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  • Published: 18 Jun 2016
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"Everything was slowly falling into place. Until I met Luke. He made my life a mess, a good mess, but a mess nonetheless."


This Story Contains:
Near-Death Experiences
Mentions Of Rape
Non-Graphic Rape
Use Of Deadly Weapon
Use Of Explosives


13. Chapter 12

A/N: Sorry this chapter is up so late in the day for anybody in the same timezone as me. I started school yesterday and it's so odd starting on a Thursday and I completely forgot today was Friday. I love you all and thank you for reading.


August 12th

*Luke's POV*

It's been a week since Jeremy came over and threatened us. I've been sitting here worrying about Mikey every second of every day. I couldn't call him. I couldn't see him. I couldn't even show that I was worried. I know Jeremy has been watching me, I don't think he's trying to hide. I've gone out to the store and out with friends and the same car has followed me everywhere. It wasn't like a creepy stalker van or anything it was really just a small white car that blended in with the neighborhood.

Anyway, Mikey had said that when Jeremy came by, he had told him that we had 24 hours to break up or he'd shoot me. I was scared, I think terrified is more accurate description but I had to be brave and strong for Mikey. Jeremy hasn't made any contact with me since and I'm currently sitting in the living room tossing my phone around in my hands trying to decide whether or not to call Mikey. I miss him like crazy and I didn't know how much longer I could act strong like this.

I remembered this one conversation Mike and I had back before we were together when I had just come back from the studio from recording my band's song "Disconnected". I had let him listen to it and he really enjoyed it and had asked who had written it. Calum and I had written it and when I told Mikey this, he said it was really great. I told him when I first moved to LA and just wanted to get away from the world and be alone I would hike up this little hill that overlooked the highway near my old house. It was odd but my favorite thing to do as a little kid was sit in traffic and watch the cars on the other side of the highway fly past me. I don't really know what was so mesmerizing about it but everyone finds it odd when I say I like traffic. I find it fascinating that thousands of people drive on the same road every day yet they're all headed somewhere different. Everybody has a different background or story but you trust them to drive safely and they trust you to do the same. Complete strangers have each others lives in their hands.

I'm rambling, aren't I...?

Anyway, what I meant is that that spot on the little hill was my getaway and my favorite place for a long time. Now, Mikey is my getaway, my favorite place, and my safe place. I need to see him today. I need to protect him, it's my job to protect him. I figured since Jeremy was probably monitoring my phone calls, calling from a payphone was my best bet. I couldn't call Mikey directly so I'll call some of my bodyguards and send them to pick him up. He probably hasn't left his house so hopefully, he's still there when they go to pick him up. I haven't seen Jeremy's creepy white car in the past couple days so I felt a bit safer going to look for a payphone.


Dave and a couple other guys had gone to Mikey's house meanwhile I was with some of our other guards and heading to the hill. I kept feeling the need to look over my shoulder to see if Jeremy was following me but I resisted and just kept my head down. And of course to calm myself down, I eventually just looked out the window and watched the cars fly by. The sun was about to set and the sky was a beautiful pink color towards the horizon if you can picture that. Soon enough, we got to the bottom of the little hill and I slowly got out of the car and just stared at the little dirt road waiting for Mikey to get here. He may not even show up. Maybe they went to his house and couldn't find him.


Before I could think anymore, the headlights of a car were shining in our faces. It still wasn't dark out so when Mikey stepped out of the car I immediately recognized him. We didn't even run into each others arms because of what I would guess, is the reason we had to meet here in the first place. When we hugged it was both the saddest and caring hug I've ever experienced. We just stood there in each others arms while everyone else just watched with looks of sympathy on their faces.

"I miss you," I said quietly.

"I'm sorry all of this is happening. It's all my fault." He said clearly crying.

I pulled away from our hug and held his face in my hands.

"Mikey listen to me, none of this is your fault. You didn't ask for any of this to happen. Everything will be okay." I said before hugging him again.

After a while, we both pulled away and I asked Dave if it was okay if Mikey and I walked a little ways up the hill alone. After he hesitantly nodded, I took hold of Mikey's hand and smiled weakly.

We began walking up the trail and for a long while it was just silence. Surprisingly, he was the first one to speak.

"Do you hate me? I mean have you enjoyed us not being together?" He said looking at me with so much sadness in his eyes.

"God no Mikey I don't hate you. I love you, okay? I always will. And we are together. This is all just an act remember? We both know that it isn't real. I've been miserable not being able to talk to you or be with you physically. Please don't think that I hate you. Please remember that I love you. No matter how far apart we are. No matter how long we're apart. You'll always be in my heart." I said before stopping him from walking and kissing him.

"I missed you too." He said barely audible.

It didn't take very much longer before we got to the top of the hill. The sun had almost fully set and the sky was pink and orange and full of clouds which just made it that much more beautiful. We sat down on this log that had been there for as long as I could remember and somehow still remained. I was dreading having to tell Mikey that I have to go back to Sydney, I mean I had just reassured him that I loved him and we'd always be together now I'm just gonna tell him I'm leaving and won't be back for a couple months. Seriously?

"Michael... we need to talk about something," I said nervously.

"You're breaking up with me aren't you?" He asked quietly.

"Mikey no," I said scooting closer to him and wrapping my arms around him.

I waited a while before speaking.

"My uh-m management is forcing me to go back to Australia until we start our tour in September. They don't think it's safe for me and the guys here. I'm so-"

"So you're leaving me and it's my fault. Fucking great. I just keep ruining everything. I mean if you go back to Australia I doubt that when you come back you'll want to see me again so what are you waiting for? Instead of waiting til you're on the other side of the world just break up with me now so I can start trying to forget you." He said angrily before getting up and walking away.

I knew he didn't mean what he was saying, I knew it was just his built up sadness and anger towards Jeremy and not being able to help the situation.

"Mikey please stop," I said going to chase after him.

My phone rang signaling that I had a new text. I stopped running and pulled out my phone o reveal a text from a blocked number. It read, "guess that went a little better than I thought it would. Do you think Michael takes back what he said about me not being able to break you guys up? Guess you guys aren't as strong as you thought you were."

He was here and he had eyes on us.


I ran as quick as I could with the flashlight on my phone lighting my way through what was now complete darkness. I saw Mikey sitting on a rock near the edge of the cliff. I ran over to him, grabbed his arm and pulled him up.

"Mikey-" I started.

"Luke would you please just leave me alone." He said in a sad voice.

"Mikey no please c'mon we have to go, Jeremy is here, he knows we're here if we don't get out of here now he'll hurt us both. We have to go." I said as quickly as I could, worried that we wouldn't be able to escape in time.

"Just let him kill me." He said ripping his arm out of my grip and sitting back down.

"Baby if you don't get up now I don't think either of us will ever see the light of day again so let's go. Now." I said grabbing him and forcing him to walk alongside me.

My phone signaled that I had another text.

Unknown: Heads up.

"Mike just keep your head covered and run, please," I said getting especially nervous since it was dark and we could barely see where we were going.

As we were walking down the hill I heard a whistling in the distance. It took me a second before I recognized the tune but whoever it was, they were whistling to the tune of Disconnected.

"Are you whistling?" I asked Michael just to make sure it wasn't him even though I don't know why he'd be whistling at a time like this.

"No." He said quietly.

"Oh god," I whispered to myself quietly in panic.

Then, a gunshot sounded. We crouched to the floor and held our breath for a second before sprinting towards the bottom of the hill. A second gunshot sounded even closer to us this time. We came into view of the 2 cars we had arrived in and everyone was rushing around shouting for us.

"Baby, go to the cars. Have Dave drive you somewhere safe." I said letting go of his hand which I honestly hadn't even realized I was still holding.

"What? No. I'm not leaving you." He said grabbing onto my hand again.

I whispered something in his ear.

"Luke... please be careful, I love you." He said before getting pulled away by one of the bodyguards.

"I love you too," I said a second later even though he was already too far away to hear me.

I reached into my jacket and pulled out a gun. I had brought it with me because I had a feeling Jeremy would show tonight and I had to be ready.

After they had taken Michael back to the cars I ran away, back towards where the sounds of the gunshots originated from. I had to end this once and for all. I wasn't about to let Jeremy ruin our lives more than he already has. I held up my gun and waited to see if he would show himself.

"Seriously Luke? You're really trying to play superhero to get Michael back?" I heard someone chuckle from behind me.

I'd only ever heard Jake's voice once but I mean the chance of him being the voice behind me was extremely high at this point.

I heard my bodyguards getting closer to us shouting for me to get back to the cars.

"I'm not trying to play superhero bastard, I'm just here to end this bullshit you started," I said angrily thinking about what started this in the first place.

"Ohhhh yeah that night me and your precious little Mikey had together while you were dying in the hospital? Ah, good times." He said smiling.

"Shut the hell up," I said stepping closer to him.

"You know I recorded the whole thing? I'll have to show it to you some time. I bet you'd love to hear the sounds of Michael crying and calling out for you to stop. He was drunk enough to think that his own boyfriend was doing that to him. What a shame." Jake said lowering his gun.

"You're lying," I said trying not to sound as sad as I really was.

Did Michael really think I was the one doing that to him? I mean of course now he knows it was Jeremy but while it was happening did he really think I would do that to him?

"Ask him for yourself. I mean that is if you even make it out of here alive." He said before raising his gun again.

Before I could even think of what to do or say, one of my bodyguards tackled him to the ground but not before another gunshot sounded, the bullet conveniently going straight through my shoulder. I didn't even register the pain for a couple seconds. Everything was happening so fast and someone grabbed me and was basically dragging me by the arm back to the car but before we could get there I heard one last gunshot and everything went black.

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