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  • Published: 18 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 30 Dec 2017
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"Everything was slowly falling into place. Until I met Luke. He made my life a mess, a good mess, but a mess nonetheless."


This Story Contains:
Near-Death Experiences
Mentions Of Rape
Non-Graphic Rape
Use Of Deadly Weapon
Use Of Explosives


14. Chapter 13



August 13th

*Third Person POV*

Luke woke up in a hospital bed once again. He'd been shot once in the shoulder and once in the chest. They came so close to losing him again. Luckily though, he fought to survive and it paid off. He needed to ask Michael something but at the moment he was asleep and he didn't want to wake him. He just laid in his bed and admired the love of his life. After a while, one of the security guards walked in and sat in the chair next to his bed.

"Luke." They said sounding hurt.

"What's wrong?" Luke said concerned.

"One of the other bodyguards they uh- he didn't make it out of there alive." They said sadly.

"Oh." Was all Luke managed to say.

After a minute Luke spoke again.

"So Jeremy he's still-" He didn't even get to finish

The bodyguard nodded.

Luke just looked down and didn't say anything.

"We're still leaving on Wednesday so uh when you get out of here pack a bag and be ready to go by 7am that morning." The bodyguard said before getting up and walking out of the room.


"Hey." He heard come from the opposite side of the room.

He saw Michael now sitting up and smiling at him.

He felt like if he even tried to speak he'd start crying. Someone had just died because of him and they didn't even catch Jeremy. Michael noticed the sadness in Luke's eyes and spoke up.

"I know what you're thinking Luke, none of this is your fault. Just like you said, everything will be okay eventually." He said while taking a seat next to Luke on the bed.

"I know." He said quietly.

There was one thing still running through his head.

"Do you still love me?" He asked Michael.

"Of course I do Luke. I never stopped loving you." Mike said holding Luke's hand.

Luke wanted to ask about what Jeremy had told him. The whole "he thought that was you doing that to him" thing but he didn't want to upset Michael so he just kept the question to himself.


August 15th

It was now Monday afternoon and Luke had been in for two and a half days. The hospital was letting him go home today because even though he'd been shot twice he was feeling pretty good and he was stable.


It was 5pm when they got home and Luke could walk on his own, just not as fast as usual. They were at Michael's house which was 'home' to both of them by now. They both went to lay in bed and just held each other most of the night. No one was talking, the only sound that could be heard was the music that was playing softly in the other room.

It must have been at least an hour before Luke spoke up.

"M'hungry, He said before sitting up.

"I'll go make us something to eat. What do want?" Michael asked while getting up.

"Anything is fine," Luke said smiling.

Mike nodded and walked out of the room.

"Call me if you need anything." He said while walking down the hallway.

*Less Than 2.5 Seconds Later*

"comE BACK" Luke shouted once Michael was already down the hall.

"What must you want child?" He asked Luke.

"Okay one, I am NOT a child thank you very much and two, take me with youuuu." Luke said making grabby hands at Mikey, asking him to carry him.

"Ask nicely," Michael told him.

"Please take me with you daddy," Luke said knowing he hated when he teased him.

Michael shot him a death glare. A friendly death glare. A death glare that said, "Say that again and you'll regret it." But nonetheless he walked over to Luke's side of the bed and Luke got on Mike's back. So he gave him a piggyback ride all the way to the kitchen since it hurt him to walk on his own.

Right as he set Luke down on one of the chairs in the kitchen, the doorbell rang.

"Oh for christ sake who could that possibly be," Michael said before going to get the door.

Mikey's annoyed tone made Luke laugh.

Luckily when he answered the door it was just Cayla. It's been a couple months since either of them had seen her, with everything that's been going on they'd just lost contact for a while.

She walked inside and followed Michael to the kitchen.

"I brought food." She said placing the bags of Thai food on the table.

"Great timing," Luke said from his seat near the table.

"So, how is my otp doing???" She asked with a smile on her face.

"Did you just-" Michael started.

"She did," Luke said.

"don'T hatE ME OK YOU GUYS ARE REALLY CUTE." She said happily.

"We know." She heard come from both of the boys.


While they were eating Cayla's phone kept going off and every time she'd check it she'd have a giant smile on her face.

"Okay smiley give it up, who's the boy?" Michael said putting his fork down.

"Or girl. I mean we don't judge." Luke said.

Mike rolled his eyes jokingly.

"Do we know them?" Michael asked.

Cayla nodded.

"teLL US." They both said in unison.

"Calum." She said quietly.

"Louder Cayla." Michael said.

"FiNE. I said Calum." She said putting her phone away.


"Oh mY GOD"

"Would you two calm down we aren't even together we've just been talking..." She said looking down at her phone again.

"When did you guys exchange numbers anyway?" Luke asked.

"In June. I kinda snuck into a club and apparently he had snuck in too and we just got to talking. I didn't recognize him at first but then I realized he was from the music video I sent you for one for their songs." She explained.

"So you're telling me you guys seriously didn't hook up after that?" Michael joked.

"I never said that." She said bracing herself for their reaction.



"Here we go again," Cayla said getting up and walking over to the couch.

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