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  • Published: 18 Jun 2016
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"Everything was slowly falling into place. Until I met Luke. He made my life a mess, a good mess, but a mess nonetheless."


This Story Contains:
Near-Death Experiences
Mentions Of Rape
Non-Graphic Rape
Use Of Deadly Weapon
Use Of Explosives


18. Chapter 17

Happy Friday Everyone!! I hope you guys enjoy this chapter. I realized earlier that after this chapter we only have about 3 left and that made my heart hurt just a little bit. Everyone who has read this story and voted or commented means so much to me and I hope you guys will continue to read my next story as it comes along. I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic weekend.


December 3rd

*Luke's POV*

Tonight me and the boys are playing a show in Sydney to 12,000 people. It was our biggest show in Australia and in our career so we all felt proud to have made it this far. We were about to go to sound check and answer some of the fans questions. Calum and I went out in shorts and flip flops meanwhile Ashton had on, well I don't know he had on whatever he usually wears.

*After Sound Check*

We had just finished sound checking Wrapped Around Your Finger and now we were answering questions from the fans. Most of them were either about girlfriend rumors, Calum's leaked nudes, or just really random. Love my fans.

"What's the hardest part about being on tour? Is it being away from your girlfriend?" Someone had asked.

To which I had replied, "something like that I guess you could say."

Another person had asked, "What's one song you wish you performed live more often."

"Wherever You Are is one of my favorites it just makes me feel close to you guys and my loved ones." I said smiling.

"Aw." Was heard throughout the venue.

"Ashton what's your favorite pokemon?" Someone else had asked.

"I feel obligated to say Pikachu so let's just go with that." Ashton answered making the crowd laugh.

"How long do you guys think you'll be together as a band?" A guy in the crowd had asked. He kinda looked like Michael which made my heart hurt more than it should have.


*3rd Person POV*

"We're on stage in 2 minutes." Said Calum when he walked into their dressing to replace the flip flops he was wearing with his converse.

"Alright." Luke said to Cal before turning to his phone which was laying against a pillow in front of him on the couch.

"Babe I gotta go now." Luke said frowning at the camera.

"I wish I could be there to see you guys play to thousands of people in your hometown. I'm so proud of what you guys have accomplished in just a few years." Michael told Luke smiling just the tiniest bit trying to hide his sadness that he couldn't be there.

"I know," Luke sighed.

"We'll have a show in California soon. I'll make sure you're sitting front and center." Luke added and smiled

Once both their smiles faded Michael sighed and said "God I miss seeing you smile everyday."

"I miss smiling all the time when I'm with you." Luke said back.

"I love you." Said Mikey wishing he could just hold Luke in his arms.

"I love you too loser." Luke said giggling.

"Luke!" They heard Dave shout from down the hall.

"Yeah?" Luke shouted back even though he knew what was coming.

"You were supposed to be on stage five minutes minutes ago get your ass up and get out there!" He yelled after he had walked into the dressing room.

When Luke had heard Dave approaching he had shoved his phone in his back pocket so Dave wouldn't see that he was facetiming Michael. It's not that he would get in trouble or anything he just thought Dave would be mad that the fact he was on his phone is what made him late.

"Can I run to the bathroom first? Gotta Pee." He asked Dave.

Dave rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Alright go." He said.

Luke jumped up and ran down the hall towards the bathroom. He pulled out his phone to see Michael was still there fumbling with something off screen.

"Okay now I really gotta go." Luke laughed.

"I'll call you after the show okay? Love you babe." Luke told Michael.

"Love you too Lukey, have a good show." Michael said before hanging up.

*Dave's POV*

"Luke!" I yelled while looking for Luke backstage.

The rest of the boys were lined up and ready to go on stage but Luke was not in sight. I asked around to see if any of the other security guards had seen him but got nothing.

"Hey Emily have you seen Luke?" I asked one of the main guards who'd worked with the band for about a year now.

She wouldn't look up at me and was quiet for a while. I couldn't see her face since she was wearing a hat but I could see her chewing on her lip.

"Haven't seen him." She said quickly.

She sounded different than usual and I considered asking her what was wrong but since I was in a hurry I figured it could wait.

Once I found Luke I told him to hurry up and get on stage but he insisted on going to the bathroom. So he ran. I wasn't about to risk his bladder exploding on stage. No thank you. I knew he had been on the phone with Michael, the rest of the guys ratted him out. I decided not to say anything since I know these past few months have been hard for him and Michael.

We all knew not being able to see Michael upset Luke but it was for his own protection. The tour was ending soon and he'd be able to go home and rest up for a few weeks before a couple tour dates they have in the US. Neither of them had heard from Jeremy in months which was good. Really good. Luke felt better knowing that Michael felt safer since the threats and stuff stopped.

After Luke was done in the bathroom and through brushing his teeth, he quickly fixed up hs hair and put in his ear piece. We were at this point 10 minutes later than planned so we shoved the boys on stage and started the show.

*Luke's POV*

After I fixed up my hair and threw in my earpiece, I went and grabbed my guitar. Everybody was rushing us to the stage and when I turned around to ask for a bottle of water I saw a familiar face.

"No." I said so quietly theres no way anyone else heard me.

"Dave I think-" I started saying but was interrupted.

"Luke we don't have time for this. Go." Dave said continuing to push me up the stairs that led to the stage.

I decided I was probably just seeing things. I hadn't gotten much sleep last night so maybe my mind was just playing tricks on me. I ran on stage and we opened the show by singing one of our songs called 18. I think I messed up a couple times with the lyrics in that song alone. I just really couldn't focus or think straight. Next we sang Beside You and during that one I feel like I did a bit better and started calming down. After that was Heartbreak Girl, Heartache On The Big Screen, and Long Way Home. By now I was okay and enjoying the show a little bit more. I'm so grateful the crowd had so much positive energy, it really made me feel better.


Now we were performing my favorite song of ours so far, Wherever You Are. I've always loved performing this song live even if we rarely played it. It's always gotten so much positive feedback so its made me happy. We wrote this song for our fans over a year ago and we had never had much of a fanbase so for the people who had stuck with us since the beginning this was really special.


I was scanning the crowd and looking at all the smiles on everyones faces. It was so amazing seeing everybody sing our lyrics back to us. Everybody had their glow sticks and flashlight in the air and everybody was swaying back and forth. There was one person who was looking down at their phone though. I only noticed it because they were standing alone in the 4th or 5th row from the stage. It always upset me when people who were at our shows couldn't care less about us and just stayed on their phones the whole time. She had a hat covering her eyes so I couldn't see their face but I'm pretty sure it was a girl.

As the song came to an end everybody began turning their flashlight off and lowering their glow sticks. Next up was Disconnected, I used to love this song up until that whole situation with Jeremy. We could never disconnect ourselves from him no matter how hard we tried.


Oh oh o-o-oh, oh oh o-o-oh

Life's a tangled web

Of cell phone calls and hashtag I-don't-knows

And you

You're so caught up

In all the blinking lights and dial tones

I admit I'm a bit of a victim in the worldwide system too

But I've found my sweet escape when I'm alone with you

Tune out the static sound of the city that never sleeps

Here in the moment on the dark side of the screen

I like the summer rain

I like the sounds you make

We put the world away

We get so disconnected

You are my getaway

You are my favorite place

We put the world away

We get so disconnected


I scanned the crowd once again and right as I looked down at the girl who had previously been on her phone, she looked up at me. I recognized her face within a second. At first I thought maybe my mind was playing tricks on me again but this was just way too weird.

Oh oh o-o-oh, oh oh o-oh

She continued looking at me and put her finger up to her mouth as if telling me to be quiet. I continued to sing as normally as possible to avoid raising alarms. I figured maybe she just didn't know the definition of a fucking restraining order and didn't want me snitching on her. She's been arrested enough.

Throughout the song she slowly started working her way out of the crowd. She was running towards the exit at the back of the venue so I eventually lost sight of her. It's pretty easy to lose someone in a crowd of 12 thousand people.

We finally got to the last few verses in the song and I was thankful.


You are my getaway

You are my favorite place

We out the world away

Yeah we're so disconnected

Oh oh o-o-oh, oh oh o-oh

We're so disconnected....


The music stopped playing in my ear and all I could hear was dead silence.


Then, all the lights went out.


*Arzaylea's POV*

"Hey Emily have you seen Luke?" Dave asked me.

"Haven't seen him." I said, keeping my head down.

He stayed quiet for a second and seemed hesitant to ask something else before moving on down the hall. I grabbed my disposable cell phone from my pocket and pressed speed dial.

"Hey everything ready?" I asked when I heard Jeremy pick up.

"Yeah they're about to go on stage. I'm in the control room ready as ever." He responded.

"Took care of the guards?" I asked curiously

"Yeah they're gone. The people here are way too easy." He laughed.

"Nice. Are YOU ready to do this? I asked emphasizing the 'you'.

"Hell yeah I'm ready. Been waiting for this my entire life. Time to make their lives a living hell." He said happily.

"Where do you want me to wait?" I asked not having reviewed the plan fully through.

"Just blend in with the crowd, it shouldn't be too hard. But stand somewhere you know Luke will see you. Shake him up a bit. I'll text you when to start making your way out." He said sounding proud that we were about to pull this off.

"Can't wait." I said smiling.

"They're going on stage now I gotta go. See you soon." He said before hanging up.

I then made my way into the crowd of screaming teens and just waited.

The countdown has officially begun.


*Dave's POV*

A while after the boys went on stage I went to go find Emily and ask her what was wrong earlier. I asked around if anyone had seen her but everyone said they hadn't seen her since a couple hours earlier. I walked into the little lounge room the crew had for today. She wasn't in there so I went to go look in the buses and trailers. I walked up and down the isles of vehicles and found the few of them that were labled 'CREW" 1, 2, and 3. I went into 2 first and saw Greg and Bill, two of the other main body guards for the band.

"Have you guys heard from Emily? I tried calling her but she isn't picking up. She seemed kinda off earlier I just wanted to check on her. Now I'm getting worried." I said after peeking around.

"Haven't seen her." Said Bill.

"Last time I heard from her she said she was taking the boys to soundcheck." Said Greg while setting his drink down and standing up.

"You think somethin' happened to her?" He asked shortly after.

"I don't know." I said before walking out the door.

I quickly checked the other buses and RV's before running back inside the venue and rushing to the control room to ask for the security tapes. I know I sound like I'm overreacting but it's just really unusual for her to not answer her phone for this long.

I walked into the control room and there was only one man on the controls.

"Hi could you help me with something?"

The man spun his chair toward me and stood up.

"Sure, I'm Jeremiah. What can I help you with?"

"I'm Dave one of the bands bodyguards." I said showing him my lanyard which confirmed who I was.

"I think one of my coworkers, -I think something may have happened to her I was just wondering if I could see some security footage from earlier if you have any." I told him slowly becoming more scared that there might actually be footage of something happening to her.

"Wow okay let's see, uh- anywhere specific?" He asked while sitting back down and typing something on his keyboard.

"Do you have any cameras around the stage? I think she would've been around the stage at about four thirty." I said while nervously tapping my fingers together.

"Let's see, I have right side-stage at 4:45 is this what you're looking for?" He asked while backing up so I could see the screen.

"Yeah that's her." I said pointing at her little figure on the screen.

"Who's she talking to? Can you enlarge the picture?" I asked.

"Sure give me a second." He said before fumbling with his mouse and enlarging the picture for me.

After a minute he showed me the picture and said, "Here's as close as I can get before the picture becomes blurry and distorted."

"Thats okay. Can you send that to my phone?" I asked while writing my phone number down on a slip of paper I saw laying on his desk.

"Sure." He responded while typing my number into his computer.

"Do you have a shot of where she goes next?" I asked, worried about who she'd been talking to and why.

"I have her going back towards the dressing rooms but once she goes into the hallway we lose her." He told me.

"What? What do you mean we lose her?" I asked starting to become angry that no one knew where she was.

"The cameras in the hallways don't work anymore. No one wants to pay what it costs to repair them." He said calmly.

"Why the hell wouldn't you repair security cameras?" I said now very angry.

"Listen man I just work here if you want to complain to somebody go to my boss." He said before turning back around towards his computers.

"Yeah I will. Thanks for all your help." I said before exiting the control room and running toward the hallways where we lost her.

Once I got to the hallway I went and looked through every single room there was. There was probably over 15 rooms in this hallway alone and I was starting to lose hope that I'd ever find her. I had been so worried about her I hadn't even been supervising the boys on stage for over half an hour now. I had to go back and check on them soon but I really didn't want to give up my search for Emily. I went to pull my phone out of my pocket so I could call some of the other guards to ask if they'd heard from her since I had asked them last. Before I could I heard a banging noise.

"Emily?" I said quietly.

I went back and searched the rooms that were near me again but there was still no sign of her. I walked into the boys dressing room and sat down on the couch. I had my face in my hands and I didn't know where else to look. I heard the door shaking but when I looked up, the door was open. How could it be shaking if it was open? That's when out of the corner of my eye I saw the closet door shaking. I rushed to the door and slowly opened it. There was a second where I thought my heart was gonna stop beating. Emily was on the floor tied up with duct tape over her mouth and dried blood on her face. She trusted me to protect her and I let her down. She's always been like a daughter to me and I can't believe I let this happen to her.

"Emily who did this to you?" I asked after slowly and carefully removing the tape from her mouth.

"Lu-" She said before coughing and not being able to finish.

"Luke? Did he do this to you?" I asked confused.

She shook her head and tried speaking again.

"Lu-Luke's girlfriend." She whispered.

"Arzaylea?" I asked.

She nodded. Of course I believed her I just wondered why Arzaylea would be here when she clearly knows she has a restraining order against Luke.

"Her boyfriend too." She choked out.

"Who's her boyfriend?" I asked while trying to untie the ropes that were holding her wrists together.

"Th-the one who tried hurting them." She told me.

"Hurting who?" I asked.

"Luke and Michael." She answered.

"Wait- you mean Jeremy? Jeremy is here?" I asked her worriedly.

She nodded.

"They told me they had a plan to hurt Luke. You need to go help them Dave someone is gonna get hurt."

"What about y-" I started.

"I'll be fine I promise please go." She said slowly getting up.

"Get somewhere safe okay?" I said before running out and back toward the stage.


It was him.

I was so worried about Emily I hadn't even noticed.

Arzaylea was who I spoke to earlier. She was wearing Emily's clothes. How could I not have noticed? Everybody's lives were in danger because of me. I pulled out my phone to call everyone and tell them to evacuate but I didn't have reception. Concert venues making phones lose reception is the worst thing in the world. I ran to the control room and walked in to see Jeremy sitting there already facing the door.

"Took you long enough to figure it out. Y'know it takes a real dumbass to not see two of the most threatening people to your job right in front of you. It doesn't matter now. You're too late." He said while standing up and walking toward me.

"Shut it down, Jeremy."

"And why would I do that?" He said reaching something behind him.

"Because Jeremy, do you really want to spend the rest of your life in jail because of something so pathetic like this?"

"THIS is not pathetic. YOU are pathetic. You couldn't even keep these people safe. You couldn't do your job. That's pathetic." He told me getting all up in my face.

"Rot in hell." I said angrily.

"See yah there." He said before I was struck in the head.

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