Love is everything- Princeton & U

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2. 2.

Everyone walks on the tour bus
Leah-nice tour bus
Prodigy-(walks out) thanks
Leah eyes were stuck on Prodigy when he walked out
Yn-LEAH LEAH LEAH are you ok
Leah-yeah i just saw haven
Roc-beautiful laugh(standing in the kicthen)
Roc-no problem
Ray-whats your name
Ray-how old are yall
China-we are all 15 but Yn is about to turn 16 June 9
Princeton-btw beautiful name
Yn-thanks i guess i thank my mom and dad (your mom and dad are Tracy and Drew from Love and Hip-Hop Altanta)
Princeton-who are they
Yn-Tracy and Drew from Love and Hip- Hop
Princeton-cool so can i get you number
Yn-sure yea
Princeton-(hands you his phone) thanks
Yn-yea but dont text alot my mom and brother and sister are on tour with us
Princeton-who are they
Yn-24 Sister Paula from Bad Girls Club Altanta,my 6 year old brother Drew,and my mom Tracy
Princeton-is she have anymore kids
Yn-yea (not true)
Yn-yea it time for us to head back to the tour bus my mom is expecting us to be back
Princeton- yea Walter is like that
Princeton-see ya pretty girl
Yn-see ya pretty boy

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