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  • Published: 18 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 30 Dec 2017
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"Everything was slowly falling into place. Until I met Luke. He made my life a mess, a good mess, but a mess nonetheless."


This Story Contains:
Near-Death Experiences
Mentions Of Rape
Non-Graphic Rape
Use Of Deadly Weapon
Use Of Explosives


3. Chapter 2

March 29th

*Michael's POV*

I woke up and it was around 9 am and Bo was laying at the end of my bed with his butt facing me. I reached over and grabbed my phone off the nightstand to see if I had any new notifications. All I had was a notification from Twitter that someone new followed me. I decided to get up and make something to eat because i'm hungry and when a human is hungry they're suppose to eat this stuff called food. I'm starting to sound like an alien.

Anyways I got up and walked to the kitchen to see if I actually have any food. I decided on eating a bagel with cream cheese because I don't feel like making anything else. My plan for today was to go back to Starbucks and see if Luke was there. If he's not there i'm probably gonna ask when he'll be back. I'm not stalking him okay, I'm just a curious person. I was trying to plan how I'd start a conversation with Luke without getting him in trouble for not working. I don't think he'd want to talk to me if I got him in trouble.

"Bo, hey boy, wanna go for a walk?" I said excitedly hoping he would wake up. His head shot up and his tail wagged back and forth. "Yeah that's what I thought, " I said while letting out a small chuckle. I got up to go change into shorts and a gray t-shirt that was a little big on me. I didn't put much effort into fixing my hair since it looks windy outside anyways. I walked to the closet near the front door and grabbed my most worn out shoes I could find.

"Bo let's go!" I said as I opened the door.

Bo ran out the door and to the gate surrounding our house. He sat and waited for me to get there as well. I locked the front door and made sure my phone was in my pocket in case someone calls or I need to call someone. I unlocked the gate and let him walk out before I walked out behind him and placed the lock back on the gate. He began walking down the block as I put the lock back on the gate and followed closely behind him. There was a little girl and a lady walking towards us. The lady seemed like she could be her mother since she was pushing a stroller which I assumed had a baby in it. The little girl looked like she could be 4 or 5. As they got closer the little girl was staring at Bo and every once in awhile she would look at me. I saw her turn her head to her mother and tell her something. When she turned back around to look at me she ran ahead of her mother and up to Bo.

"Can I pet the puppy?" She asked me with a smile.

She reached out to pet him but hesitated and looked at me once again.

"Will he bite me?" She asked sounding a bit worried.

"He doesn't bite people, I promise. He's the nicest dog in the world." I said smiling down at her.

She smiled once again and went to pet Bo. She ran her hand from his collar down his back.

"He's so soft." She stated while petting his forehead.

"Mommy come look at the cute doggy!!!" She squealed at her mother who was only a few feet away by now.

"The dog is very cute." Her mother said smiling at me.

Her mother then looked up at me and spoke, "sorry about her, she loves dogs and she pets one every chance she gets."

"It's okay, Bo likes attention anyways." I told her letting out a small chuckle.

"Katie c'mon honey we have to be home soon." Her mother said while looking through her bag.

She handed Katie what looked like some wipes and told her to wipe off her hands. Katie looked up at me once again and spoke, "You were right, he is the nicest dog in the world. Thank you for letting me pet him." She said while wiping off her hands.

"Anytime kiddo." I said while pulling out my phone which was ringing. Katie and her mother walked away as Bo and I walked in the opposite direction. I looked at my phone to see Cayla was calling. She always has something to tell me no matter what time of day it is.

{Phone Call} [Bold- Michael] [Italic- Cayla]


- Hayyy gurl hay, whatcha doin today

I'm currently taking Bo for a walk and then I have some school work to do and later I was gonna go see if Luke is working as lame as that sounds.

- He's not


- He's not working today.

Stalker much?

- Yes but no I know that because he tweeted about it.

How do you know his Twitter?

- I googled his name dumb butt.

Right.... wait why didn't I think of that?

- Probably because you're too busy imagining him without clothes on.

Seriously Cayla?

- Whaaat? It's just my assumption.

Well I mean, you weren't totally wrong.

- whAT

Gotta Blast!

*Hangs Up*

{End of Phone Call}

I laugh as I start putting my phone back in my pocket. Less than 5 seconds later it begins ringing again and of course when I look at the caller ID it's Cayla again.

{2nd Phone Call}


- If you ever hang up on me like that again I will hurt you.

I don't doubt that.

- Anyways, what the fuck were you saying about you actually picturing Luke naked?

I was joking. *laughs*

- Buuuuut do you have a crush on Luke?

Just a little.....

- *Giggles* Oh my gosh I would so ship that!!!! What would your guys ship name be? Lichael? Muke?

Muke sounds nice. Better than the other one at least.

- Muke it is. I ship it already.

Of course you do.

- Anyways, I need to go to Hot Topic later for some shit..... Wanna come with?

I have school work to fin-

- Screw school work, you're coming with me.


- No but's, I'll pick you up at 2.

Why even ask if you're gonna force me anyway?

- I wanted to seem like a nice person for a couple seconds.

Of course you did.

- Oh don't act like you aren't excited to see me.

I'm not.

- I'll take you to F.Y.E.

Alright fine, See you at 2.

- See yah.

{End of Phone Call}

By now me and Bo had made it to the park that is down the road from our house. We normally walk all the way around the park and then head back home but since today I was feelin kinda lazy I decided we would just walk to the store down the block from the park and then go back home. At least I'll be able to get a little school work done before Cayla comes to pick me up.

As we walked around one side of the park to get to the store, we waved at some people who we normally see whenever we take walks. When we got to the store I grabbed Bo's leash out of my pocket and latched it onto his collar. After I tied him to the bike rack right outside the store, I went inside to buy some snacks since I haven't been grocery shopping for a while. As I walked through the aisles with a basket, I picked up some gummy bears, popcorn, cake mix, and some Arizona's. Cayla has a serious obsession with Arizona's and I know when she comes to pick me up she's gonna raid my fridge so might as well have something she likes in there.


The doorbell rang while I was working on my school stuff and it was only 1:15 so I was confused as to who would be at my front door. I got up and when I opened the front door, somehow I wasn't surprised when I saw Cayla standing there with a pizza box.

"Hi, I brought food" She said walking inside.

"I see that.... what happened to picking me up at 2?" I said grabbing the pizza box and taking to the kitchen.

"Well..... I was bored and hungry so I thought I'd buy pizza and just come by early." She said while grabbing plates from the cabinet.

"Oh, well I was working on my essay for school.... you know cause some of us actually do our homework." I said while getting plates out of the dishwasher.

"Whatever." She said while rolling her eyes.

"Hey do you have anything to drink?" She asked walking towards the fridge.

"Yeah I bought you an Arizona earli-" I tried to say.

"YOU BOUGHT ME ARIZONA THIS IS WHY I LOVE YOU" She said while literally tackling me.

After that we ate pizza and watched some TV. Keeping Up With The Kardashians was the only decent show on at the moment but we quickly got sick of that.

"It's already like 1:45 should we just go now?" I asked getting up and putting the plates in the sink.

"I guess yeah."

I poured Bo some food and refilled his water bowl in case he got hungry or thirsty. I put my shoes on and made sure my hair looked decent because normally it's a freakin mess.....

"Ready to go?" Cayla asked as I walked back into the living room struggling to get my hair to stay how I wanted it.

"Mmmmmhm just about..." I said while combing through my hair a final time.


Once we got into Cayla's car, she let me choose the music we listened to. I changed the radio station to one of the local ones I always listen to even though it's all just really overplayed songs.

Both of us were humming along to the songs they were playing and Cayla was casually drumming on the steering wheel every chance she got. The radio host announced that in a few minutes they were going to play a new song for the very first time.

This didn't mean much to me until a couple minutes later I heard him say "This is 5 Seconds of Summer's She Looks So Perfect!"

Well that sure isn't an overplayed one....

"Did he just say?" I said thinking I was just hearing things.

"He definitely said 5 Seconds of Summer." Cayla responded

"I thought they weren't that big of a band?" I asked.

"That's what I thought... I guess that won't last for long." She said reaching to turn up the volume.

We listened to the entire song and it was really, really good. Towards the end we started to catch onto the lyrics and we could kind of sing along but anyways, it was amazing.

"I can't believe how talented and beautiful Luke is." I thought to myself.


Once we got to the mall, we drove through the parking lot at least twice before just settling on random spot literally a half a mile away from the mall. Okay maybe I'm exaggerating but it was a long ass walk to the entrance. Once we actually got into the mall we walked in the direction of Hot Topic since we both wanted to look at merch. I hate going into stores with merch and stuff because then I want to buy everything and I don't have enough money to buy it all. We walked around in there for around 10 minutes before Cayla came up to me.

"Mike Mike Mike, look who just walked in!!!" She whisper screamed.

I looked up towards the entrance of the store and saw a tall, blonde, blue eyed boy. I doubt this is going to end well at all.

"Oh my god" I said mostly to myself.

"Let's go to F.Y.E and wait til he leaves here yeah?" I asked not certain that this was the place I wanted to run into Luke.

"But you have a crush on him!!! It's adorable just go say hi!" She urged on.

"I don't think I can right now. I'll talk to him some other day." I said starting towards the exit.

Only then Cayla decided to purposely push me towards Luke causing me to trip and smash right into him.

There's no way this is gonna end well.....  

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