Power, Wealth and Social Status

This is the story of the life of Bellatrix Black; a life ruled by power, wealth and social status. Split into two parts, the story loosely follows that of the Harry Potter books along with some added twists for drama. Voldemort/Bellatrix


31. Chapter 31

The second half of this chapter is a bit different, but I'm pretty sure you're all going to love it! I loved writing it! I would love to know if you would like to see the story writen this way more often.




Bellatrix looked back upon the last few crazy days contemplatively. Voldemort's predictions on when the election was to be held were wrong. Five days after it had been called, it had happened. Bellatrix had spent those five days with Voldemort, Lucius and Moonler, planning and briefing and practising with him. And now, they were awaiting the results.


It looked like it was going to be close. There were three of them standing, Moonler, Crouch and a mudblood Bellatrix had never heard of. Apparently he was only a deputy in the magical transport department. She didn't think he was worth worrying about, but Voldemort wasn't going to dismiss anyone.


Voldemort was staring out of the window. He hadn't moved for an hour. Bellatrix was sitting down on the sofa next to him, trying to read her book but she couldn't concentrate. This could be it. This could be the moment in which Voldemort gained more power, soon everyone would know about their marriage. She could scarcely breathe, she wanted the world to know so badly.


The door opened. Bellatrix shut her book, looking up.


"My Lord." It was Lucius. He looked paler than usual but his face was blank, not giving anything away.


Voldemort turned around sharply. "Well?" he snapped.


"My Lord." Lucius inhaled quickly. "Moonler lost to Williams."


"By how many?" Voldemort hissed back. "How many, Malfoy!"


Lucius swallowed, looking quite nervous now. "By one, my Lord."


"By one?" Voldemort snarled back. "By your vote?" Bright red sparks shot from Voldemort's wand. Bellatrix didn't dare remove it from him.


"Yes, my Lord," Lucius replied, bowing his head in fear now.


Voldemort whirled around, kicking his chair over and pushing everything from his desk onto the floor with one sweep of his arm, apparently blinded by fury. Bellatrix was relieved that he wasn't taking it out on Lucius, or herself for that matter.


"Get the fuck out!" Voldemort screamed at Lucius. "Out! Now!"


Lucius hastily bowed and exited the room, closing the door sharply behind him. Bellatrix could hear his footsteps moving hastily away.


"Fuck!" he cursed loudly, slapping his palm against the wall, then leaning on it angrily.


Bellatrix moved towards him, running her hands down his back comfortingly. "My Lord," she whispered, holding him tightly. "It's not the end of the world."


Voldemort ignored her for a few minutes. Then he turned around to face her, his eyes so dark with fury they were almost black. "I want control and I am tired of waiting for it."


"It will be just a short while longer... We'll find something on this new Minister and get him out. There is no way that Moonler will come second again." Bellatrix felt he was actually listening to her, and so continued. "We should think about Hogwarts... Consider what must be done in this extra time we now have."


They stood in silence for a while, but Bellatrix was aware of how much her husband was relaxing beside her. Slowly he moved away from her, towards the window, beckoning her to follow. Bellatrix stood next to him, resting her head on his shoulder silently, gazing out to the green grass and tall trees as she did. She could see Lucius and Narcissa together, walking arm in arm. Narcissa looked so beautiful, her hair was being lifted by the breeze and her robes blown across her body, clinging to her figure. She was laughing. Clearly Lucius had decided he should remain here, just in case he was needed. Bellatrix thought that was actually rather brave of him, most people ran for the hills when they had just delivered bad news to the Dark Lord.


For a moment, Bellatrix wondered what it would feel like being that carefree. Narcissa had nothing to worry about, she was so innocent and naïve as to what a Death Eater's life was actually like. Lucius was happy to keep her on the dark, and so was Bellatrix.


Voldemort tilted his head, looking down on her. Bellatrix didn't even notice, she was too busy thinking about how life would be if she could be unburdened for once. She was nineteen, and already she knew all of the Dark Lord's problems, and took them onto herself. Bellatrix knew that now she had all of that, she didn't want to loose it. The thought of being free like Narcissa sounded appealing, but she would be so very bored.


"Are you happy?" Voldemort asked her softly, not moving.


Bellatrix glanced up at him sharply, before realising he'd probably been listening to every thought that had entered her mind in the last few minutes. She looked into his red eyes, and couldn't stop the smile that reached her face.


"My Lord," she murmured after a moment. "Narcissa is living the life my parents planned for all three of us... It feels strange, even after all this time, to be..." She paused, searching for the right word. What was she doing with her husband?


"Working?" Voldemort supplied for her.


Bellatrix nodded. "I suppose that's what it is."


The Dark Lord turned her body away from the window, putting his arms around his wife. "That would be such a waste," he told her quietly. "You are everything and more I thought you would be." He held her tightly for a while longer, before pulling back so he could see her face. "Are you happy?" he repeated. "Does this unexpected life please you?"


With a smile, Bellatrix leant forward and kissed him on the cheek. "How could I be anything else?" Half a smile reached his lips as he looked into her eyes. "I am every bit the supportive wife." After a pause, in which the Dark Lord pressed a kiss on the top of her head, she spoke again. "I must admit, you have more problems than the average husband."


Voldemort laughed loudly. "Yes, I do. But I think our reward, when we succeed, will be worth all of these problems." He bent over, raising her hand to his lips and kissing it, his eyes still on her face. "My Lady."


Bellatrix smiled, before laughing herself. She moved forwards, putting her arms around his neck and kissing him on the lips. "I am happy," she told him, centimetres away from his lips.


"Good," Voldemort replied, grabbing a handful of her hair and pushing her face towards his so that he could kiss her again.


When he finally pulled away from her, he turned back to the window, his arm still tightly around her waist.


"This will be our world," he told her. "Just as soon as I win that election."


Bellatrix watched Lucius and Narcissa again. They were sitting down on a bench, watching the sunset together.


"Will you wait another three years until re-election?" she asked him after a moment.


Voldemort sighed. Bellatrix could see he, too, was watching the Malfoy's together, and she wondered what thoughts were going through his mind about them as well. "I do not believe so," he responded after a few minutes. "It's just a question of working out how to kill him. Ministers... They are always paranoid, they always have the best security and wards around them."


"He must have a weakness," Bellatrix replied shortly. "He is only a mudblood."


Voldemort's eyes narrowed. "Don't be naïve and think that mudblood means less power, Bellatrix," he told her coolly.


Bellatrix tore her eyes away from her sister to look up at him. He never called her Bellatrix any more, unless she had annoyed him.


"My Lord?" Bellatrix murmured.


Voldemort moved away from her, righting the fallen chair and sitting down at his desk.


"I need to think, Bella," he murmured.


Bellatrix nodded. "Tom, when this is over, when this is sorted... I think you need a break. We should go away for a few days."


Voldemort finally smiled. "Go and buy yourself something pretty. We'll eat when you return."


Kissing him, Bellatrix left the office and left him to his thoughts.




Voldemort glared down at the parchment in front of him. The new minister, Matthew Williams, was making changes already – on his first day in office no less. He had made sure that he ordered checks on each of the ministirial candidates and felt certain that if anyone was going to beat Moonler it would have been Crouch, especially considering Williams was a mudblood. Apparently it wasn't something the benefactors cared about any more. He scowled.


There was something odd about Crouch though, he had only got twenty two votes. He wondered why. Pondering, he decided he would set Lucius on it, and from there work out a way to get Moonler more votes when the got rid of this damned mudblood.


He looked back to the parchment. Lucius's elegant handwriting explained that Williams was going to be changing various heads of department in coming weeks. If Moonler was demoted, he would have missed his chance. That must not happen, he told himself.


The door opened and Bellatrix breezed in, followed slightly by Evan though he lingered by the door.


"Hello, darling," Bellatrix said, coming to him and kissing him lightly. Voldemort watched as she moved to the other side of the room and picked up some writing paper, scribbling something down and then attaching it to the owl. She was so beautiful.


His gaze flickered back to Evan. "You can come in, Rosier," Voldemort said, slightly amused that even after all of these years they had known each other, Evan was still terrified when he was sober. Which wasn't very often these days. Of course, the killing spree he had embarked upon the other evening probably wasn't helping with Evan's terror.


Evan moved further forwards, shutting the door softly behind him as the owl was let out of the window and the window was shut again.


"Who are you sending a letter to?" Voldemort asked his wife coolly as she moved and stood behind him. He could feel her fingers running through his hair.


"Just my sister, I saw a delightful pair of shoes which will go beautifully with her new robes," Bellatrix responded lightly, resting her hands on his shoulders and kissing his hair.


Voldemort wondered how much richer he would be right now if he had never met his wife. But then, she did have an image of perfection to uphold and he was more than happy to pay for it, especially when she clearly enjoying making herself look good for him.


"I am sure Mrs Malfoy will enjoy your help," Voldemort replied, smirking.


"I am sure," Bellatrix said, kissing him again.


Someone knocked on the door. "Come in," Voldemort said coldly, irritated now that Bellatrix had been forced to move away from him.


Rodolphus walked in, which annoyed Voldemort even more. If it had been his way, Rodolphus would have been long dead, but his wife was adamant that they needed him to win the war. Perhaps when the war was won, Voldemort could get rid of him in a particularly gruesome fashion. Rodolphus bowed, his eyes flitting to Bellatrix and Evan for a moment before back to the floor.


"What is it, Lestrange?" Voldemort snapped.


Rodolphus still didn't look up as he spoke. "My Lord, you wished to hear of our progress..."




Chewing nervously on his lip, Rodolphus glanced to Bellatrix and Evan, who were both staring plainly at him. Voldemort sighed impatiently as he saw that Rodolphus didn't want to say what he had to say in front of the two of them, as if he thought it should remain a secret.


"You may rest assured that my wife and her cousin can hear of your work, Lestrange," Voldemort said, his irritation badly concealed.


"Of course, my Lord," Rodolphus responded quickly. "We have not yet found anything on this new Minister. We are anxious to tread lightly."


Voldemort nodded, in absolute agreement that this needed to be treated delicately. If there was any speck of dirt surrounding Moonler then he would not become minister.


"There is a problem," Voldemort said softly after a moment. "In that Moonler may not remain as head of his department as it appears our delightful new mudblood minister is ready to change the entire ministry to his liking."


"Moonler is good at talking," Bellatrix said suddenly.


Voldemort looked at her. "So are you," he said with a smirk.


Bellatrix tutted impatiently, walking towards him. "I mean, he could request to see this mudblood. If Williams thinks that Moonler is just as popular with the benefactors as he is, he'd be stupid to get rid of him. He might even make Moonler his deputy if he gets there quickly."


Voldemort smiled at her, wondering how he hadn't thought of that. She was clever, enough to match him and complete him. Absolute perfection, he thought. He forced himself to look away from her.


"Lestrange, keep me updated," he said coldly, waving Rodolphus away. He bowed and left the room, avoiding the gazes of Bellatrix and Evan completely.


"I will see what Lucius thinks, Bella," Voldemort said a few moments later.


Bellatrix scowled. Voldemort knew that an explosion was coming. "Anyone would think you were married to him," she snapped at him. Evan looked uncomfortable.


"Lucius knows exactly what is going on there, who is seeing who and when. I would be a fool not to ask for his opinion," Voldemort told her coldly. He knew Bellatrix hated Lucius more then she hated Rodolphus, but he could not let that affect him. Lucius was absolutely vital as he knew the workings of the ministry so well since he used to spend every summer working with his father there. Bellatrix knew this.


"Just make sure he knows it was my idea," Bellatrix hissed at him. "I am going to train those imbeciles you call followers," she snapped over her shoulder as she left the room.


Voldemort sighed, looking at Evan. "Evan, promise me you'll never get married."


Evan laughed. "My Lord, I swear it. Marriage seems like a full time job, and I've already got one of those."


"Bella will be calm within a few minutes, she sees red quickly but then it fades quickly too."


Evan nodded. "She had a foul temper as a kid."


It was Voldemort's turn to laugh. "I do not doubt it." Then he sighed again. "Evan, when she looks a bit calmer, tell her to come back here."


"Won't take long, my Lord, she's teaching the cruciatus curse today," Evan replied with a grin.


Voldemort smiled to himself as Evan left the office. His wife really had become an expert with that curse. Perhaps he would allow her to try it on him, so he could get a feel for her power himself.


He looked back to Lucius's letter and decided no amount of glaring at it was going to change what the mudblood was doing. He stood and moved to the French window, staring out into the garden. His mind wandered. To the right he could see the forest, very helpful of his ancestors. On the left there was the lake, which was small but he still liked it there. Stretching in the distance behind that was the edge of the forest. All of the flowers that grew in the gardens had been there for hundreds of years, charmed to grow continually so that there was always a delightful fragrance. This house was beautiful, he could not deny it.


He decided that as soon as the Ministry was his that he would take all of his work there. If anyone wished to see him, they could find him on the top floor, in the minister's office. He would have it redecorated. He would most certainly make sure there was a bed in an adjoining room as well, his sex life with his wife was still passionate and she was still insatiable. It was not strange for her to come to him in the day and sit on his lap, and as soon as she was that close to him there was no going back. He wondered how they'd only been walked in on the once, by Evan.


If no one else needed to come here to see him, they would have a lot more privacy. Though she never said anything, Bellatrix disliked being unable to walk through the corridors of her own house dressed only in her skimpy dressing gowns, to go and see her husband first thing in the morning. Sometimes, he felt an overwhelming desire to claim her in front of the lot of them, to show them who she belonged to. He'd only done it once here, and twice when they were out. It wasn't enough. And sometimes, he wanted to walk hand in hand with her through the flowers and by the lake, but he could not risk being seen doing something as romantic as that.


Voldemort scowled as he realised exactly what he had just thought. Romance. His wife seriously had changed him. She bought sexy underwear for him, always something new as she hated to be seen in the same thing more than once. There was always a different colour, just last week she'd been wearing hot pink underwear. He hastily pushed the image of her in that from his mind, feeling his trousers twitch appreciatively. In return for this ever pleasing attire, Voldemort bought her flowers and chocolates, alarmingly even enjoyed doing so... He couldn't understand it. Never had he felt the need to do that before.


He thought briefly of the Horcruxs. He'd re-read a lot of the books he had first read back when he'd created them, and as long as he didn't feel any remorse for the people he'd murdered and then... His stomach lurched slightly as he recalled how he had actually created each one. He wasn't sure Bellatrix was going to take very kindly to that bit of it.


He just had to be careful.


The door opened and Bellatrix came back in. He turned to face her as she shut the door. "Mrs Riddle," he said coolly.


Bellatrix appeared to be trying to glare at him, but found she could not. "Mr Riddle," she responded, hiding her smile very badly.


"Come here," he said softly, now allowing the image of the hot pink panties to come back to him. Bellatrix did as she was told, her eyes not leaving his.


Slowly, he put his hand on the back of her hair, loving how silky her hair felt against his skin.


"I'm going to punish you."


Bellatrix laughed, breathless. "Please don't, Tom." He knew she didn't mean that.


"Yes," Voldemort responded, feeling his trousers stirring once more as she used his forbidden real name. That sound, from her lips... It was delightful. His grip on her hair tightened and he pulled her forwards for a hard, bruising kiss. Then he unbuttoned her robes, very slowly, until he could see a glimpse of red lace encasing her breasts.


"My favourite," he told her. Bellatrix smirked, she knew that very well.


He quickly moved his hand away from her and put a locking spell on the door. They were not going to be disturbed now he had discovered her choice of colour for today.




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