Just Another Love Story | Calum Hood {Sequal To MBBF}

Daniella and Calum haven't spoken since the break up, they avoided one another every chance they got. Despite Calum being one of Michael's best friend, avoiding Calum for an entire year was actually really easy.
Forgetting him suddenly got quite easier after she met Greyson and moved on... but Calum still managed to make his way into her life.

Daniella thought she moved on from Calum.

But no matter what, your first true love still means something to you the moment you share a kiss.


3. chapter one

I'm Coming Home


Looking back I can see the things I should'a done, could'a done I see so much of my life I let go by.




 x O N E x Y E A R x A G O x


"Calum!" He listened to the screams of fans along with shouts of "oh my god it's him!" and, or, "I love you Calum!" as he made his way out of the club he has been in for the last couple hours alone. He had no idea where his best friend disappeared to, but he wasn't planning on looking for them either.

Just like he has been for a while now. he plastered on a fake smile when really, there was a pounding in his head that wouldn't disappear, and all he wanted to do was go back to the hotel and fall asleep.

He took a quick breath before he decided to stop to take a couple selfies with fans, gave a couple of them hugs, and kissed their cheek if he was asked politely. Then gave them all a wave goodbye and started making my way towards the dark grey-almost black SUV.

A security guard named Jensen followed him to the car just in case anything were to happen, which Calum highly doubted would, but it was only for precautionary.

Once at the car, Calum quickly got in the backseat, trying his hardest to ignore the screams and camera flashes.

"Are the rest coming?" Jensen asked Calum as he got into the passenger seat, referring to the boys.

"No," Calum replied, pressing his palm against his pounding head.

Jensen didn't respond, all Calum heard him say was, "drop the kid off, I'll wait here for the rest."

Calum didn't mind it, actually, he didn't really care. At this point all he wanted to do is head back to the hotel.


About twenty minutes passed before Calum was lying on the comforting hotel bed.

He was scrolling through the pictures on his phone, resembling memories. Smiling that the happy ones, laughing at the confusing ones.. biting his lip nervously when he seen the sad pictures.


It was a picture of her.

Calum's arms were wrapped around the girl's waist, holding her tightly, looking almost afraid to let go.

The girl was covering her face with her hands, hiding her smile and blush away from the camera.

The grin on Calum's face in the picture made his chest hurt.

He missed her... more than anything in the whole fucking word.

Man.. if only the girl knew the truth.




x O N E x Y E A R x A G O x


Nothing was the same anymore. Moving on didn't feel right. Meeting a different guy didn't feel okay.

Feeling emotionally destroyed in every possible way over some guy was all that felt normal to Dani. After him, nothing was the same... and I mean absolutely nothing.


"Dani, you have to leave your room sometime-" Stephanie tried to persuade her best friend to leave her bedroom, the place she's been cooped up in for almost all Summer.

"Unless you have pizza, Call of Duty, or the magic to make Justin Hills suddenly appear right this moment, I'm not really interested in leaving my room at this point." Dani said in reply to Steph, pulling her comforter up to cover her nose.

"Dani, if this is about Calum-" Stephanie began but was cut off.

"Don't. Don't' say his name." Dani quickly muttered out.

"Shit, I'm sorry," Stephanie mumbled out an a apology.

"It's fine," Daniella mumbled, memories flooding through her brain, "I just don't want to be reminded anymore.."




x F I V E x M O N T H S x A G O x


Dani was going from group to group, trying to find her friend that disappeared at the party. The one Stephanie forced her to go to.

"You wanna leave too, huh?" The boy asked Dani.

"Yeah," she replied, "parties aren't really my thing anymore." She told the boy.

"Not my thing either." The boy chuckled, "I'm Greyson," he introduced himself, holding his hand out.

"Daniella, but I prefer Dani." She introduced herself as well, shaking Greyson's hand.

"Do wanna uh- wanna go outside? I'm sure it's much quieter out there." Greyson offered Dani.

"Actually, I'm just going to have my friend come pick me up." Dani told Greyson, pulling her phone out of back pocket.

"Will I ever see you again?" Greyson asked Dani smiling.

"Maybe," Dani gave a small smiled back as she began walking towards the front door.


x T H R E E x M O N T H S x A G O x


"So Calum, it has come to a lot of your fans attention that you and Michael's younger sister have been in a relationship together. Do you care to make a statement about that?" The interviewer asked, looking directly at Calum. Like she was trying to stare into his soul or something like that.

"There's a reason types of comments like that are called rumors." Calum said in reply.

"So there was never a relationship between you two?" She asked Calum once again.

"No there wasn't. Michael's one of my best friends. And dating your best friend's younger sister is definitely a little fucked up, so I would never date Dani." Calum half lied to the interviewer.

"Michael?" The interviewer suddenly questioned, asking Mike if it was true.

"Yeah." Michael replied easily.

"Well, there's pictures, and even though they're not very visible, the boy in the picture looks like your height and-"

"Dani has a boyfriend, but the guy isn't Calum. Can we move on from this now?" Michael cut in, trying to change the subject.

"Boyfriend?" Calum thought to himself, the mere thought of Dani with a guy who wasn't him hurt. A lot.




x P R E S E N T x




"Michael GORDAN Clifford!" I yelled, emphasizing his middle name so he'd hear it across the airport.

"Daniella Jaye Clifford!" I heard Michael yell back, his bleached blondes hair sticking out from everyone in the airport at the moment.

"Dani!" I heard Luke and Ashton yell before I seen all three of them running towards me.

I laughed happily as Michael wrapped his arms around in an embrace, me wrapping my arms around him.

Gasping for air when Ashton and Luke created a group hug, squeezing tightly.

"We missed you!" Ashton exclaimed loudly.

I could tell by now, we were all getting a lot of weird stares.

"I missed you guys too," I mumbled out, trying to catch my breath, "I can't breath guys." I told them all.

"Oh, sorry," Luke apologized as him and Ashton pulled away from the hug.

"So kiddo, how does it feel knowing you're gonna be nineteen in a month?" Mike asked as he pulled away from our hug.

I shrugged in response, "just another year that I happen to turn older."

"I'm surprised, I don't see any fans anywhere." Luke said, sounding genuinely surprised.

"They're all outside. And I'm not sure who, but someone put up a gate sort of thing at the entrance so your fans are all chilling out there." I informed them as we all made our way to get their bags.

"Nice." Luke said, looking behind us.

"You alright?" I asked him a little concerned.

"Yeah." He trailed off, his voice getting quieter as his eyes drifted off to whatever or whoever was behind us.

"You sure? You're acting kind of wei-" I started, cutting myself off when I seen a certain someone with his arm wrapped around a girl grinning happily.

His grin turning into a smirk the moment he seen me look back at him.

Almost unnoticeably, I flipped him off. But I was glad when he made a face, proving to me that he noticed.


"Oh Dani, I almost forgot. Suicide Squad is playing at the cinema tonight and I was wondering if you wanted to go see it with me?" Luke asked, pulling me away from Calum.

"Better not be some sort of date you're trying to take her on, Hemmings." I heard Michael sternly say to Luke.

"It's not a date Cliffoconda." Luke said to him.

"You just got back from tour, aren't you even the slightest bit of jet lagged?" I asked Luke, ignoring Michael. Luke's my best friend anyways... and uh.. whatever happened last year didn't really matter. It didn't ruin anyone's friendship, not his or the boys or mine and his. And it wasn't even the slightest bit of awkward to be alone around him.

I take that back, it is kind of awkward. But it doesn't seem to affect Luke so, honestly why should I let it affect me?


"I've gotten used to it. I'll be fine." Luke answered me, shrugging.

"Hemmings, she has a boyfriend remember?" Michael continued to cut in.

"Holy fuck Michael! I know, I can't just want to hang out with a friend I haven't seen in almost a year and a half?" Luke asked Mike, sounding annoyed.

"I'll go." I agreed to Luke's offer, "I've been wanting to see the movie since its first came out but I haven't been able to go considering I had homework and other school shizz," I told Luke as Michael grabbed his suitcase off the thingy.

"Cool," Luke smiled at me before grabbing his bag as well.

"What happened to 'no date'?" Michael mumbled out quietly, but I'm guessing it was enough for the three of us to hear.

"It's not a date!" I heard Luke yell at Michael.

"Shut up, people are starting to stare." I laughed at him, looking at the people who would frown, glance, or just stare at us as they passed by.

"Who's not going on a date?" The sound of his voice behind me startled me, causing me to jump.

"No one." Michael quickly answered him quickly.

"Then what's all this talk about going on a date?" He asked, his brown orbs staring at me.

"We're going to go see Suicide Squad tonight." Luke replied to Calum.

"As friends." Michael added on, "so there is no date."

"Right." I confirmed, sending a glare at Calum the moment a smirk appeared on his lips.

"So, if Vee and I were to invite ourselves you wouldn't have a problem with that, considering your just going as friends and all?" Calum asked, continuing to smirk at me like the douche bag he is.

"I didn't-" Luke started but was immediately cut off.

"Cool.. so we'll be there. Nine o'clock showing right?" Calum asked Luke as he grabbed his bag quickly, then started to walk away from us, his girlfriend, or possible groupie, basically leading his to the doors.

"Dude, I never said-" Luke started but before he could continue, Calum was out of the building.

"I'm officially inviting Ashton and myself now." Michael said as him and Ash continued to hang out on the sidelines.

"Be my guest." I mumbled quietly, running my hands through my hair.

"Go for it." Luke told them sighing, "I'm not going to lie.. Calum is honestly becoming more of an asshole every day." He said as the four of us began walking out of the building as well.


// half an hour later \\


"It's honestly like he's literally back home to make me hate him more than I already do." I groaned flopping down onto my bed dramatically.

"It can't be that bad. I mean they're only staying a few months." Greyson, my boyfriend of three months said to me, moving from his spot on the spinning chair from the other side of my room to my bed.

"You don't get it Grey," I sighed, "Calum.. he's a complete asshole. And he honestly doesn't think about anything but himself. And-"

"And he's also the jerk that broke your heart." Grey cut me off, sitting down next to me.

"Uh... yeah, that too." I mumbled, sitting up, "you wanna come with tonight? Luke, Michael, and Ashton invited me to see Suicide Squad with them. And I guess Calum and his girlfriend are going too and I really don't want to go without you because I know the douche will try and make my night miserable." I told him, leaning my head on his shoulder, looking up at him hopefully.

"Does this mean I get to meet your brother now?" He asked me.

"Well he's not a hundred thousand miles away anymore two rooms anymore, so I guess so." I started, "but, only if you agree to agree to come tonight." I said, smiling up at him.

"Fine," Grey smiled, "I'll go."

I chuckled as I stood up off, holding my hand out to him, "come on," I mumbled as Greyson grabbed my hand.


I led him out of my room and towards Mike's.

"Hey noob, I have someone for you to meet." I said as I opened the door to Michael's room without knocking.

"Boyfriend?" Michael asked, staring down at his phone.

"Uh, yeah." I told him, glancing down at Greyson and I's interlocked fingers.

"Hold up-" Michael started, putting his phone down, walking over to his closet.

I watched in confusion as he rummaged through his closet, pulling out a black iron bat.

"Bring him in." He said, swinging the bat over his shoulder, leaning against the wall that was covered in band posters that I forgot what color his room was.

"Put the damn bat away." I told Michael, walking fully into his room, Greyson following behind me.

"I'll do what I please woman." Michael cockily said before his eyes drifted away from me, "you must be Greyson?" He asked Greyson.


"What're your intentions on being with my littler sister?" Michael asked, not letting Greyson continue what he was going to say.

"To make her happy." Greyson replied.

"How long do you plan on being with my sister?" Mike asked as soon as Grey replied, sounding like he rehearsed this or something.

"As long as she wants to continue to be with me." Greyson replied like it was a simple question.

Michael nodded, "this is a special question, and you better not fucking lie as your answer." He warned Greyson, looking at him carefully.

"Got it," Greyson mumbled out nervously.

"Are you a sex addict?" Michael suddenly asked.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" I exclaimed at Michael angrily.

"What?" Michael asked laughing, "I don't want him to pressure you into sex or anything like that." He said sounding serious.

"I would never do something like that." Greyson said to Michael.

"Good," Michael said in reply, his tone turning extremely serious as he looked back at Greyson.

"Okay this is my last question." He mumbled, pausing to think to himself, "I notice your accent.. are you actually American or you just from that part of the world?" He asked Greyson like it was information he truly needed.

"American." Greyson replied.

Michael opened his mouth and for some reason, I automatically knew what he was going to ask was going to be a dirty question.


"Okay, that's enough. We'll be in my room. Bye." I said quickly, grabbing Grey's hand and pulling him out of Mike room and towards mine.

"Well," Greyson paused as I closed my door behind me, him walking over and sit down on the edge of my bed, "you're brother seems cool." He finished, his brown eyes staring down at the hard wood floor.

"You should meet Ashton and Luke." I joked, sitting down next to him.

"I think I'm good. Meeting your biological brother was nerve wracking enough," he chuckled, trying to lighten the mood.

I smiled, "Ash and Luke aren't as bad as Mike." I chuckled, falling back, inching up so my head was lying on my pillows.

"Good to know," he chuckled in reply, following my actions but he was lying on his side, his elbow holding his body up as he looked down at me, "does this mean I have to meet Calum too?" He asked suddenly.


I stared up at the small crack in the ceiling, thinking about my answer. Well considering, Calum and his girlfriend slash possible groupie are coming to the movie tonight, I guess it makes sense for Greyson to meet Calum.

But, I'd honestly like it better if I didn't make any interaction with Calum up to the day they all have to leave home again.


"I don't know," I shrugged in reply, and might I add, it is very awkward to shrug while you're lying down on a bed, "well, considering he's going to the movie tonight... maybe." I mumbled to him.

"Oh," he murmured, draping his arm over my waist, slowly inching closer to me.

"What're you trying to do..?" I mumbled to him.

"Oh nothing," he said, a small smirk playing upon his lips. I rolled my eyes and turned my body to face him fully.

I stared into his light brown eyes and started to wonder about everything.

Then I noticed his eyes flicker to my lips. And before I know it, I felt his lips on mine. I kissed back, my eyes fluttering closed as Grey pulled me closer to him.

Without breaking the kiss, Grey sat us up and now I was straddling him, his hands placed on my thighs.

I cupped his face in my hands.

He rested his hands on the small of my back, lightly pushing me further into him.


"Hey Dani-oh shit-uh nevermind-bye." I jumped at the sound of my door open and Luke's voice then the door closed again.

I pulled away from Greyson and awkwardly looked at him.

He only laughed.

I laughed a little and leaned my head on his shoulder to hide my face.


"Well that happened." I said, shaking my head a little.

"You're embarrassed aren't you?" Grey asked, turning his head a little but it felt somewhat awkward so I decided to rest my head in the crook of his neck.

"No," I replied, noticing he shivered when I felt my lips lightly brush against his skin.

"Then why didn't you continue to kiss me?"

"Because maybe I'm a tiny little embarrassed that my best friend Luke just seen me making out with my boyfriend." I murmured quietly in reply.

Grey only laughed, "which one of your unbiological brothers was that?"

"That was Luke." I replied, sitting up straight, wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Well Luke seems nice so far." He chuckled, his hands slipping down until they were both resting on my bum.

Then suddenly Mike's voice was heard from outside my door, "Hey Parnell, just because I'm letting you date my sister doesn't mean I want you making out with her where chances of my friends or I walking in on you two."

Sighing loudly in annoyance, I stood up off Grey and made my way over to the door.

"Hey Clifford, just because your home doesn't mean you can boss me or my boyfriend around like we're little kids." I called back to him, leaning against the wall, knowing Michael, and possibly Luke, were most likely going to walk into the room.

"I live here. I'm an adult. And I can do what I want." Michael called back.

"Then start acting like a goddamn adult."

"That's it!" Mike barged through the door, Luke following in behind him.

I stayed in my spot, leaning against the black painted wall with my arms crossed over my chest as I looked at the two with a 'are-you-fucking-kidding-me' sort of look.

"Anything else you two 'adults' want to say?" I asked, air quoting the word as I spoke.

Michael shook his head at me and sent a small glare my way.

I smirked in victory.


"Luke came over to pick us up for the movie, we still going or what?" Mike asked, changing the subject immediately.

"Yeah," I replied, standing up straight.

"Get your ass ready then, we'll be outside." Michael demanded, looking at me sternly.

"Alright, alright." I said, raising my hands in defense.

The two just stood there.


"Get your asses out and then I will get ready. Jeez."





The fact that I published this chapter long after the time I wanted to update is almost as shitty as my week at school.

Sorry, for not updating. School and volleyball has just filling up my schedule recently and it's really hard to write and update when I'm both busy and have writers block.

Oh, and by the way, I didn't clear this up in the last book so I might as well just do it now. My Brother's Best Friend is based off of 2013-2014 5SOS, and Just Another Love Story is based off of 2016.

So now that that shit is out of the way, how was your week? Better than my stupid ass fucking week went, I hope.

      But anyways, I hope you all have a great fucking day or afternoon or whatever time it is in your part of the world.

I'm going to post this shit and go to bed because I have a game tomorrow at fucking 9:00 in the goddamn morning and I am honestly really tired... so, goodnight, I love you dudes and I'll talk to you all soon.

- That Cliffaconda Kid

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