Tell Me More

Tatum's home life never worked in her corner. With her parents always leaving, her brother a drunk, and a baby sister to take care of, she wakes up in the middle of the night and hears gun shots and sees blood. She runs away, promising to never turn back but soon finds the comfort she's always needed, and all he wants from her is for her to, "tell her more."


5. Memory Lane

We head for my house. Once we arrive, Benin and I get low to the ground,

"This is where you came from?"

"Yes, Benin."

I tell him to stay around the house, if I scream, come in for me. He nods and off I go. I slowly open the door and look at the kitchen. I see the last day I was in this house, dad screaming at me about the soup, Erick yelling at us to keep it down, the baby fast asleep. It was all a train wreck and by the looks of it, it still is. I go into the baby's room and see her in her crib, shaking with fear,

"Hi. I-I came back for you. We're gonna go somewhere better, somewhere that you'll be loved, I promise."

I hear footsteps behind me, I turn around, baring to scream,

"I see you came back."


"I've missed you, sis. You probably can't say the same, can you?"

"Sadly, not."

"Where have you been?"

"With a friend."

"Oh, you mean the boy in the yard?"

"What did you do to him, Erick?"

"It doesn't matter."

I charge at him, screaming,

"Erick! Leave him alone!"

He picks me up and slams me on the floor, the baby cries,

"Don't tell me what to do. You're lucky I don't call dad down here, right now. Your friend is gone, dead meat."

"No, you didn't."

I sink to the floor and sob, feeling the tears go into my palms, staining them for life. I feel my body being lifted and onto that sicking air mattress,


"I'm not your dog."

"No, but, you are his pet."

Erick leaves me to cry but, I hear his roar. I hear my father heading towards my room,

"Don't waste your tears. I'm glad you came back, came to your senses."

"I came back for the baby."

"And now, you're here to stay."


"Don't talk back!"

I jump back,

"I'm not scared of you."

"Dead beat, you are just a little girl who thinks she knows everything."

"I'm not scared of you."

"You couldn't even come here on your own, you had that boy come with you."

"You will be nothing! That boy is a million times better of a person than you'll ever be. You mean nothing to me, to that baby, or to yourself. I'm not scared of you, anymore."

Suddenly, he falls to the ground. Benin, standing behind him, watching the blood pore out of his back. I run to the baby's room, pick her up, and we run to the woods. I turn back and see Erick with a gun. He shoots all around us. Benin lets me and the baby go first and stays back, protecting both of us. Finally, we lose him. I sit on a log and look at the baby's face. I see red on her blanket. I see her back, shot. I begin crying,

"I-I came all this way."

Benin picks her up and starts running. I follow. 

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