapter 4

I must have fallen asleep because of the shock because I wake up in an alley again on Williams knee. I sit up and look at Lucia and Jack there are eating some protein bars, I look at William when I feel him poke me on the side, he drop a bar in my lap smiling while drinking from his bottle. ,, is it a ripper  growling somewhere or is it your stomach that has something to say?” Jack jokes looking at me with a smirk. God please let this asshole get eaten by a coyote or something.  ,, Jack, leave her alone” William replies sending him a sharp look like my mom would do to me if I was to smartass. ,, thank you, but I'm not a kid, I hand handle his bad personality” I open the protein bar and take a bite, suddenly I feel how hungry I actually am and almost eat the paper with it.
When I am done William hands me the rest of his, I shake my head and push it back towards him,, I think you need it more than me” he says putting it in my hand with a soft smile. I send him a thankful look and try to eat more slowly, but my stomach feel like it's about to eat itself and make it hard not to just eat it in one go.
I look at Lucia that clean her rifle, while popping some bubble gum.
,, is that Brians gum? The gum I almost died for?” Jack whined like she betrayed him and take himself to the heart.
,, what? He shouldn’t use it anymore” she replied looking at him with a smile.
I push a lock out of my face that keep falling down, I sigh irritated when it does it again, my hair have grown a lot while I have been in the coma. Before it only was around my shoulders, now it's all the way down to my hip.
I find the brush from my back and brush it through, Lucia whistle making me look up and show me a rubber band, grateful I take it and braid my hair to get it out of my face.
,, we have to do something about your hair. We have to find something to color it with”
,, you kidding me right? We are in the middle of the apocalypse and you want me to color my hair?”
,, the red color stands out too much out here, it doesn't really fall into the surroundings does it?”
,, what? You want us to dye it green or something?” I growl hating him more by the minute, I understand why red isn't the best color to have. But it not like I can do anything about it.
,, Jack is right, it stand out too much, but Sage is also right, it's not like we can find a hair salon that are still open around here. We just have to cover it up. Take your hood on when we are out” Lucia replies looking at my hoodie, I nod and take it over my head, it will also help with the burning sun that stands high in the sky right now. I find a water bottle from my backpack and take a big sip cause my throat feel like the dessert. When we done eating and resting we begin to walk again, but this time I walk close to the others not wanting to get attacked by those things again.
What if Jason have become something like that little girl, could I even kill him if he is?
Lucia walk beside me with her machete in her hand,, you aren't from the military, how did you meet the others?” I question smiling at her, she doesn't even look at me, and I feel Jacks eyes on my back.
Was it a stupid thing to ask about?
,, they found me when there were looking for food. Me and my family wasn’t the lucky ones getting saved. My mom and dad leaved me and my sister in the house while they were out searching for food. But it wasn’t my mom or dad that came back. They killed my sister. And I killed them.
They found be covered in blood inside the house surrounded by my dead family” she says monotone not even looking like it hurts her anymore. It just a fact now, a faint memory.
And that scares me more than the fact that I am with two guys that have been trained to fight.
Cause she sound like it doesn't matter anymore, that she doesn't care she killed her family.
And even though she probably has killed many others after, is this the kills that should matter the most.  Am I also going to end like that? Not caring I have taken someone else's life?
Even though it was a ripper is was it still a human.
,, we found her a month after we got abandoned by our comrades and was out seeking some food, instead we found one more mouth to fill. And then you show up 2 months after and then we are 5. Or would have been 5 if Brian didn't have to take that trip” Jack grins like it's nothing, and I am not stupid enough not to know what they mean by trip.
The others are walking in front of me and I see Jack turn around while saying,, Sage, you have to keep moving, or should we leave you behi- I see his eyes widen and then I hear it, the hissing, I turn around and see the woman that laid beside the little girl we thought were dead stand right behind me. I hear Jack scream something but my mind goes completely blank seeing right into her black eyes, I feel her arms around me. It was less than a second, maybe half a second but it changed everything. First I hear the sound, the sound of flesh getting torn apart.
And then the pain, I scream up in agony trying to get her to let go of my shoulder.
I remember the knife I have and stab her in the side, she hiss loudly but let go.
I look at her mouth that are filled with blood and some of my hood.
I wobble cause of the pain and scream again when I see her comes flying towards me.
And then it happens again, her head explode.
But this time it's Lucia that grab me before I fall to the ground ,, you are one unlucky girl” she mumbles holding me up. I look at the womans body that still twitching due to tension in her muscles. She put my arm around her shoulder and try to drag me with her, put I just whimper in pain keep falling over my own feet and the stuff that are laying around cause my sight flicker cause of the pain. William comes running towards me while I hear another shoot get fired.
,, there are one more! Jack is trying to shoot it, we have to get out of here!” he yells and take me up bridal style, I see Lucia take her the rifle from her back and cover us while William run with me in his arms through the street, I see Jack comes running towards us with a man behind him, I try to focus on them instead of screaming every time he has to jump and a shiver goes through my shoulder. Lucia yells something and I see Jack duck before the man’s head also explode.
I feel my concussion keep fading and in the end the last thing I hear is Jack yelling something before I pass out.

I wake up screaming trying to fight of the person that holds me down and touch the wound on my shoulder, I kick and dig my nail into the arm in front of me and hear a grunt before I see two pair if ice blue eyes looking down at me with irritation. ,, would you rather have it infected?”
He says letting go of me, I sit up and examine the wound, I can clearly see the teeth marks now when the blood is almost gone and shiver ,, am I gonna turn? Oh my god I'm going to turn! I'm going to become one of those monsters and rip you head of!” I scream feeling the tears trace down my chin.
Jack rolls his eyes taking a first aid kit out of his backpack, I look down with tearful eyes and see that there soon isn't anything left in there. Showing how normal it is to get hurt out here.
,, would you quit the whining? It's blood, not nuclear waste, chill out. You not going to turn, it's like 2-6 percent that turn with a bide, and then it will have to have bite a lot deeper.
And what the hell was that about gutting it in the side?
You have to go either after their head or where the heart is supposed to be, or else they won't die” he mumbles finding a roll of bandage, before telling me to take my hood of, I whimper trying to get it over my head without letting it touch my wound to much. But clearly was I too long to do it cause he sighs and take his knife from his belt and just cut it open, I begin to protest over he just ruined my clothes. ,, would you relax? It's not like you don’t have anything else to wear” he says cutting through my t-shirt to, before I end up sitting there completely naked at the top, I grab the piece of fabric that before was my hood and cover my chest. ,, so I'm not going to die? And where are the others?” a scary thought accrues “they not dead are they?”
,, what?  No of course not! They are here somewhere, with you whining you probably alarmed the whole town that we are here” he snorts but his fingers are gentle, he examine the wound removing the fabric that got stuck in the wound, I shiver over the pain but doesn't say anything not wanting to sound more like a little girl than I already have. ,, we have to stitch it up, or it will just start bleeding again when you begin to use the arm” I nod trying not to look so scared as I am feeling inside. Jack finds a bottle in his backpack and pop a pill out. 
,, here, it's a painkiller” Jack says putting it in my hand.
,, I can't”
,, yes you can, it's just one, we have plenty”
,, no I mean I can't. I can't swallow pills”
,, You're kidding right? It's only children that can't swallow pills, and you are going around saying we should treat you like a adult, and you can’t even swallow a damn pill?” he sighs and take a grip around my head, he snatch the pill from my hand and put it inside his mouth and take some water, before I can say anything he presses his lips against mine. I am so shocked that when I feel the pill get putted inside my mouth I just swallow, he pulls away with a satisfied look wiping the water away from his lip. ,, see, it isn't that hard”
,, did you just kiss  me?” I reply shocked, not entirely sure if I should kick him or begin to cry again. ,, it was just a kiss, no big deal. Or, was it your first kiss?” he ask with a shocked expression like it's abnormal that a 15 year old girl, wait. 18 year old girl never have been kissed before.
,, oh that just sad, would you like me to do it again with a little more feeling? I have been told I'm a great kisser” he says laughing looking down at me with eyes that burn of what I can only describe as mockery.
,, you really hate me don’t you?”
,, I hate salad and eye contact, I just don’t like you, and it’s not the same.” He explains finding a needle in the aid kit. He takes a lighter from one of the little pockets in his Jacket and burns it to get all the bacteria of it. When he begins I'm so mad and humiliated that I don’t really feel the pain, or if it because he is so used to do such thing that he know not to let it hurt too much I don’t know.
But I like the first option better.
When he's done stitching me, he starts to put the bandage on. ,, you need to remove your hands, it has go over your chest or it isn't going to hold” he says trying to remove my arms.
I lock them and make it impossible for him to remove it without having to pulls so hard that the stitches will go up, he groan frustrated and step behind me. I feel his breath tickling my ears when he sits down behind me. ,, how about this then? I can't see anything this way” the thought of waiting for Lucia occurs to me, but I don’t know where she is and when she comes back.
So I let my arms fall, when my chest also get exposed to the cold wind I feel myself shiver.
He puts the bandage on trying not to touch me too much for me to have any reason to punch him.
When he's done, he opens my pack and finds another grey hoodie down there.
,, do you need help getting it on?” I shake my head clutching it into my chest not looking at him.
I first look up when I hear his footsteps move away.
Trying not to move so much I somehow gets the hood one without screaming.
The pill has stopped working I suppose.
Jack comes back to the room short while after, but he doesn't say anything at all.
After a couple of minutes of silence, he finds a little wallet out of is military backpack and I see its folding cutlery. ,, wanna share a can of beans?” I ask offering me a spoon.
Clearly seeing that he want to make up from what happens I almost don’t take it, but I am so hungry after only eating so little last time we eat. I pull one of the cans out I found in the house me and Jack slept in when I first meet him and hand it to him. He pulls out one of those pocket knives with can openers and knife and file and such.
He opens the can and hand it back to me, I take some out the brown beans out praying to all the goods that beans can't get too old and take a mouthful.
The texture is like I remember it and I happy take some more before handing it back to him.
When the others come I hand them a can too and we all just sit there eating in silence enjoying getting something down that actually feels like we have eaten something.
When light that comes in through the crack in the foundation begin to vanish, are we all preparing to go to sleep. I have not entirely forgiving Jack so when he looks questioning at me pulling up his blanket do I instead go over to William that lies in the other end of the room.
Without a word he let me come in under the blanket trying not to touch my shoulder in the process.
I cuddle up to him ignoring the two pair of eyes, that almost drill holes in my back and fall asleep.

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