Love is everything- Princeton & U

just read it


1. 1.

~~Yn-excuse me
Yn-your ooooo
Leah-omg your Princeton from Mindless Behavior
Princeton-yea i guess i am
Kia-what are you doing here
Princeton-we are on tour
China-so are we
Princeton-cool it was nice to meet you
Yn-you too
Princeton-hey do yall want to come over to the tour bus
Princeton-k bye
Everyone- bye
Princeton POV
Princeton-hey guys ( walks on tour bus)
Prodigy-hey what you get
Princeton-nothing shoes,clothes,and girls
Roc-what you got girls
Princeton-yea i met them on the side-walk in front of the hollister store one of them bumped into me she was cute
Ray-how many girls
Princeton-4 they said they were coming over later
Prodigy-wait! what time
Ray-its 5:30
Roc-****! they will be here in 30 mins
Prodigy-get dress
Ended POV
30 mins later
"knock knock knock"
Yn-hello anyone home
Prodigy-hold on
Princeton-( opens the door) hey ladies

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