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  • Published: 18 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 2 Jan 2017
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Who would have thought Luke from Starbucks could change Michael's life for better or worse. WARNING: This Story Contains: Stalking Hospitalization Near-Death Experiences Sex Mentions Of Rape Non-Graphic Rape Use Of Deadly Weapon Use Of Explosives Death


2. march 28th, 2014


Every day I thank myself for sticking around Los Angeles and landing a job at a small family-owned record store. It's never really crazy busy in here, but we get a few handfuls of people every day. My shift ends at 5pm, closing time, which is approaching rapidly. Before locking up I need to finish sorting records on the shelves since we get new releases every week. It may come as a surprise, but I actually really like this job and I'm super grateful for it. 

On the downside, I have piles of homework waiting for me so I might stop for some caffeine before heading home.

"Do you know where I can find Blink-182 records?" I hear behind me.

I turn around and see a boy who looks around my age, he had black hair and his skin was a mesmerizing shade of tan.

"They should be up against that wall over there," I said while pointing to the other side of the store.

He thanked me before walking away.

I continued sorting records for a couple minutes until I saw him walking to the cash register. I put down the stack of records I was working on and walked over to ring him up.

Now standing across from him I discovered he was wearing a NASA shirt which he matched with black skinny jeans.


He handed me a 20 dollar bill along with two 5's. After I gave him his change, he vanished, and no one else really came in after him. Saturdays aren't very busy which has always been odd to me but I never questioned anyone about it. The clock was only seconds from 5pm when I finished sorting records and could finally close up. 


As I made my way to the only trustworthy caffeine on earth, I listened to overplayed radio tunes. Since the closest Starbucks wasn't very far from work, I didn't have to deal with the radio music for very long.

Today I'd been in a pretty good mood, so I decided I would actually go in and order instead of making my life easier and just going through the drive thru.

When I got inside, I went and stood in line to order. There were only a couple people in front of me so it didn't take very long for it to be my turn.

"Welcome to Starbucks, what can I get you?" Asked the barista.

When I looked up from my phone, I was met with a bright smiling dirty blonde who had the most captivating blue eyes I'd ever seen. I was entranced as to how someone like him was working here and not in the modeling business. He was gorgeous.

"Sir?" He asked, refocusing my attention on him.

He had such a nice accent. He's only spoken a few words but I already feel like just listening to him talk all day.

"Uhm sorry, uh I'll have just black coffee," I told him, feeling my cheeks heat up in embarrassment.

"It'll be $3.75 and what's the name for the order?" He said, his accent clearly visible once again.

"Uh, Michael," I said before handing him a 5 dollar bill and telling him to keep the change. I was hurrying to get out of here, mostly because I was going to die of embarrassment any second now.

I moved out of line and went to sit down at a table while I waited for my drink. I looked up for a split second to see if he was laughing at me, but when I looked up, he was looking at me.

I could still see his ocean blue eyes from across the room. I didn't think I was able to look away, it's like I was lost in his eyes.

"Luke get to work!" Yelled an unfamiliar voice.

"Right, sorry." I heard him say before he turned around and got back to work.

So his name is Luke.


"Order for Michael" 

I went for my drink and of course, Luke was the one who brought it out to me.

"T-thanks," I stuttered.

"Anytime." He said smiling.

As I walked away, I looked down at the name on my cup.

'Mikey :-)'


As I walked through my front door I was greeted by my golden retriever, Bo.

"Hey boy, you hungry?" I said while hanging my bag in the closet and slipping off my shoes.

He wagged his tail and ran to the kitchen, I followed him and poured some food into his bowl. He began to eat while I put my coffee in the fridge and went to get my laptop from my bedroom. 

As a sat down on the couch, my phone vibrated in my pocket, it was my best friend Cayla.

From Cayla: I found a new band for you to check out!

To Cayla: Are they any good?

From Cayla: Of course, they're good, why would I send you a link to them if they sucked?

To Cayla: I don't know just making sure.

I clicked on the link and a video appeared on my screen seconds later. It was titled '5 Seconds of Summer - Wherever You Are.' As soon as it started, a boy faded into the screen, he looked around 14 or 15 and he was wearing a baby blue tank top. Seconds later, the screen faded to a black and white filter and showed three boys singing and playing their instruments.

I was so lost in the song that I hadn't realized one of the boys singing was Luke from Starbucks. I was surprised it had taken me that long to recognize his voice. Not only that but I then discovered that another one of the boys in the video was that guy who bought a Blink record in the store today. 

I decided to peek at the comments to see what people thought of them since there were thousands of views.

Elise Johnson: Wow these guys are really good!


5SAUCE_SPNGURL: Love you guys! <3

Emily Catton: One Direction is so much better than these dumbasses.

Justine B: I love these boys so much they make me so happy. Luke, Calum, and Ashton thank you for being so amazing. Love you boys <3

Kevin Schneider: Wow these guys are like a shittier version of All Time Low LMFAO

Sarah Silver: Follow me on twitter everyone I post covers! twitter: sarahxslaysxaf

So far it was mostly good comments, with the occasional hate and self-promo, I guess. I scrolled back up to finish watching the video and all I could really focus on now was Luke. He was so beautiful, it was unreal. 

Once the video ended I just stared at the screen for a while. I was trying to decide whether or not I should find out Luke's last name and try to google more information about him or not. I decided against it since I'm pretty sure that's borderline stalking

To Cayla: Wow they are pretty good. How'd you find them?

From Cayla: World Wide Web

To Cayla: No shit Sherlock, but guess what? I met the blonde one and one of the other ones today not even knowing who they were.

From Cayla: Really? How'd you meet them?

To Cayla: One of the came to the shop today and the other I met at Starbucks.

From Cayla: Wow lucky much.

To Cayla: The blonde one, Luke, is pretty hot.

From Cayla: I agree.

Bo came and jumped up on the couch with me after he finished his food.

"Hey buddy, wanna watch a movie with me?" He responded by wagging his tail.

"What should we watch? The Hunger Games? Paranormal Activity?"

He barked once.

"The Hunger Games it is," I said while getting up to get the TV remote.


After the movie ended, it was a little past 8 and I decided it was finally time to work on some stuff for school. I was in my first year of college and so far I'd kept on with my work pretty well but I've been procrastinating a lot this past week. I'd always make up an excuse for not being able to do my work. Then at the last minute, I would work for ridiculous amounts of time and stay up way too late finishing work.

Today was one of those days where I'd been putting it off since I got home and now I had to write a ten-page essay that was due on Monday. I thought about it for a couple minutes and then decided to put off working on it again. I got up and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and get ready for bed.

A couple minutes later I went back into my room to find Bo already asleep on my bed. I climbed in with him and grabbed my phone so I could set an alarm to wake me up tomorrow morning. I plugged in my phone after that and tried my best to fall asleep.


It must have been an hour of not being able to sleep before I went and grabbed my laptop from the living room and took it back to my bed. I ended up staying up till the crack of dawn watching videos of Luke singing. I had learned in the last hour that I was definitely crushing on Luke and I had to see him again. 

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