Just Another Love Story | Calum Hood {Sequal To MBBF}

Daniella and Calum haven't spoken since the break up, they avoided one another every chance they got. Despite Calum being one of Michael's best friend, avoiding Calum for an entire year was actually really easy.
Forgetting him suddenly got quite easier after she met Greyson and moved on... but Calum still managed to make his way into her life.

Daniella thought she moved on from Calum.

But no matter what, your first true love still means something to you the moment you share a kiss.


2. ¥author's note¥



Guys, I freaking suck at updating if you haven't noticed.

  I've been trying to update but I honestly never got the chance to do anything. AND this what makes everything else really messed up is that I start FUCKING SCHOOL tomorrow. On a fucking Thursday. yay. *sarcasm* Also, volleyball started and yeah. So this sorta means I won't be updating as much.      

BUT, I freaking promise I'll try and update every possible chance I get.

So I'm sorry to everyone that was bored waiting for an update.      

Love you guys and I'll talk to you all soon.  


-That Clifford Kid

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