Power, Wealth and Social Status

This is the story of the life of Bellatrix Black; a life ruled by power, wealth and social status. Split into two parts, the story loosely follows that of the Harry Potter books along with some added twists for drama. Voldemort/Bellatrix


39. Chapter 39


Bellatrix was excited. They'd discovered, thanks to the rat, that the order were actually having a meeting this time and they'd planned a great attack. There were twenty of them going out, Rodolphus and Evan included. It was the first time since the kidnapping she'd gone out on something like this, so Voldemort was slightly uptight.

"If you don't come back to me alive, I will kill you," Voldemort muttered in her ear as they awaited a few more arrivals.

"That sounds pretty stupid to me," Bellatrix said, smirking at him. "How can you kill a dead person?"

She didn't need to look at him to know he was scowling.

"I'll be careful, my love," she whispered, turning to face him. "I promise."

His hand briefly touched her back before he moved away from her. She sighed lightly, watching him leave. She hated to see him unhappy like this but on the other hand she probably wasn't going to get many more chances at this again.

"Ready Black?" Evan asked, grinning at her. "Shall we go?"

"Yeh," Bellatrix replied, tingling with excitement. She turned to Rodolphus. "Lestrange," she called, nodding her head slightly. He nodded back and Bellatrix apparated with Evan.

Between the trees, Bellatrix thought the forest looked empty. Evan was staring ahead of him with his eyes narrowed.

"I can see something," he muttered. Both jumped as Rodolphus apparated behind them, and then there were several loud pops behind him.

"Why does apparation have to be so loud?" Bellatrix mumbled, irritated.

A red spell shot past her shoulder and hit someone behind her. This seemed to be the trigger to let the battle commence as there were suddenly spells flying in all directions. Bellatrix had someone in mind to go and find though. She moved back from the battle, looking carefully at the faces of the people on the opposing side. There were a few she knew, but Frank Longbottom was not there.

A spell screamed past her and she turned, hoping it would be Longbottom. It still wasn't him. She raised her wand, throwing spells back at the man, pleased when she saw her killing curse hit him.

She decided the time for her petty revenge was not now, so she headed back towards Evan. He was grinning from ear to ear, completely in his element here.

She spotted a girl with light brown hair, probably a bit younger than herself, and realized that this was Alice Longbottom. She recognized the from a photo she had seen. She raised her wand, the cruciatus curse hitting the young woman squarely. She fell down screaming, but quickly managed to get up and run when it was over. Bellatrix laughed in satisfaction, before turning to the next person she saw and doing the same. This was enjoyable, especially when she knew she would get to kill the scum in the end.

As she turned, she could see that Evan was dueling with Moody, someone she knew he had wanted to remove for a long, long time. They were obsessed with killing each other. Bellatrix had no doubt that Evan would win so she turned away, back to her victims.

She saw a surge of more people coming towards her and threw some slightly more dangerous curses in their direction, seeing a few drop down dead. Grinning, she looked back and noticed triumphantly that Evan seemed to be beating Moody in their battle. Then there was another spell screaming towards her and she had to look away to defend herself.

She caught sight of Rodolphus running towards her. "What?" she snapped at him, throwing spells everywhere.

"We're outnumbered, ridiculously," he panted, using his own wand. "We need to go."

Out of the corner of her eye she spotted a green light, as she turned her head she noticed it was a killing curse and it had just hit Wilkes. She thought Voldemort would probably be pleased about that.

"Okay, send the signal," she said breathlessly. There was a huge explosion of green sparks which meant that everyone should leave as soon as possible. She felt a little blinded by the light and quickly grabbed Rodolphus's arm and disapparated them from the scene.

"Rosier didn't make it," Rodolphus told her, panting, trying to get hold of his breath.

"What?" Bellatrix snapped at him, turning around to look at him. She could feel a thin trail of blood trickling down the side of her face but her vision seemed alright. "Don't be absurd. He was finishing Moody off."

Rodolphus shook his head. "I just saw Moody get him. Right at the last second as we left."

"Shit," Bellatrix mumbled under her breath, resting a cold hand on her pounding head. She was careful to hide her own feelings from Rodolphus, but inside, the thought of never seeing Evan again hurt her. She couldn't believe it. There was no way she was going to show emotion in front of anyone, emotion was a weakness and should be hidden. After a moment, she found the strength to speak again. "The Dark Lord is not going to be pleased."

"Pleased about what?"

Bellatrix spun around, looking into the face of her husband. He was stood just inside of the door, leaning on the frame. Bellatrix had no idea if he had heard about Evan or if he was just playing dumb. Rodolphus had immediately dropped to his knees as soon as he had heard Voldemort's voice, but Bellatrix didn't bother.

"Moody killed Evan," Bellatrix told him softly. Voldemort crossed the room to where she was stood in two strides.

"Evan knew the risks," he told her coolly. Bellatrix had been expecting him to be at least a bit irritated that Evan was dead. He had been one of Voldemort's longest serving, living followers and probably his favourite drinking companion.

"I want to go and retrieve his body," Bellatrix told him quickly.

Voldemort surveyed her coldly. "Leave, Lestrange," he said after a moment. Only when the door was firmly shut did he speak again. "That would be a stupid and unnecessary risk."

"He's my cousin," Bellatrix told him, stepped away from him.

"Every time I allow you to leave these walls and go out with the others, I take a huge risk," he told her, following her. He grabbed her wrist, spinning her around and pinning her shoulders roughly to the wall. "You are not going to get his body, Bellatrix."

Bellatrix grabbed her wand from her pocket, pressing it into his side. "Ambustri," she snarled angrily at him.

Voldemort hissed in pain, pulling back from her. There was a hole in the side of his robes, and underneath was raw, burnt looking flesh. Moving quickly, he knocked her wand out of her hand with his left arm and pressed his fingers from his right hand into her throat.

"So weak," he told her quietly, his lips inches from her ear. "Risking everything to go and get a lifeless body."

Bellatrix could feel the emotion she'd been trying to hide bubbling to the surface. "You just want everyone else that I care for to be dead so that you can have me all to yourself!" Bellatrix shrieked at him, pushing him away from her. He seemed to be momentarily stunned at her sudden outburst and she used the opportunity to duck under his arm and grab her wand. Spinning on her toes, she turned towards him and took aim, unsurprised to see that he had done the same.

"Jealousy is hardly a trait I possess," Voldemort responded quietly, his eyes fixed on her.

"Possessiveness is though," Bellatrix retorted, matching his tone, her breathing uneven.

"You belong to me," Voldemort snarled at her, taking a step closer, knowing full well that she was able to equal him in a duel if it came to that. She did, after all, know almost everything he knew and the things she didn't hardly related to winning a duel.

"I do," Bellatrix agreed, lowering her wand slightly. "Doesn't mean you can stop me."

Without pausing to see his expression or hear his reply, Bellatrix disapparated. She reappeared where she'd left, fury pounding through her veins, at the Dark Lord, at the Order and most especially at Alastair Moody. The trees were whispering in the wind, but apart from that all was quiet now. Gingerly stepping forwards, worried that it was a trap, Bellatrix caught sight of an arm sticking out on the ground from behind a nearby bush.

Bellatrix raced towards it, as she rounded the corner she saw it was Evan. He looked peaceful; his eyes were closed, unscathed by the spell used to kill him although he was still covered in cuts and bruises from the other spells he had encountered during their outing. Slowly, she knelt down beside him, lifting his head into her lap and stroking the messy hair from his face. He had died with a smile on his face, Bellatrix just knew, laughing at Moody, taunting and mocking as they always did.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw light streaking towards her and she hastily ducked. She stood up speedily, wand drawn, ready to defend and attack. As she stood, she realised the attacker was Moody and that he had been waiting for her. Too fatigued to fight, Bellatrix cast a shield charm around herself, before she stared towards Moody.

He was bleeding from the face. Evan appeared to have taken a huge chunk of Moody's nose off before he had died. Bellatrix felt sure Evan would have died happy knowing he had taken a bit away from Moody, even if it wasn't his life.

They looked at each other for a long while, before Bellatrix smiled at him. "I will be watching you, Moody."

"I look forward to our next meeting," Moody responded, unsmilingly, his voice rough. "Another top rated Death Eater on my destroyed list."

Bellatrix didn't reply, she merely smirked at him. She was about to disapparate with Evan's body in tow, when Moody raised his wand and aimed at the body, causing it to disappear. Bellatrix shrieked, charging towards him but he disapparated before she could get close enough to claw his eyes out.

Staring at the space Evan's body had been, she felt her eyes welling up. Voldemort was going to be so angry when she got back there and the worst thing was it was all for nothing.

Moody was now firmly at the top of her list and there was no way she was going to stop until she had personally destroyed him.


Bellatrix had decided to go around to her sister's house before returning home. It either meant Voldemort would be really, really angry or would have had chance to calm down and understand. Narcissa seemed to be exhausted; the baby inside of her was really taking its toll. It was almost enough to put Bellatrix off having children forever.

"I don't remember what my feet look like," Narcissa said mournfully.

"They look the same," Lucius told her, with a smirk. "A bit swollen, but they are definitely still there." He cast a suspicious glance to Bellatrix, eyeing her up and down. He'd been doing so every five minutes since she'd arrived, probably something to do with her dirty appearance. She'd healed her cuts before she knocked on the front door of her temporary sanctuary, but she hadn't considered the dirt. She didn't mention Evan to either of them, worried about upsetting Narcissa at this late stage of pregnancy and knowing that Lucius would send her back home, eager to please the Dark Lord as usual.

"The baby won't stop kicking, I think it might have cracked my ribs," Narcissa continued, unaware of anything.

"Definitely a boy then," Bellatrix responded. "That will please our mother." She paused. "How is the old bat anyway?"

"Bellatrix!" Narcissa gasped. "You should speak about our mother with respect."

"She doesn't speak about me with respect," Bellatrix murmured, but her comment was unheard as a House Elf popped into the room, bowing to them.

"Firecall for Master," the Elf squeaked, bowing once more. "Dobby put it through to Master's office."

"Very good," Lucius said coolly, standing up and leaving the room. The Elf left the room as well, leaving the sister's alone.

"How long have you got left?" Bellatrix asked, glad that Lucius had gone.

"Two weeks," Narcissa said gloomily. "Hope it's early, I hate being pregnant. It's so unflattering. I haven't left the manor in a month."

"Well, top up your sleep, I doubt you're going to get much now," Bellatrix replied, sitting back on the comfortable sofa. That was probably Lucius's main concern about her dirty clothes, the cream, pricey sofa getting ruined by his annoying sister-in-law.

Narcissa sighed. "You know, this morning, I got stuck in the armchair in the bedroom."

Bellatrix fought back her laughter, imaging Lucius having to heave her up.

"At least I've stopped being sick now."

"You know, you aren't selling babies to me very well right now," Bellatrix told her. "For someone who said early on I should have one."

"Don't," Narcissa told her. "It's not worth it. I already resent this baby."

Bellatrix chuckled. "You'll come round, once you see his beautiful blond hair."

"Why do you say his?" Narcissa asked, frowning. "Do you know something I don't?"

"When was the last time a Malfoy had anything other then a boy?" Bellatrix asked, shrugging. "Not for at least five generations. Wouldn't surprise me if their genes are mutated."

Narcissa was about to respond when Lucius walked back in. He didn't look happy. "A word, Bellatrix," he said, leaving the room once more.

Bellatrix rolled her eyes, but did as he said anyway and followed him from the room. "What?" she snapped.

"The Dark Lord just firecalled."

"Oh," Bellatrix responded lightly.

"I have not seen him this angry in years," he told her coldly. "I suggest you go home before he comes here. I will not have Narcissa upset in her condition. I don't know why you thought coming here would be a good idea."

"He can come and get me," Bellatrix snapped in reply. "Did he tell you why I left?"

"Evan knew the risks," Lucius told her, his voice very icy now.

"That's exactly what my husband said."

"Because it is the truth," Lucius hissed. "Bellatrix. Go home."

"No," Bellatrix retorted sharply, before turning and going back into the sitting room.

"Is everything alright?" Narcissa asked, trying to sit up.

"It's fine," Bellatrix said lightly.

"Bellatrix was just leaving," said Lucius quickly.

"I'm not quite ready yet, Malfoy," Bellatrix snapped, looking up at him. "You mind your own business."

"It is my business when it is brought into my home," Lucius hissed.

"What is going on?" Narcissa asked, her voice high pitched and worried.

There was a loud crack of someone apparating in the hallway. There were three heavy footsteps and then the door creaked open.

Voldemort stood on the threshold, his eyes glowing bright red with fury. Seeing Bellatrix, he strode forwards and grabbed her arm, lifting her effortlessly to her feet. Lucius shrank out of the way, standing protectively in front of Narcissa.

"Many thanks, Lucius," Voldemort hissed, pulling Bellatrix roughly towards him. His grip was really hurting her arm, she could see fingertip-shaped bruises appearing already.

"I'm not coming home," Bellatrix told Voldemort, trying to pull her arm from his grasp.

"Yes you are, you ungrateful slut," Voldemort snarled, disapparating them from the room without further ado.

He let go of her as soon as they were home, but to her surprise they were in the meeting room, not in the bedroom as they usually were.

"Do you have any idea how worried I have been?" Voldemort shouted at her, after he had slammed the doors of the room closed with a violent wave of his hand.

"I can look after myself," Bellatrix told him, drawing her wand once more. As quick as a flash, she felt it leaving her hand and soaring into his. To her surprise, once more, he threw aside her wand, marching towards her and slapping her hard across the face.

Bellatrix shrieked, the impact forcing her to one side, almost toppling her over. Her lip was bleeding. She straightened up, disorientated, before she saw the hand appearing from nowhere again, and hitting her, harder then before. She felt her lip split and noticed blood dripping to the floor from her nose. Once more, she straightened up and was assaulted yet again. This time, the impact forced her to the floor.

She felt sure her jaw must be broken from the power of his blows. Blinking and yet still seeing only fog, Bellatrix tried to sit up but found she didn't have the strength to move. Out of nowhere, a booted foot made impact with her stomach. She bent over, screaming loudly for a brief moment before coughing and spitting out a mouthful of blood. The kicks continued three more times, before she was pushed onto her back. Coughing and spluttering, Bellatrix opened her eyes, an image of her husband swimming before her.

"The cruciatus curse doesn't work for you any more," Voldemort told her. "You enjoy it too much."

Fighting to keep her eyes open, Bellatrix managed to nod at him, wishing he would heal her wounds and forgive her all of a sudden.

"I expect you are enjoying this as well."

Bellatrix shook her head, turning over and vomiting on the floor. Luckily it missed the Dark Lord, she doubted very much that the insides of her stomach on his feet was what he wanted at that moment.

"You are very disobedient," Voldemort mused, watching her carefully. "Perhaps your mother was right, all those years ago, and I have spoilt you to much."

Bellatrix didn't even bother attempting to reply, her main concern was not passing out, as the room was now spinning at a dizzying pace. She heaved, vomiting once more, scared that he had damaged her in some way.

"My orders are always to protect you, Bella." He crouched down, anger dissipated, stroking her hair.

"I -" Bellatrix gasped, trying to move closer to him but finding she had no control over her limbs. "Forgive-"

Voldemort's expression was cold. "I do not forgive anyone else, why should you be any different?"

Slowly, Bellatrix held up her left hand, showing him the ring on her finger, before it became too much for her and her hand dropped back to the floor.

"Ah, yes," Voldemort murmured. "Because you are my wife and I love you more then I love life itself." He paused, stroking her cheek. Bellatrix wanted to scream, the skin there was so sore. "Which is why you must obey me."

"- will -" Bellatrix muttered faintly.

"Good girl," Voldemort crooned, slowly taking her into his arms and lifting her up. She cried out in pain once more and the world around her suddenly felt blurred.

Bellatrix must have passed out, because when she next opened her eyes, she was in bed, and the pain in her stomach had lessened. Next to her, Voldemort was sat up, reading the newspaper. He glanced towards her when he saw her moving. "Lay still," he murmured. "I've given you a potion for your insides. You'll be fine."

She parted her lips to speak, wishing to tell him how grateful she was, but found the injuries on her face remained still and were preventing her from doing so, which meant she wasn't out of the hot water just yet.

Voldemort turned the page on the paper, not looking away from it as he spoke. "I am very, very disappointed in you."

Bellatrix felt hot tears leaking from her eyes, stinging the wounds on her face.

"You could have been killed. There could have been an entire army of auror's waiting at the scene for someone to come back and collect the body. I was surprised I found you alive." Bellatrix sniffed, but then regretted it as it really hurt and it caught Voldemort's attention and caused him to look back at her and see her tears. "For over an hour I thought you were dead. Imagine my disbelief and hurt when I found you to be in your sister's sitting room, sipping tea."

Bellatrix closed her eyes in an attempt to stop the tears, but it didn't work.

"So I have decided that I will leave you to suffer for just a bit longer, as a reminder that my orders are for your protection, not because I am jealous or overly possessive."

He turned back to his paper, ignoring her once more. Bellatrix continued to cry silently until she found her tears had dried up. She parted her lips, feeling the dried blood cracking, trying to speak, but no sound came out. She must have screamed the place down as he'd kicked her, her throat was burning.

After what felt like an eternity, Voldemort finally turned to her. He rested a hand on her stomach, before he looked to her face. "Go and wash, there should be no pain now."

Nodding numbly, Bellatrix sat up gingerly, realising that he was right and that the pain was gone. She slid from the bed and moved to the bathroom. She jumped when she looked into the mirror. The flesh around her right eye was almost black, her right cheek was swollen, there was dried blood caked around her nose which she assumed had also been healed, and her lip was still badly split in two places. Running water into the sink, Bellatrix splashed her face with it. The water was turning a disgusting shade of brown, her blood mixed with the dirt from the battle in the forest. When she looked back to the mirror, the blood was now gone but the swelling and bruising looked even worse now she knew none of it was dirt. She slowly cast a cleaning spell on the rest of her body and then left the bathroom to face her husband once more.

"Back into bed," Voldemort instructed, not looking up once more. Bellatrix did as he said, sliding down next to him. Slowly, he put the paper down and turned to look at her. Bellatrix shut her eyes, unwilling to look at him. She felt the cool tip of his wand on her burning skin, and after a slight tingle she could not feel any more pain.

"Thank you," Bellatrix mumbled. When she opened her eyes, he was back to the paper.

"You push me too hard, Bellatrix. You must behave yourself, you must trust my ways."

"I do," Bellatrix muttered. "I am sorry."

Voldemort made a quiet sound of what Bellatrix thought was acceptance. Slowly, Bellatrix reached out and took his hand in hers, bringing it to her lips and kissing his knuckles gently. She held his warm skin to her lips for a lingering moment, beginning to feel quite sleepy.

"Go on," Voldemort told her. "Sleep. I won't be going anywhere. We'll eat when you awaken."

"Love you," Bellatrix whispered, shutting her eyes, holding his hand tightly as she dropped off into a shallow slumber.


Bellatrix woke up a couple of hours later feeling extremely groggy and she wondered why. Then everything came flooding back to her and her eyes snapped open. Voldemort was still sitting next to her, only now her head was in his lap and he was stroking her hair very gently with his own eyes shut. He looked down at her as he felt her stirring, his expression slightly warmer then she remembered it being previously.

"Did I fall asleep like this?" she asked him quietly, unwilling to move just yet.

"No. You were dreaming," he replied lightly. "You refused to let go of me."

"Oh," she said, feeling slightly embarrassed. "Sorry if I disturbed your reading."

Voldemort didn't reply, he just continued to stroke her hair for a while. Then he finally spoke. "Bella, I don't think I've ever been this angry with you."

Bellatrix nodded. "I know," she whispered, trying not to cry again. "It's just… It hit me… I don't have anyone else apart from you who understands what my life is like… And when you're so busy…" She tilted her head so she didn't have to look at him.

"I know," he told her quietly. "I don't expect you not to care. I am not angry about that. I understand why you wanted to get his body but it wasn't safe. Did you even try to get it or did you go straight to your sister?"

"I went back," Bellatrix said in a small voice. "Moody was there, waiting… You were right… But he got the body…"

"You were lucky he was the only one that stayed behind," Voldemort said sharply.

"I know, Tom, I'm sorry, I just didn't think," Bellatrix told him. She couldn't remember the last time something like this happened. "Please don't be angry any more."

Voldemort shook his head. "I'm not angry any more, Bella." He kissed her hair. "Let's go and have a nice dinner. I expect you'll be craving a glass of wine by now."

Bellatrix managed to crack a smile. She would grieve for Evan for a long time, and she was sure Voldemort would too, in his own quiet way.


Bellatrix and her husband were sat quietly in his office, both reading books. Bellatrix could hardly concentrate; her mind was so full of the prophecy. It was troubling her; something that couldn't be said of Voldemort, who didn't seem that interested.

They were both recovered from the events of a couple of weeks ago. Voldemort was being extra sweet, and Bellatrix was sure it was because he felt so guilty about what he had done. Of course, Bellatrix felt extremely guilty too and couldn't believe she hadn't considered how worried he would have been about her disappearing like that, especially when she'd only been kidnapped a few months ago.

She missed Evan, and she was sure that Voldemort did too. It was still painful to think about him. Voldemort would be careful to divert her attentions if he could tell she was thinking about Evan. She really appreciated it, although they never said much about it. He'd only been telling her to cut all family ties a few months before, and even though that was clearly what he believed she should do, he was still supporting her. She loved him for that.

There was a tapping on the window. Bellatrix looked up and saw an owl, which looked like it could be a Malfoy one, judging by the size. She opened the window, grabbing the letter from its beak before it flew off again.

"It's from Lucius," she said as she opened it.

My Lord and Bellatrix,

My wife Narcissa was safely delivered of a son at 8.35pm this evening. We invite you to come at your pleasure to meet the Malfoy heir.


Lucius Malfoy

"What is it?" Voldemort asked.

"Narcissa has a boy," Bellatrix said, smiling at him. She wanted to be happy for Narcissa, but there was still no sign of a baby for herself and she was starting to wonder if they were ever going to have a child. She pushed her thoughts from her mind, hoping Voldemort hadn't seen them. "I said it would be."

"There hasn't been a girl for generations," Voldemort remarked. "Can we go and see them?"

Bellatrix raised an eyebrow. "You want to see the baby?"

Voldemort rolled his eyes, getting up and stepping towards her. "I wouldn't mind," he said. "Malfoy heirs are fairly important, this little brat will have the purest blood out of all of his friends when he grows up."

"True," Bellatrix said, smiling. "He's going to have the meanest uncle in the world."

"I am not his uncle," Voldemort said, although he was smiling back.

"Of course you are," Bellatrix replied, laughing at the thought of baby Draco playing with the Dark Lord and calling him uncle Voldemort.

Voldemort responded by grabbing hold of her by the waist, kissing her very briefly on the lips before apparating them the Malfoy's house.

Bellatrix smiled up at him, seeing him briefly look back down at her before looking away, still not letting go. "I will be father to our children, and that is where I draw the family line."

"What about when our children marry?" Bellatrix asked, smirking to herself. "What about when our daughter brings home her first boyfriend?"

Voldemort laughed. "Bella. Be serious."

"I am deadly serious," she responded, squeezing his hand.

"He sounds like the bravest young man I'll ever meet."

"But don't you think I'm very brave too?" Bellatrix asked smugly as they moved toward the house.

"Yes," Voldemort said with a nod. "I hope our daughter will be everything like you. Except maybe not so beautiful, so she won't have as many admirers."

Bellatrix laughed as she rang the doorbell. "That is not going to happen, have you seen what you look like recently?" She snuggled closer to him. "You're a hottie. I am glad your cause attracts mostly men."

The door opened and Lucius was there behind the elf that had opened it. He frowned slightly at how they were holding onto each other, usually that was reserved for private, but then his face relaxed and he smiled at them.

"Congratulations, Lucius," Voldemort said as they stepped inside.

"Thank you," Lucius responded, his tone warm for once. "Come up to see them."

Bellatrix grinned, holding Voldemort's hand as the followed Lucius up to the bedroom. As they entered, Bellatrix could see Narcissa sitting up in bed, cradling a tiny bundle with startlingly white blond hair. Bellatrix instantly let go of Voldemort and moved towards Narcissa, who looked surprisingly well.

"How long was the labour?" Bellatrix asked, thinking that the baby was very beautiful. "We didn't even know."

"Quick," Narcissa said, smiling. "Only a few hours, I didn't like to cause a panic."

"Did it hurt?" Bellatrix said, thinking about how large he actually was in comparison to where he'd just come from.

"Yes, it hurt," Narcissa said with a smirk. "Of course, but he was worth it. Isn't he perfect?"

"Perfect," Bellatrix replied, although she couldn't help the twinge of jealousy that panged within her. Their child would be just like this one, except with a mop of dark hair instead of fair hair. It had been six months since Narcissa had announced her pregnancy, since they had first started to try for a baby, and so far there was no sign. She rested her hand on the baby's soft forehead for a moment, before pulling away.

"Does he have a name?" Voldemort inquired softly.

"Draco Lucius," Narcissa said, her voice proud.

Bellatrix was about to respond when her mother and father arrived. She sighed lightly, realising she hadn't seen her parents for over a year now and that there was going to be a scene.

"Narcissa," Druella said, going straight over. "What a handsome baby. You must be so proud."

"Very," Lucius said, stepping closer. "We have named him Draco."

"And his middle name is after you?" Cygnus asked Lucius.

"Of course, that is our tradition," Lucius said, smirking. He glanced over at Voldemort who was keeping well out of the way, his face blank.

"We didn't expect this happy event to be so soon after your wedding," Druella said, stroking the baby's cheek for a moment. "Of course, our first grandchild should have been from Bellatrix." She paused, looking up at Bellatrix for the first time. "But she has other ideas it seems. Family is no longer a part of her life."

Bellatrix couldn't help it. All the emotion and jealousy she had been trying to hide for months was about to make its appearance. She felt her eyelids prickle, her face crumpled and she was crying. She turned her back away, trying to hide her tears but they were coming hard now and she couldn't keep silent.

She headed towards the door, sobbing loudly as she left the room. Blindly she headed towards the staircase, desperate to leave this house before she lost it completely. Then there was a hand in hers – she knew it was his – and he was pulling her into his arms protectively.

"Ignore her," he murmured, cradling her head against him. "She's a bitch, ignore her."

"My own mother," Bellatrix sobbed. "She hates me. I hope I never need her, she'll be malicious until the very end."

"Why are you crying, darling?" he asked, smoothing her hair.

"Because I want a baby of our own so very much, Tom," she said into his chest. "Seeing Narcissa with hers… Her pregnancy… It's been awful, so heartbreaking for me… What if…"

"Don't say it," Voldemort said softly. "Don't. If it's anyone's fault it hasn't happened yet, then it's mine. Most certainly not yours."

Bellatrix pulled back from him slightly, looking up at him through damp eyelids. "Why do you think that?"

Voldemort glanced around him, putting his arms around her once more and disapparating them back home. He sat her down on the sofa and went to get her a strong drink. When he returned, he quickly drank his before putting the glass back down on the table and holding her hand.

"I'm much older then you, to start with."

"That doesn't matter… You know, for a man," Bellatrix said quietly.

"It helps though," Voldemort responded. "You're the perfect age to have a child."

"Something could be wrong."

Voldemort sighed in exasperation. "Bella, you can't genuinely be blaming yourself for this? Stop and think about the things I have done to myself for a moment, just think! If either of us can't have children, it isn't you. Not for a long, long time yet."

Bellatrix nodded, although she didn't want to believe anything could be his fault.

"It will happen when it happens. Six months isn't long. Don't be jealous of Narcissa, if it wasn't for her we probably wouldn't even be trying yet." He kissed her. "Besides, you're so emotional right now you might even be pregnant and not even know it."

Bellatrix hit his arm. "Don't be so rude and sexist. I'm not sad because I'm hormonal."

Voldemort smirked at her. "Taken your mind off it though."

"Whatever," Bellatrix replied, trying to sound cross, but he was right. He was very good at doing that as well. This time he kissed her hand, and was smiling at her. She felt as if she was the only thing in the world that mattered to him at that moment.

"I love you, Bella."

Bellatrix couldn't help her smile this time. "Love you too, Tom."

"Let's go and make that baby," Voldemort whispered in her ear, leaning forwards to pick her up and carry her to their bed. Bellatrix couldn't remember loving him more.


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