Silent wind

"You've fallen in love with you're best friend...the person who accepts you at you're worst " .


1. Chapter one : Looking ahead

Did I really had to say that? I thought . Did I really have to tell him I couldn't date a guy who wouldn't take some time away and talk to me? Could that be the reason Ryan Vanished ? ,  Sometimes I thought that it was a good thing of what I said but same time not . I mean , he might be around still if I hadn't said that right ? . I took a look at my cat flurry and sighed . He might as well never come back because chances are that it'll never happen . Ever . 

Mr.Donovan , My next door neighbor played his Favorite Song . Stolen dance by Milky chance . He's probably enjoying the sun right now through his window like he usually does . Flurry ran her head hard but soft on my left leg while  purring . I slowly touched her head while having a smile cross my face . I  decided that I was gonna stay in today . I know it's sunny and beautiful outside but I don't think today will be my 'go out day '  , I can just sense it . Suddenly two knocks were heard at my door and quickly Flurry pounced to go check it out before I did . "Who is it ? " I asked only standing three feet away from it . The person answered back "Uh Jack , I'm here to fix you're computer ? " Oh yeah I thought . I called in last night about my computer acting up and making all types of noises which of course didn't let me finish up my essay for my report on Monday for school . "Oh yeah , Just a minute ! " I called out smiling . Flurry knew it wasn't for her so she walked to the kitchen to nap as usual . I fixed up my hair by putting it up to my shoulders and Flattening my shirt with soft pats . Stupid , for what? Oh whatever . 


I opened the door and their stood the guy who was named 'Jack ' He had on a green shirt and loose blue pants that carried lots of colourful cables and Brown dirt boots . His hair was bit up but it stood fine , it was a light brown that could match a chocolate chip cookie . Oh and his eyes , wow . They seemed Hazel to me since They changed from green to blue When he passed by my window where the sun shined through . Flurry peeked through the kitchen with her eyes. A bit closed but still was able to get a glance of what was going on . "So what was the problem with it again ? " Jack asked , Kneeling down to the Monitor , Taking a hard look to try to find the situation ; I moved to the side a little bit looking at it with him , I crossed my arms and replied "It was making lots of weird noises and It wouldn't let me type . It just kept erasing whatever I did " . He pressed his hand on the monitor and bit his bottom lip , He took a look at my carpet then up at me "I'll have it fixed by Wednesday at 7. That ok ? " . Was I available on Wednesday ? I mean , kavi and Austin haven't told me anything yet so I'm guessing no . I swiped my hair back  and slid it behind my ear , Flurry Sat next to his foot where I think she felt the most comfortable . I took a smile and blurred out "Sure " . He stood back up and smiled back at me . The type of smile that Ryan would always give me The Charmed smile . 

I always called it that since he would always do it when it was a quite moment and no one would say anything . He would just...glance at me and smile ; But the only three things well..three words that would come out of his mouth was 'God , You're beautiful ' . Jack figured there was nothing left to say so he sighed and headed to the door , I glanced back up and walked along with him to close the door on his way out . "Sooo....Wednesday , 7:00?? " I nodded . "Yes " . He chuckled and walked out , I slowly shut the door and shot my eyes to the wooden floor . I sighed , but it was the type of sigh that felt ..Heavy . That guy was super hot . 

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