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  • Published: 18 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 19 Oct 2016
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Michael works at a record store, Luke works at a Starbucks. One day their worlds collide and the rest is history. ~ WARNING: This Story Contains: Stalking Hospitalization Sex Near-Death Experiences Death Mentions Of Rape Non-Graphic Rape Use Of Deadly Weapons Bombings


1. Story Info/Please Read :))

Hi, my name is Mia.


Welcome to 'Coffee & Vinyl', a story that has been a big part of my life since I began writing it back in June 2015. I never intended to post this story anywhere as I was originally writing it just for me and my friends to read. As the story progressed I became more and more proud of it and more and more eager to share it. So here is this story which I hope you all enjoy as much as I enjoyed writing it.


About the story:


The story takes place around early 2014 when She Looks So Perfect came out. Ashton, Calum, and Luke are the only members of 5SOS and Michael has never heard of the band or interacted with any of the guys. Note: When the guys tour in the fic it isn't with One Direction it's just a tour they did themselves it's confusing but it'll make sense. There's also a character by the name of Cayla who is Michael's best friend. Another character by the name of Bo is Michael's golden retriever. Along the way you'll be introduced to more characters and hopefully I introduce them well enough for you to understand. Some characters are real people and some were made up just for this story. If anything ever gets too confusing just leave a comment or tweet me. Since this story is pre-written I'll post every Friday until the story is over.


Thank you for taking your time to read this. Enjoy :)


Twitter & Instagram: @/lgbtqhood


This story is also on Wattpad & AO3.

Wattpad & AO3: @/lgbtqhood

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