Just Another Love Story | Calum Hood {Sequal To MBBF}

Daniella and Calum haven't spoken since the break up, they avoided one another every chance they got. Despite Calum being one of Michael's best friend, avoiding Calum for an entire year was actually really easy.
Forgetting him suddenly got quite easier after she met Greyson and moved on... but Calum still managed to make his way into her life.

Daniella thought she moved on from Calum.

But no matter what, your first true love still means something to you the moment you share a kiss.


1. prologue

 "Calum. You're not supposed to be here. You have to leave." I told him as he stood in the middle of my bedroom, dressed in head to toe in black.

It was only when I stared down at my bare feet when I suddenly felt underdressed, being in only a pair of black spandex that reached my upper thigh and literally just a black sports bra, nothing else.

"No, I'm not leaving until you know the truth." He mumbled out as I grabbed a plain white tee off the floor, slipping it over my body.

"....." I didn't say a thing. There honestly wasn't anything left to say. I already knew the truth.

I looked up at him, only to see him staring at me intensely and... and scared, "the last time I seen you, I said I was never going to stop loving you, and I never have." He spoke, walking closer. For each step he took, I took a step back, up until my back hit the wall behind me.

"I still love you, Dani." He whispered out, resting his arm against the wall and next to my waist, trapping me between the wall and his body.

"How do I know if I can believe you, Calum?" I questioned, looking up into his dark brown eyes.

I haven't looked him in the eye once since I last seen him. I didn't want to look away from his beautiful sparkling brown eyes. And for some reason... I so badly just wanted him to take me in his arms and never let go.

"Kiss me and I'll show you the truth." He mumbled, his thumb brushing the outline of my bottom lip. And I didn't stop him.


And that's exactly what I did. I leaned forward just enough for my lips to brush against his. His arms wrapping around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

Not once in my entire life have I ever felt like this before. Yes, I kissed Calum in the past, but every little peck, kiss, or make out never felt like this before. It... it felt like... like.. well, it felt like love. Like something I've never felt before.


But despite how much I was enjoying the kiss, it all ended two quickly.

"I told you I love you," Calum mumbled, his warm breathe fanning my lips as he rested his forehead against mine, "more than you can imagine."

"Calum, I-" I began but cut myself off mid sentence not sure how I felt about Calum. But whatever the feeling was... I don't think it's love that I feel towards him.

"I know you feel something for me Dani..." Calum started, "you're just too afraid to admit." He said, grabbing my hand in his, pressing it against his chest, "forget everything bad that could happen... forget what happened... and tell me, at the end of the day, who do you imagine yourself being with," he stopped talking, glancing at a picture frame I had on my dresser of Grey and I.

"Him?" He asked, looking back into my eyes, "or me?"

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