Flickering Night

The Winter Soldier was thought to be alone. The weapon of HYDRA. Completely incapable of emotion. The Avengers believed it, HYDRA believed it, the government believed it. They knew Bucky Barnes was a good person but thought the Winter Soldier was not. But the Winter Soldier was still human and proved them all wrong...because some love can't be forgotten.


4. Protect

. The helicopter landed at HYDRA HQ and Winter and Solntse were led to the command room. The command room was a large concrete-and-steel room, it had one entrance which was secured by two missile proof doors. It was built specifically for the Winter Soldier and housed all the equipment needed to sustain him. The Commander was waiting for them with another escort of soldiers and the Asset Project scientists. “Well, well ,well. You have been naughty” the Commander’s blue eyes immediately evaluated the situation. His Soldier had a child in his arms, protecting the young experiment for some strange reason. “You failed your mission and you are protecting this experiment” the Commander glared at him before gesturing to the scientists who pulled the Soldier to the chair and locked him in. Solntse was pulled away as the machine began to whir. Winter struggled against the restraints a terrible scream torn from his throat as he was electrocuted. “ZIMA!” Solntse howled, desperately trying to reach him as he writhed. The machine stopped and the Soldier was released. He lay panting in the chair before slowly sitting upright and surveying his surroundings. The Commander knelt down and looked him in the eye “Soldat. Status report.” The Soldier opened his mouth to reply when he saw Solntse. “Status Report!” the Commander repeated

“Ready to comply”

“Good.” The Commander stood and pointed at Solntse “Kill the girl”

The Winter Soldier rose smoothly and closed the distance between him and his target, his left arm whirring. The Commander sighed, he was relieved that his weapon was following orders, that girl had somehow temporarily changed his programming. That girl would now realise that the Winter Soldier was HYDRA’s alone. The guards moved away from his target.

The HYDRA agents watched smugly, prepared to see the Soldier they had created carry out his orders. The Soldier stepped forward, raising his arm before quickly wrapping Solntse in his embrace “Stay strong, Sol.” He whispered into her ear as he held her close, in the only safe place in HYDRA. “I’ll try, Zima.”

The Commander growled under his breath. The damn girl, an experiment, had managed to imprint on the most deadly person in HYDRA. But was his programming still operational or had he broken through? “Soldier! Kill him” The Commander pointed at a guard. The Soldier released the girl for barely a second, smashing the man’s temple, before returning to her. “Now that is interesting. I wonder… You! Kill the girl” the Commander ordered a guard who immediately drew his gun and took aim before the Winter Soldier shot out his metal hand, crushed the gun and thumped the butt of it into the man’s jaw knocking him out cold.

 The Commander began to smile. This relationship, he realised, could work to his advantage. “Good work, Soldier” he said. “Return the Soldier to his cell, the girl can go with him” the handlers led the pair away.

The Winter Soldier’s personal cell was heavily guarded and consisted of two rooms. One contained a bed (no pillows) with a set of khaki green pants and singlet, and the other room was a bathroom with a toilet and sink. There were no doors between the two rooms.

The Soldier changed into the clothes left for him and folded his suit neatly. Solntse curled up on the bed and Winter lay down next to her, his arms around her. Protecting her from the cold. 

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