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  • Published: 18 Jun 2016
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"Everything was slowly falling into place. Until I met Luke. He made my life a mess, a good mess, but a mess nonetheless."


This Story Contains:
Near-Death Experiences
Mentions Of Rape
Non-Graphic Rape
Use Of Deadly Weapon
Use Of Explosives


22. Q&A

A/N: Hi guys!! Sorry this is up so late I just hosted a party and I've been incredibly busy all week so the only time I've had to answer questions is my free period at school. I answered them all in my notebook and transferred them all today. Also, I had to move out of my bedroom basically for remodeling so I've been busy with that too. I really need to go to bed I'm exhausted but I hope you enjoy these Q&A's. Love you guys!!!


~Questions For Michael~

Q: "What would your life be like if you'd never met Luke?"

A: If I'd never met Luke, my life would still be really boring and I wouldn't know what true happiness feels like. :)


Q: "How did Luke affect your life?"

A: Luke made everything in life easier to enjoy because at the end of the day I had him to come home to and that's all I needed.


Q: "What was your favorite thing about Luke?"

A: My favorite thing about Luke might be his laugh or his smile. I really love his eyes too, ever since the first time we made eye contact while he was making my coffee. His voice is so calming and I could listen to him forever. But I love all of Luke, he's my favorite person in the universe.


Q: "Does it bother you that the last time you saw Luke was in a space between heaven and earth?"

A: It doesn't bother me it actually brings me closure that I had the chance to tell him I love him one last time and I'll always be thankful for that and the fact that he lived.


Q: "If you could have chosen what your last moments together would have been like, what would it have looked like?"

A: This is gonna sound cheesy but I would have chosen to be back home in bed cuddling with Luke and just listening to his voice. No matter what, I always had nights like that to look forward to.


Q: "How do you feel about your son Michael Jr.?"

A: I'm extremely happy that Luke decided to adopt a baby and I'm honored that he named him after me. Ever since he was 8 he lays in bed every night and just talks to me. He asks me how my day was and tells me about his. He tells me about the new friends he makes and how he's doing at school. He tells me he wants to meet me someday and that he keeps a picture of me and Luke in his locker. I wish I'd been lucky enough to meet him. Luckily he has Luke, the most amazing father anybody could ever ask for.


~Questions For Luke~

Q: "Would you ever consider dating someone else?"

A: I don't think I'll ever consider dating anyone else. I believe everyone has 1 soulmate and I already found mine. I'm incredibly happy as I am right now and I have Michael's love, I don't need anybody else's. 


Q: "How does it feel not having Michael by your side?"

A: At fist it made me feel empty and sad most days but when I noticed small things would move without me having touched them, I knew Michael was watching over me. Especially when I woke up and the ring I'd bought for him was on his pillow. I thought I'd lost it when I went to Australia since I'd taken it with me so he wouldn't find it. He cleans everything and I was certain he'd find it if I left it here. It had to be him that found it and placed it on his pillow, it was his ghost. So in a way, it felt like he was always by my side protecting me.


Q: "Did you find out about what your dad said to Michael before he died?"If so, how did you find out?"

A: I did find out when I was in the hospital because Jack told me. After I asked my mum to leave, my dad came to visit and he apologized for it before I even knew. Jack was also in the room so he chirped in and explained. I haven't forgiven him and I don't plan to. 


Q: "Were you mad about all the mean things your dad said?"

A: Of course I was mad. Nothing that's happened has been Michael's fault so no one had the right to blame him. Everyone who blamed him caused 


Q: "Are you still a singer/is music still your passion even though ALL your band members are dead?"

A: I do still write music even if I have no intentions of ever recording or releasing it. I write about Michael most days so it feels right to keep the songs to myself instead of letting the whole world know I'm a mess. (Also thanks for the reminder that ALL my friends are dead rlly puts a smile on my face.)


Q: "Was Michael your moonlight or your sunshine?"

A: Michael was both my moonlight and my sunshine. On rainy days when I just wanted to curl up into a ball and cry, he was there to let the sun shine through. No matter what mood you were in he could always cheer you up. He was also my moonlight, I'd known that forever. In one of the newer songs I'd written, he inspired a certain verse.

"The darkest night never felt so bright with you by my side"


Q: "Is there anything you would've done differently during your relationship with Michael and also life in general?"

A: I don't think there's anything I would have done differently during my relationship with Mikey. I wish I'd met him sooner and gotten to spend more time with him. I wish I would've been told to spend more time with the people that I love because they could be taken away at any moment.


~Questions For Jeremy~

Q: "Why are you such a psychopath?"

A: Who says I'm a psychopath? I'm not a psycho I just work like karma. I give people what they deserve.


Q: "Can't you just forgive and forget?"

A: I don't need to forgive anyone for anything. I can't forget how terrible my only childhood was all because Michael stole my family.


~Questions For Arzaylea~

Q: "Do you still have your child?"

A: Y'all know Arzel right?...


~Questions For Cayla~

Q: "Why would you betray Michael?"

A: I never meant to betray Mikey. I told Jeremy info on the boys once. I realized how wrong it was and when I told Jeremy I couldn't help him anymore he threatened to kill me. After that, I didn't care about Luke and Michael anymore, I just wanted to live.


Q: "Do you regret betraying Michael?"

A: I do regret it most of the time. I should never have gotten involved with Jeremy, to begin with.


Q: "Do you realize Jeremy basically killed Calum?"

A: I do realize that Jeremy killed Calum. He never told me the extent of his plans. I just thought he was infatuated with Michael and wanted Luke out of the way. I should never have let it go this far and I'm extremely sorry for all the damage he's caused.


~Questions For Luke's Dad~

Q: "How could you say those things to Mikey?"

A: It was a heat of the moment thing, I was angry and Michael was everyone's target so my anger took over.


Q: "Do you regret any feelings or words you said to Michael?"

A: Of course I regret every harsh word I ever said to Michael. I know he was a wonderful boy and that my son loved him. I always supported them and I wish their relationship wouldn't have ended so tragically.


~Questions For Me~


Q: "Why are you hurting my children like this?"

A: I'm truly sorry for hurting your children but I promise it hurt me to hurt them and I feel terrible ya know they're my children too. 


Q: "Why would you hurt my soul like this?"

A: I'm sorry for the pain, I love u.


Q: "How did Jeremy even get into the concert/venue?"

A: He and Arzaylea knocked out some of the people who worked at the venue and posed as security guards. Nobody was looking out for him since no one was expecting him to follow them to Australia.


Q: "Why did Mikey have to kill himself?"

A: He was miserable without Luke and Luke's parents did an interview and blamed everything on Michael. They told the fans everything that had happened since Luke had met Michael. The entire world was blaming him for what happened and he couldn't handle the guilt. All he wanted was to be forgiven and protect Luke. He's in a better place now.


Q: "Any alternate endings?"

A: When I first began writing this story back in the summer of last year my original ending was that Luke was going to die in a plane crash on the way home from Australia.


This was just kind of the boring ending I made up when I was barely half a chapter into the story and I ended up trashing it not too long later.

Then there came a period of time where I had 3 different ending and I couldn't choose one to save my life. It was such a hard time and I was at a point where if I couldn't decide on an ending I was going to delete the whole story. Here are the 3 endings that ruined my life,

>The first one I have is basically what happened in the real story but before Michael flies to Australia he tries to kill himself but Cayla (she isn't evil in this version) saves him just in time. then Luke fights his way out of the building Jeremy is holding him in. When Michael wakes up in the hospital from his suicide attempt, Luke is by his side and they go back to being their cute selves. Luke continues to be a musician and him and Michael begin to sing together. Eventually, they go on tour together and Luke proposes to Michael during one of the shows.


This one is a happy ending which I liked except for the fact that I have a love/hate relationship with happy endings. I didn't really want my story to end with tooth-rotting fluff either so...

> One of the other endings I had planned was Luke actually dies in the bombing and Michael tries to take his own life. They still see each other in the space between heaven and earth but this time, Michael survives and Luke passes away. A couple years later Michael finds a surrogate mother and has a son who he names Luke.


As you guys can probably tell this ending is pretty much what happened in the book except the characters stories are reversed. I love both Luke and Michael with all my heart so having to choose one to kill off was extremely difficult and sad.

> This last one is pretty much the same but like during the bombing Jeremy and Arzaylea escape the venue with Luke and once they get to a secondary location they facetime Michael so he can watch Luke die since he's barely hanging on. Luke's last words are him proposing to Michael.


These endings are all just different versions of each other but again those were the ones I came up with almost a year ago.

Some fo the more recent ones that I actually almost used in the last chapter were odd. Here is a couple, 

> (I might have been on pain meds when I came up with this one but) Arzaylea kills Jeremy and as it turns out Naughty Boy was her partner all along.

> Michael was actually helping and he had fallen in love with Jeremy after the party. He'd convinced his brain that it was actually Luke who raped him and Jeremy was just trying to save him.

> There was another one in which Michael had been told he was allowed to fly to Sydney and surprise Luke. Michael dies in the bombing and Jeremy kills Luke shortly after.

> And finally I had lots of others where Jack was the partner or Luke's dad was but I'm not gonna go into detail because I like that I chose Cayla since you all trusted and loved her so it made it shocking.


Q: "Will you be writing anymore Muke stories?"

A: For right now my main focuses are my upcoming Calum and Lashton stories. I'm also working on another project so I'm very busy at the moment. The possibility of me writing another Muke fic in the future is still very high since they're one of my favorite pairings.


Q: "Do you have another story planned or will it take a while?"

A: Like I said I have two stories planned so I'm hoping to have the first chapter of my Calum fic up by Halloween so be ready for that! Actually... by the time you read this I will have just posted the summary/introduction for that story. Enjoy!!!!


Q: "How did you decide to end the story the way you did?"

A: As you already read I had a very difficult time choosing an ending so what I ended up doing was emailing my 8th-year teacher. I decided to ask her for advice because I trusted her. She told me that if I always have sad endings nobody will wanna read what I write because they know how it's going to end. After hearing that along with discovering my hate for happy endings, I was lost. Then it hit me, what if I have a sad ending but something good still comes out of it? At that moment I decided that a bittersweet ending was the right way to go. Of course, this doesn't mean every story I ever write will have a bittersweet ending it just means I'm trying to figure out what I like and what I don't.


Q: "What inspired you to write this book?"

A: Back when I began writing this story I had a best friend who lived across the country. They were the only reason I was still alive and they made me incredibly happy. Nothing made them happier than when I rambled about how much I shipped them and Luke together. I'd always write them short little Luke imagines then I considered just writing a whole book. I didn't know if I could do it but I gave myself a two-month deadline and got to work. Obviously, I got nowhere near finishing it by the end of 2 months. I promised my friend I'd finish the story and send them the chapters as I wrote them. I never intended to post this story anywhere. Almost a year ago, this friend and I decided we could no longer be friends for various reasons. I wanted to delete the story and forget about everything so I wouldn't have to feel pain. I somehow got myself to continue writing and now here we are. I'm very thankful that someone inspired me to write this story and I'm so thankful for everyone who read it.


Q: "Is writing your passion or just a hobby?"

A: Sort of both like I really love writing even though it really annoys me sometimes. I'd like to be an author someday but if not that's okay??? Like 50/50 I guess which is the worst answer ever but its the truth so,,,

Q: "What's the best writing advice you've ever come across?"

A: I'm about to insert a quote (I'm not 100% that he actually said this I just heard he did) from Calum Hood. It's not really writing advice but I like it so leave me alone.

"You can't necessarily force inspiration or creativity, that took me a long time to come to terms with because you see a lot of people -- well especially when I was younger I'd be in a writing session and I'd be like 'I can't think of anything' and I'd be TRYING to be inspired by something, but it just doesn't happen that way... and so you kind of have to step out of your mind for a little bit and just let your mind go wherever it wants from there... and it'll come." 


Q: "Do you write your story from start to finish, or do you write the scenes out of order?"

A: 90% of the time I write the story from start to finish. Very rarely do I write random parts and just put them all together. I don't know I just feel more organized writing in order.


Q: "If you could only write one pairing for the rest of your life, who would it be?"

A: This is gonna sound extremely shocking but if I had to choose one I'd probably choose Cashton. I'll probably change my mind in like 5 minutes but that's my answer for now.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A/N: Thank you all so much for sending in questions!! I had so much fun answering them and I can't wait for you guys to read my next story. Now one last time, I love you guys and I hope you all have an amazing weekend. :)

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