Power, Wealth and Social Status

This is the story of the life of Bellatrix Black; a life ruled by power, wealth and social status. Split into two parts, the story loosely follows that of the Harry Potter books along with some added twists for drama. Voldemort/Bellatrix


54. Chapter 54


Bellatrix opened the door of the office and stormed in, slamming the door behind her. Voldemort was staring at her in irritation. She walked forwards and slammed her hands onto his desk.

"What?" he snapped.

"I just had to go to Gringotts," she replied, her voice cold. "Guess who has broken into my vault."

Voldemort put his quill down and sat back in his chair. "Ah."

"I warned you," she snarled, pacing before him. "I told you that they would do this."

"What was taken?" Voldemort asked, his voice calm although she knew he wasn't.

"As if you need to ask me that," Bellatrix retorted. "Your soul has been taken."

Voldemort stared at her unblinkingly. "How was this allowed to happen? Perhaps I should place more men there?"

Bellatrix rounded on him angrily. "It's too late for that now!" she shouted. "They have it!"

Voldemort shrugged. "He has destroyed two. A third hardly makes a difference to me."

"It's official," Bellatrix snarled. "You've gone mad."

Voldemort rolled his eyes, standing up and grabbing her shoulders. "How was this possible, Bella?"

Bellatrix sighed, staring at him. She couldn't understand his thought process. "I'm assuming that mudblood bitch of Potter's found a strand of my hair on her. I did get rather close to her the other day."

"Why?" Voldemort asked, narrowing his eyes at her.

"I taught her a lesson," Bellatrix responded.

"You were torturing her whilst you should have been finding out if it really was Potter you had?" Voldemort asked coldly.

Bellatrix shook her head. "Don't be like that, it wasn't like that… I could have got her talking."

"And now you have lost me one of my Horcrux?" Voldemort continued, as if she hadn't spoken.

"Don't!" Bellatrix snapped. "You cannot blame me for this."

"So they used polyjuice? And what else?" Voldemort asked, his voice hard.

"The Goblin in charge was showing signs of the Imperious Curse and somehow they managed to avoid being eaten by dragon." Bellatrix shook her head. "In fact, they left the building riding the dragon."

"And the Gemino Curse you put in place?" Voldemort replied.

"My vault is a mess," Bellatrix snapped back. She pulled away from him and sat down. "The entire bank is a mess. They've as good as destroyed it."

"There's nothing more to be done about it now," Voldemort said after a moment. "We have every measure in place to find them. We have hundreds of snatchers looking for them, we have wards and curfews in place throughout many towns and villages."

"They obviously have means of destroying them," Bellatrix replied softly.

"Obviously," Voldemort responded coolly. "I am working to lure him to Hogwarts."

"Lure him how?" Bellatrix asked.

"Potter and I share a special connection. It is how I got him to the Department of Mysteries two years ago." He looked up at her. "It is how I came to realise that part of me is within him. He failed at Occlumency, his mind is wide open to me. It is how I know he has destroyed two of my Horcrux's."

"This connection can be used to our advantage, then?" Bellatrix asked.

"Yes – and I am willing to sacrifice myself to destroy him." He stared at her. "You, Bella, will be my savoir."

Bellatrix shook her head. "Well, I don't see how I can save you, Tom."

He smiled and sat back down. "Do you mind organising some extra guards at Gringotts? I'd like a few of our best there. No more of these Ministry idiots."

"Of course," Bellatrix said, smiling back. It was the first time he'd give her anything of use to do and she was excited that he felt he could trust her again. "I'll assemble them and pick them myself."

"Thank you," he responded softly. "And perhaps you'd agree to dinner with me, again tonight?" His second question was more hesitant. He obviously wanted her back, more than ever.

Bellatrix nodded, her smile widening. "That would be nice, my love," she replied. She leant over the desk and pressed a kiss against his thin lips. "Until then." She left the room, hoping that Antonin would be able to help her with this task.


It was the day of the battle of Hogwarts. The wards in Hogsmede had been triggered and Potter had been seen confronting Snape in Hogwarts. Bellatrix was stood at the edge of the forest, looking up at Hogwarts. It had been a home to her for a few years in her youth and she was sad to think about parts of it getting destroyed. She imagined the scene in the castle right now – chaos, terror, fear. From here though, it looked normal.

Sighing lightly, she turned around and headed back to where they were readying themselves to go and attack. Voldemort had made his first move and announced to Hogwarts what his intentions were, and how they could stop him. Potter, of course was the answer. There was no sign of him being brought forward – so now it was time to attack.

Bellatrix reached the clearing then frowned. His back was turned to everyone. She glanced to Antonin and saw he looked nervous. He shook his head slightly when he saw her looking. Voldemort was clearly worried about something and was taking his fears out on his followers.

She broke the barrier of the crowd, moving slowly toward him. She pressed her hand lightly on his shoulder, ignoring the whispers breaking out behind her. He tensed in surprise, but quickly relaxed, knowing it would be her. "What is it, Tom?" she murmured in his ear.

"This wand," he muttered. He tilted his head to look at her. "It's… not right."

Bellatrix swallowed nervously. She'd not heard that from him before.

"Not right how?" she asked.

"There is no connection between us," he replied, turning to face her. "The wand is powerful in its own right but… without my own power to go with it…"

Bellatrix nodded. "I understand," she whispered, wishing she could help him, or at least touch him.

"I should have thought that being Severus's master would be enough to make the wand mine… It was I that ordered Severus to do the deed…" he said, although it seemed more like he was talking to himself.

"You know the answer," Bellatrix said shortly.

He looked up at her sharply. "You've always wanted him dead."

"He has been useful," Bellatrix replied. "And now his use has run out. You surely must see that."

Voldemort sighed, but he nodded anyway.

"Let me join the battle," she asked softly.

"No," he said, his voice instantly sharp and louder. "I cannot risk loosing you now." Bellatrix nodded, knowing he was never going to let her join the others. "You saw no sign of him?" he asked after a moment of staring at his wand.

"No, Tom," Bellatrix mumbled, stepped back from him slightly.

"Then it is time," he said, his voice serious and quiet.

Bellatrix nodded, turning back to the others. "This is our moment!" she said loudly, beckoning toward the castle. "Remember that Potter is not to be harmed!" There were various cheers and cries as everyone started to make their way to the castle. Bellatrix could only imagine what was going to happen by the end of the night.

Antonin approached. "Are you coming?" he asked softly, glancing to Voldemort.

Bellatrix shook her head. "No." She reached out and squeezed his hand. "Be safe."

Antonin nodded slowly, before turning and following Nott out of the clearing. She could see Lucius and Narcissa close together by a large tree, whispering something.

"Is Lucius not joining the battle either?" she asked Voldemort in a whisper.

He turned to her and smirked. "Lucius and his wife will stay here where you can keep an eye on them," he responded coolly.

"Of course," Bellatrix replied, keeping her tone even. He still didn't trust the Malfoy's. "And… Snape?"

"I will go to him now." He moved closer to her, leaving no space between them. His eyes were fairly cold as he looked down at her but slowly he tilted his head and pressed a gentle kiss on her lips. "Promise you will do as I say."

Bellatrix nodded. "If Potter arrives?" she asked, breathless.

"You can stun him if need be," Voldemort said with a nod.

Bellatrix swallowed heavily. "You said… You cannot loose me now… But this is the end and…"

He silenced her with another kiss. "This is far from the end." There was one more kiss for her, and then he disapparated. Bellatrix staggered from the loss of contact, but quickly steadied herself.

What did he mean by that?


Bellatrix stood in a large clearing in the forbidden forest after the battle. Their losses were minute; the losses of the other side were large. But they were highly trained adults, mostly fighting children. Of course they were going to be successful. She was surrounded by other death eaters, including her sister who was nervously nibbling on her fingernails. There were giants, trolls chained to trees, giant spiders lurking in the shadows as well as a couple of werewolves. She was glad it wasn't full moon tonight.

Voldemort had made another loud announcement not long ago, calling his followers back to the forest and giving Potter the ultimatum – come to him or be responsible for the death of all in the school. Bellatrix was on standby, ready to stun Potter should he come before Voldemort returned. She wasn't sure what was going to happen but she knew their fates would be decided in the coming few hours. It made her nervous and excited all at once. She was irritated by his cryptic final comment though… What did he mean? If it wasn't the end then surely that meant he had an idea of how to win. Why had he not shared it?

She suddenly felt a tight grip on her arm, which made her jump. She spun around, about to curse who ever had dared to touch her but she suddenly saw the red eyes of her husband.

"Come with me," he hissed softly. She nodded and turned to face him properly, noticing the two men behind him followed them as well.

"Have you found Snape?" she whispered to him, surprised to see him so soon.

"I have," he responded indifferently as he led them away from the clearing. He suddenly stopped walking and grabbed her arm once more. "I did what I had to do." He moved his face closer to hers. "I own the wand now."

Bellatrix nodded, filled with relief. She still didn't want to ask what they were doing, so far from the others with not much time left.

"Kill one of them," Voldemort murmured to her, beckoning to the nervous looking men behind them. "Either."

Bellatrix hesitated, staring at him for a moment. He narrowed his eyes at her and that was a shock enough, the sight of his angry eyes, to make her move and do what he said. She hardly looked at the man she killed; Voldemort didn't actually even look away from her when he killed the other one.

"It's easier when they are fresh," he muttered, moving closer to them. "I don't have time to be picky." He looked discerningly down at the man he had killed. Then he sharply turned his gaze back to Bellatrix. "I have found a way for us both to live on."

"What?" Bellatrix asked hastily, thinking she had misheard him. "Why are you thinking about this right now? When you have just given Potter an hour to get here?"

"I've been considering it for a while." He lifted the wand. "I decided tonight when the second Horcrux of the evening was destroyed." He inhaled sharply through his nose and Bellatrix gasped.

"No… no…" she muttered, feeling her heart sink.

"Bellatrix, I need you to focus. We don't have long, as you have just pointed out." He beckoned to her to come to him and pressed a light kiss against her hair when she did. "Can you do that?"

"Yes," Bellatrix breathed back. "Anything…"

"There is a spell you need to say," he continued softly. "It is going to hurt, it is going to feel like your insides are coming out." She felt his grip on her tightening, then she finally realised what he was finally saying to her.

He was telling her how to make a Horcrux.

"…need to place your wand on your tongue and pull it out, do you understand? And then you must direct it towards me and it will latch to me. I will do the same back." Bellatrix stared up at him, gaping. "Bellatrix!"

"I understand," Bellatrix replied, her voice much more high pitched than she remembered.

"You are willing? You are willingly giving me part of your soul, knowing it will keep me alive forever?" Voldemort asked her, shaking her impatiently. "You need to keep that at the front of your mind. You must remember that."

"I love you," Bellatrix mumbled, knowing that thought was enough. She would do anything for him.

Suddenly she felt his hard grasp on her chin, forcing her to look up at him. His gaze was different although familiar… He was sort of smiling at her. "I love you, Bellatrix."

"Oh, Tom," she breathed, launching herself into his arms. She could feel tears pooling in her eyes and he held her tightly to himself.

"Come," he murmured into her ear, squeezing her one last time.

"What is the spell?"

"Extractum fissilis anima," Voldemort said quietly, his eyes cold once more. "Point at your chest at first."

Bellatrix nodded, raising her wand and pointing it where he directed. Then she nodded towards him once more.

"One… Two… Three…"

Closing her eyes, Bellatrix spoke the words of the spell, hearing her husband do the same. Nothing happened. She opened her eyes, and saw Voldemort's face was screwed up, as if bracing himself. Then suddenly a pain emerged from deep within her, a deep, agonising pain that even his cruciatus didn't create. She screamed, tears were pouring from her eyes and she wanted to do nothing more but lay down and hope it would go away. She remembered his words.

Fighting beyond the pain, she pushed forward images of the time they had together, those first seven years of bliss. She remembered the first time she saw him, that gorgeous face she loved so much. Their first kiss, the day they were married, the day he told her he loved her. The day she learnt his name, his birthday, that expression of complete jealousy he wore whenever someone looked at her in the wrong way. The time she killed a baby for him, when she tortured her own nephew, when he hurt her in unimaginable ways; she still loved him and would continue to do anything for him, willingly too.

She could feel something coming up her throat, choking her. Her stomach heaved and she vomited and she could see it was stained with blood. She coughed, trying to bring it up but found blood was the only thing escaping from her mouth. She couldn't breathe; she could feel herself blacking out. She looked over at Voldemort and saw his wand was near his mouth. She'd forgotten that bit; hastily she moved her wand to her mouth and felt something latch on to it.

There was another cough, blood was dripping from her mouth now as she fought to keep her wand there and remember that she wanted to do this for him; anything for him. The feeling of being unable to breathe was still there, as was the pain. From the blood she was guessing that it wasn't doing her insides much good either.

With difficulty she began to pull the thing from her throat. It was a thick substance and it was really hurting her… She wondered if the blood was coming from there. She could feel it coming up though. She began to pull her wand away faster and finally it was out of her throat and gone from her mouth. She turned around and vomited once more and could see the substance come from her stomach was now black. She gasped, her eyes streaming again. Then she looked at her wand and saw a black sort of smoke attached to it, apparently fighting with itself to escape from her wand.

Bellatrix looked up to her husband who had apparently experienced the same thing also. She could see a similar murky mist attached to his own wand, which he was suddenly pointing at her. Bellatrix did the same, aiming for him.

"Let it go," Voldemort said, his voice hoarse. "You first."

She did as she was told and stopped fighting to keep it there. It reached Voldemort before he released his own. She felt the smoke hit her with a terrifying force, which knocked her backwards, and then it was all over.

Bellatrix moaned, unable to believe what had just happened. If she was totally honest with herself, she didn't feel much different apart from a sore throat and stomach.

Voldemort seemed to be shaking though. As she moved towards him, she realised that she was shaking as well, extremely violently. She raised her hands. "Oh Merlin," she whimpered, looking down at herself. "Did we do it?"

"We aren't done yet," Voldemort muttered, gripping her tightly.

"What do you mean?" Bellatrix asked, wondering what he was planning.

She felt his hand ripped from hers as she noticed his shaking had got worse. Then she felt a pain erupt inside of her once more and she screamed, holding her stomach. The noise behind her told her Voldemort was being sick again and a short moment later, Bellatrix was doing the same. It continued for ages, black bile and blood removing itself from her body in large mouthfuls, splattering nearby trees and her own robes. She dropped to the ground, moaning in pain when the vomiting finally stopped. She tilted her head and saw Voldemort was laying next to her, his body pointing in the opposite direction. He looked over at her, panting heavily. "Now we can get a hold on ourselves," he said, smirking through his pained moans.

"How did you do that six times?" Bellatrix asked him after a while of heavy breathing. "I never want to do that again."

"Seven times now, dearest," Voldemort said, laughing slightly. "Nothing is as bad as loosing your body completely."

Bellatrix was too tired to speak for a moment. Then she suddenly laughed out loud. "You told me I'd be sick."

Voldemort chuckled softly. "I did, and I was right, of course."

There was silence for a moment longer. Bellatrix hadn't felt this comfortable for years, even though she was lying on the floor of a forest with half her blood on the ground next to her and in quite a lot of pain. It felt like she had her husband back.

"Why have we done this?" Bellatrix asked him softly. "You could have just made another Horcrux and not included me."

"Yes," Voldemort agreed. "I could have. But the more I considered an item to put my soul in, the more I realised you were my most precious possession. I got the idea from my connection with Potter. Dumbledore probably taught Potter that I could not love and that will be my downfall… And up to a point, he was right." He reached out and stroked a strand of her hair.

"Dumbledore didn't know I married you, though, Bella. Dumbledore didn't know that as I got older and more powerful, I wanted a wife. I told Lucius as much when I first met him alone." He paused, looking away from her and up to the tops of the trees. "And so Potter will not be expecting me to be joined to someone else. I don't believe our bond can be broken now, we are joined in so many ways…" He sighed lightly. "We should find out soon enough. If I kill him, it's going to kill part of me. I'm not sure that it will kill him too. There's no way of knowing, this has not happened to anyone before. We will need to check, we will need to be sure. Nagini is protected. You are protected, unless you take a killing curse too…" He stopped talking and sighed. "I don't know."

They smiled at each other, and Bellatrix knew that if she died tonight, if somehow they both died, she was going to die the happiest woman ever to walk the earth.

"We aren't going to die," he whispered to her. "Neither of us. We're going to live forever."

"You still haven't taught me how to read your mind," Bellatrix said, smirking at him.

"We share souls, my love," Voldemort whispered to her. "I think one day, very soon, we should be able to share our thoughts with great ease." He smiled at her once more, an expression that didn't entirely suit his face, before he sat up. Bellatrix did the same, surprised at how little pain there was now. She stood up, casting a cleaning spell on their clothes.

"Do you think the boy will come?" Bellatrix asked, watching him stand. "I heard what you said – surely he won't allow the attacks to begin again?"

"I don't know," Voldemort responded softly, looking down at the wand and checking it over. "This is mine now, truly. It feels right." Then he looked back to her. "Let's go."

"Confident?" Bellatrix asked, following behind him slightly.

"Of course," he replied softly, glancing behind himself at her. "Are you scared of me or something?"

"Yes," Bellatrix muttered, not looking at him.

"Bella, I need you. Here." He pointed to the space next to him. Bellatrix moved forwards, very slowly, looking up at him. "Think about what we just did," he told her sharply as they continued to walk. "Think about what it means."

"That we can have sex?"

Voldemort glared at her in response, but Bellatrix knew he didn't really mean it. "Keep trying," he hissed.

"That I am your Dark Lady?"

His lips twitched into a small smile. "Something like that." He paused just before they entered the clearing. "He has five minutes before we attack. You must lead, I have to find him."

Bellatrix nodded slowly. With one last look at each other, they continued onwards, into the forest clearing where the death eaters were awaiting him. They moved to the centre, silently hoping and waiting for him to arrive.

Loud footsteps, crunching on the leaves disturbed them. It was Antonin. "He has not come, my Lord," he said, bowing low and hiding his face before looking up to Bellatrix, staring at her as if she looked different. Bellatrix ignored him; this was one thing he would never know about.

"I thought he would come," Voldemort muttered to her, turning away. "I was so sure…"

Bellatrix didn't respond. There was a smaller figure approaching, very slowly, a wand clearly outstretched before him. "My Lord…" she whispered. He sharply looked over at her, and then turned around fully when he saw where she was looking. His face broke into a smile as he saw it was the boy.

"Harry Potter…" Voldemort whispered.

Potter flinched. "Tom Riddle," he replied coldly, with hatred in his eyes. Bellatrix recoiled slightly but glared around at the muttering and whispering death eaters, telling them silently to be quiet.

Voldemort hissed angrily. "You dare…" Bellatrix could feel his anger inside of her. It was a very odd feeling.

"I dare," Potter retorted, his voice cold. "I am not afraid of you."

Voldemort laughed mockingly. "Of course you are not, Potter. You are a fool."

Potter moved slightly closer. Bellatrix could feel her wand twitching in her hand; it knew how much she wanted to curse him. She could see that they were both staring intently at each other.

"I saw you kill Snape," Potter said quietly.

"I didn't know you cared," Voldemort snarled back.

"He was always Dumbledore's man," Potter retorted angrily.

"And if he was?" Voldemort asked coldly. "It has not done you very well."

Potter was silent. They continued to stare for a long while, until Potter finally put his wand up. Voldemort did the same, and was far quicker.

His cry of the killing curse was echoed by Potter's weak, feeble disarming spell. Bellatrix smirked to herself as she watched the Gryffindor red spell smash into contact with the Slytherin green one. For one terrifying moment, she thought she could see the red spell growing larger than the green, but then, at a snails pace, she could see Voldemort's spell triumphing over Potter's. The boy was shaking visibly at the effort to keep the spells knitted together but it was not enough. Finally, finally, the green spell knocked Potter's wand from his hand and hit him in the chest. Bellatrix watched in complete satisfaction as the boy crumpled to the ground, apparently dead.

Then she noticed Voldemort fall down, as soon as the spell hit Potter. He didn't appear to even be breathing. Bellatrix could hardly breathe either, the pain running through her body was immense and she wondered if he could feel it too. The killing curse had hit Potter and killed off the part of Voldemort that was within Potter. Bellatrix realised through her pain that Voldemort was unconscious probably because of the extra damage he had caused to his soul by splitting it, less than an hour ago, and that she needed to take charge.

The death eaters were looking to each other in shock and seemed to be asking each other what they should do. Bellatrix knew, somehow, that she needed to control them before their minds could wander too far, before they could consider their next options too hastily. Across the clearing, standing well away from the others, she could see Lucius and Narcissa. Lucius was staring at her. He knew something needed to be done too.

Bellatrix was aware of how badly Voldemort had been treating those who had previously been closest to him. Bellatrix loved him, and she knew that somehow Lucius did too, in a very different way of course. Lucius had grown up seeing the Dark Lord on a regular occurrence, Voldemort had helped him marry Narcissa and they had been actual friends. Bellatrix knew she could count on Lucius still.

Lucius nodded to her, as if understanding. Then out of the corner of her eye, she could swear she saw Potter's arm move, very slightly. She turned and looked properly, slowly moving closer to him with her wand out. Most of the others were crowded together away from the Dark Lord now, and whilst she hated to think of her husband lying there by himself, she knew she needed to prioritise and that he would have done the same.

Bellatrix had always thought that when the Horcrux inside of Potter died, he would go with it, but now the scenario was there in front of her, she was not so sure. Potter's arm twitched again. Bellatrix had seen enough death to know that people sometimes still moved when they were freshly killed but this seemed different. She was reluctant to get too close, as she couldn't see Potter's wand on the ground anywhere, which probably meant he still had it on him.

Quite suddenly, enough to make her jump, Potter was on his feet and had thrown a spell in her direction. She deflected it without a problem and saw Potter was trying to run away, knowing he couldn't take on a full army of highly trained witches and wizards alone. She ran after him, her mind whirling as she passed between trees, deeper into the forest. Voldemort had been quite clear that he wanted to kill Potter. Bellatrix wasn't sure how he would react if she did do it but then on the other hand, he was unconscious, she was his wife and also had part of him inside of her, which sort of meant he was doing it.

Plus she wanted to get on with her life now, not chase around after Potter for any longer.

She stopped running, carefully aimed her wand at Potter's retreating figure and spoke the words.

"Avada kedavra."

Then she held her breath and watched as the spell arched into the air. It felt like an hour to her as the spell inched closer and closer to Potter and then finally made its descent and hit him square on the back. He fell over.

"He's dead," someone behind her said suddenly.

Bellatrix turned around and saw most of the others had followed her here and had witnessed what happened.

"The Dark Lord said- "

"He's unconscious, no surprise after taking a spell like that-"

"He's not going to be happy he didn't get to do it."

Bellatrix sighed lightly before walking to Potter and bending over him, lifting his hand and checking for a pulse. There was nothing. She dropped the hand and moved back towards the group, now anxious to be with her husband.

"Bring the body back," she ordered coldly to whoever was closest. She was feeling too numb right now to recognise people she didn't care about.

"You can't order me around like that!" the man hissed, outraged, but Bellatrix ignored him and continued walking back to the clearing. She glanced behind her and was satisfied to see a procession of them following her, Potter's body suspended before them.

Narcissa was kneeling next to Voldemort. She seemed to have conjured him a pillow and had smoothed out his robes.

"He's not dead," she told Bellatrix softly.

Bellatrix smiled. "I know that, Cissy," she said, nodding her head. She knelt next to her sister and clasped her husbands' hand in hers. He felt cold, but not colder than usual.

There was a thud as Potter's body was dropped unceremoniously to the ground. Bellatrix glanced up, seeing many people watching her curiously.

"We need to go to Hogwarts and kill all of those order members left. We must destroy them quickly, while their guard is down." She stood, walking around her husband and to the front of the group. "Then we will regroup and consider our options."

No one moved. Everyone was staring now.

"Well?" she snapped, wondering why they were just gawping.

"Who made you the boss?" someone sneered from the crowd. "We obey the Dark Lord, not you."

"Yeah!" someone else piped up. "Why should we listen to you? How do we know that's the right thing to do? We could end up dead!"

Bellatrix stared, feeling pretty furious they hadn't just listened to her and gone and done it. She glanced over at Lucius, wondering if she should tell them why. He minutely nodded his head at her and Bellatrix knew she didn't have much of an option unless Voldemort opened his eyes in the next five seconds. She glanced down to him, and saw that he hadn't moved still.

Finally, she looked back to the crowd. "I'm his wife," she said quietly.

"I knew it!" someone at the back shouted loudly.

Lucius stepped forwards. "Do as she says," he snarled. "She knew the plans, she is only doing as ordered. Meet us at the manor when it is done."

Bellatrix exhaled as she saw the death eaters moving away and heading towards Hogwarts. Soon she was alone with just Lucius and Narcissa.

"Lucius," Narcissa said, pleadingly. "Draco… Please…"

"He wants to do his bit," Lucius told her, moving towards her and holding her close. "It's almost over and then he will be back."

There were tears rolling down Narcissa's cheeks and Bellatrix wished she had been able to stop Voldemort hating Draco so much for failing to kill Dumbledore. Then, perhaps her sister would not have suffered so badly. She hoped that things would be different now.

She knelt down next to him again and kissed his cool lips gently. "Please come back to me, Tom." A hot tear splashed down her cheek and onto his. Bellatrix knew that he might be out for quite a while yet.


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