Power, Wealth and Social Status

This is the story of the life of Bellatrix Black; a life ruled by power, wealth and social status. Split into two parts, the story loosely follows that of the Harry Potter books along with some added twists for drama. Voldemort/Bellatrix


23. Chapter 23

 The next morning, Bellatrix woke up with a jump. She could hear smug laughter echoing around in her mind. She sat up, breathing heavily, the first thing she saw was the broken mirror and the golden cup.


Voldemort pressed a warm hand against her back. "Bella," he whispered.


Bellatrix exhaled slowly, before turning around to face him. A long, thin gash ran down his face, the blood dried and congealed.


"Your face," she said, hastily jumping out of bed and reaching for her wand, pressing it to the bottom of the wound, watching as the skin laced together, leaving only the dried blood. She ran into the bathroom, shaking, wondering what he was going to do to her for last nights events. She dampened a towel, rushing into the bedroom and kneeling next to him on the bed. "I'm sorry," she told him, her voice wobbling, gently cleaning the blood from his face.


"I do not blame you," Voldemort told her quietly, watching her carefully as she cleansed his skin. "You need to take it to your vault though."


Bellatrix didn't reply. She threw the towel onto the carpet, before sliding back into bed, resting her head on his chest. "I will," she said softly. "I promise I will. If it protects you, I will do anything."


She felt Voldemort squeezing her, but he didn't say anything about it.


"I fancy a bath," Bellatrix said after a moment, sitting up.


"I think I should join you," Voldemort responded, sliding out of bed and moving to the bathroom. He wasn't entirely happy about leaving her alone at that moment, he suspected the events of last night had upset her more then he realised.


Bellatrix followed him, hearing taps running, casting a nervous look towards the motionless cup before shutting the door behind it.




Bellatrix entered the office, happy that she had finally seen the back of the cup for a while. It was safely in her newly upgraded vault, protected by various spells that only she or her husband could break.


She felt pleased when she saw it was only Evan and Lucius in the room with her husband. She walked around the desk and plopped herself firmly into her husbands lap, pressing a kiss against his cheek. His hands slid around her possessively, holding her down so she wouldn't be able to get up, even if she wanted to.


"Bellatrix appears to have forgotten to dress again," Evan said, smirking over the table at his cousin.


Voldemort chuckled, looking down at her tiny black skirt and knee high boots. "I am certainly not complaining."


"No, I don't think I am either," Evan responded after a moment. "Are you sure we're definitely related, Black?"


"Very sure," Bellatrix told him. "And anyway," she paused, glancing to Voldemort for a moment, who nodded slowly, before looking back to Evan. "I'm married."


Evan looked surprised, before his expression changed to amusement. "Alright, you're married," he said, grinning and shaking his head at her. "Good excuse."


Lucius laughed coldly. "Use your brain, Rosier."


The frown reappeared on Evan's face. Bellatrix could see the wheels turning in his mind. Smirking, she held her hand out towards him, showing him the ring on her finger. The charm hiding it would now have been lifted, and the fact it was shaped like a snake was probably what gave it away.


"No way," Evan said finally, his mouth hanging open as he stared at the Dark Lord and his wife. "No way," he repeated. "So... So..." His gaze settled onto Voldemort. "You're my cousin?"


"I suppose," Voldemort replied with a smirk. "Do you still want my wife?"


Evan shook his head vigorously. "Absolutely not, my Lord," he said quickly. "How long have you been married?"


"Almost a year," Bellatrix said smugly.


"A lot of things suddenly make sense," Evan continued, as if she hadn't spoken.


"Enough on the matter," Voldemort said suddenly, shifting in his seat. Bellatrix made to move off from him as his tone had become much more serious, but she found he was still holding her put. "Evan, I want you to train her."


Bellatrix narrowed her eyes as Evan nodded hastily. She turned around to face Voldemort, feeling quite surprised at this sudden additional training he seemed to want her to have.


"I don't need any more training, thank you ver-"


"Not you, Bella," Voldemort cut in, placing a finger on her lips for a moment. "And you do need more; you need training in obedience, something I regret not teaching you sooner."


She smirked at him for a second, but it didn't last for long. Another woman was going to be trained. Bellatrix didn't like the sound of that one bit.


Seeing her expression, Voldemort sighed lightly. "Evan, be here at one tomorrow, and Lucius, I await your owl."


Both men stood up, bowing, and Bellatrix felt sure they were both glad to be leaving.


As soon as the door was shut, Bellatrix wriggled out of his grip and stood up, walking to the other side of the room, crossing her arms over her body and frowning at him.


"Who is it?"


"Amycus Carrow's younger sister," Voldemort replied, watching her intently.


"But why?" Bellatrix asked dramatically, sighing. "I loved being the only woman with your mark."


"Have you met Alecto Carrow?" Voldemort asked her, standing up and striding towards her. "She's ugly," he said bluntly. "You're over reacting to this."


Bellatrix whirled around, fully intending to claw chunks of his face out with her long nails. She got an inch away from his face before he grabbed her wrists tightly, holding them in front of her.


"What is there to fear?" he asked her calmly, as if nothing had just happened. "You have everything. Power, money, beauty, love. What more is there?"


"More power," Bellatrix hissed at him.


"And so, you use her," Voldemort continued, in the same tone. "She'll follow you. You know why?"


Staring at him, Bellatrix considered for a moment, before shaking her head.


"You're addictive. Even more so now you have some power. You distract men in meetings, did you know that?" he asked her. "You distract me in meetings."


Bellatrix couldn't help the smile that crept onto her face. "I distract you?"


Voldemort smiled at her, still keeping a firm grip on her wrists. "Yes, you do." They were silent for a moment, contented to be simply standing close to each other.


"Did you go to Gringotts?" Voldemort murmured after a while.


"Of course," Bellatrix responded. "As planned.


"Good," Voldemort said softly, pressing his lips against her skin. "It's your birthday tomorrow," he said suddenly after a while.


"Our anniversary," Bellatrix said, smiling. "Do you have anything planned?"


"I thought we could have some fun with some muggles," Voldemort replied. "And then I thought we could have a Death Eater only drinking session after."


"As long as we get to have sex at some point, I don't mind."


The Dark Lord laughed, and Bellatrix felt shivers running down her spine. That sound alone was enough to make her aroused, it was so warm and rich, like dark melted chocolate.


"That can be arranged, my beautiful wife," Voldemort whispered, running his fingers down her thighs. Bellatrix moaned lightly, arching her back, turning over slightly so that they could share a kiss. She felt relieved that he was showing no signs of anger towards her. She was enjoying this bliss, she couldn't remember happiness before knowing the Dark Lord.




Bellatrix and Evan walked into the meeting room together, laughing over Evan's latest girlfriend failure. The story basically was that he had slept with her, and then gone to meet her a couple of days later before realising he had no idea what her name was or even what she looked like. Bellatrix couldn't remember laughing so much at something in the longest time.


She was wearing new robes the Dark Lord had bought her for her birthday, they were soft and floaty and hugged her figure. Underneath them she had on her new dress, which was short, tight and black, with some very high heels. Her husband was starting to get very good at buying her new things. Around her wrist was a thick golden bracelet, shaped like a snake. It was encrusted with hundreds of tiny diamonds and emeralds, and it hung heavily around her wrist, letting her know that the stones were real.


Voldemort had even bought her a new mirror for their room to replace the one that she had broken the other night. It was framed in an ornate black trimming, and Bellatrix knew it was an antique and loved it immensely.


Bellatrix was very excited about announcing that he would be joining them tonight, she suspected it would make the party even more exciting.


There were about twenty others in the room, some sitting and some standing, most of them involved in some form on conversation. It definitely got a bit quieter when the pair walked in, which pleased Bellatrix to no end.


She immediately made her way to the head of the table, standing behind Voldemort's usual chair.


"Good evening," she said, and there was silence around her instantly. She smiled in satisfaction. She could feel how powerful she had become, most of the people in the room were afraid of her in some way. She realised this was mostly because the Dark Lord obviously favoured her, but she hoped that at least some of it was because of her magical abilities.


"Tonight we are going to a location in Southend, to have some fun with a few muggles." She grinned around her, seeing that the others seemed to be fairly excited about this. Only the Lestrange brothers glared at her in dislike, Rodolphus's arms were folded defiantly over his chest.


"Since it is my birthday," she continued, smirking. "We will continue the festivities here when we have destroyed some of the muggles with some drinks and other... entertainment... So feel free to save your muggles and bring them back here!"


Several people around the room cheered enthusiastically. Even Rabastan had brightened towards her a little, which was quite an achievement.


"Oh!" Bellatrix exclaimed, quieting everyone down again. "I forgot to say, the Dark Lord will be coming with us."


She grinned as she noticed a few expressions of shock and fear as she said it, and Alecto Carrow's face stood out in the crowd, nervously looking up to her brother for support, but Bellatrix turned back to Evan.


"So do you reckon I'm ever going to get a girlfriend?" he asked her, his face slightly sad.


"Not if you can't even be bothered to learn their names," Bellatrix responded, shaking her head. "Seriously, we aren't meat."


"Aren't you?" he asked, and he sounded a little bit too genuine for Bellatrix's taste. She rolled her eyes at him.


"You need to focus on what lies beneath if you really want a proper girlfriend," Bellatrix informed him.


Evan sighed. "It's going to be hard to change my ways, but I need to stop sleeping with any girl that's interested."


"It's going to be very hard to change your ways," Bellatrix muttered, nudging him in the ribs. Evan nudged her back.


"Be nice, Black."


"You wanted honesty," Bellatrix retorted, laughing at him. "I'll impero a muggle girl for you tonight if you want?"


"Be nice, Black!" Evan repeated, poking her in the ribs now. "I may have asked for honesty, but I didn't mean it!"


Bellatrix laughed again. "You really are something, Evan Rosier."


They both looked up as the door opened and Voldemort walked in, followed closely by Lucius. Evan immediately shifted away from her slightly as the Dark Lord began to walk down the room which had dropped into silence suddenly. His eyes were fixed on hers, and she couldn't stop the smile from forming on her lips.


"My Lord," Bellatrix murmured as a greeting.


"Bella," Voldemort responded, looking at her with a smile for a moment before turning to the rest of the room. "Shall we depart?" he said, smirking, before he turned to Bellatrix and grabbed her wrist, disapparating them from the room at lightening speed.


They reappeared in the centre of a long rectangle of grass, that was surrounded by a circle of road which had terraced houses along it. There were various cars parked outside, and the sun was just setting behind some of the houses. Bellatrix thought that the area must be quite a rich one as the houses were all very big and immaculate and the cars all were very shiny.


Voldemort grinned down at her. "Happy anniversary," he murmured. Bellatrix looked up at him, smiling happily back. She would have kissed him if it wasn't for the others now apparating around them.


Evan had already launched his attack on the first house, and Rodolphus followed suit quickly. They shot spells through five doors, breaking them down. A few people came out to the street.


Bellatrix took advantage of the first man's confusion, and sent a cruciatus spell his way. He screamed loudly, falling to the floor and rolling around in agony. Bellatrix decided she was going to see how long it took him to die, she'd never tortured anyone for that long before and this was the perfect chance. She watched in fascination as he began to tear at his own skin after a few minutes, trying to escape the pain somehow. After a while longer, she could see blood spilling from his mouth and nose, there was a dark stain around the crotch of his trousers. His voice was gone from screaming, but his lips were still moving, screaming silent abuse and crying at the pain at her.


Suddenly, he stopped moving. He was dead.


"Very good," she heard Voldemort say behind her. "That was the quickest I have ever seen."


Bellatrix turned around, noticing his robes were splattered with blood. "How long was it?"


"Around seven minutes," Voldemort told her, grinning.


Bellatrix looked around, seeing most of the houses now had some sort of damage to them, and that there was a lot of blood and gore on the grass.


Voldemort suddenly grabbed her hand, taking advantage of how everyone around them appeared to be preoccupied with a muggle. There was a heavy glow of fire around them, the smell of blood and burnt flesh and sex. As he led her away from the fighting, Bellatrix caught Rodolphus's gaze for a moment. He was holding a young woman, probably around Bellatrix's age, up by her long, dark hair as he beat her around the face. She was screaming, covered in blood.


He stopped hitting her for a moment as he watched the Dark Lord leading Bellatrix away, and his expression was dark.


Voldemort tugged at her hand, as if telling her to hurry up. She suddenly realised he had led her into an alleyway behind the houses, and she laughed out loud, squeezing his hand tight. He swung her around, and slammed her into the wall, pressing himself against her and pinning her to the rough stones.


"Is Lestrange still giving you problems?" he asked her, his breathing heavy as he began to unbutton her robes.


"Nothing I can't deal with," Bellatrix responded, reaching out and grabbing his head by the hair, pulling his lips towards hers and kissing him with a new passion. He appeared to tire of trying to remove her robes the conventional way, and she let out a gasp as he suddenly tore them, ripping them from her body, leaving her only in her short, black dress.


Bellatrix pulled back from him, watching as her new robes made their way to the ground. "They're-" she began, feeling quite upset she'd only managed to wear them for an hour before he had destroyed them.


His lips pressed back onto her lips, tugging at her hair and forcing her head back. "I bought them for this purpose," he informed her, kissing down her neck. "I planned tonight simply for this moment. You have have some more."


Bellatrix moaned loudly, pressing her hands against his chest. She could see colours from the spells the Death Eaters were using filling the sky, shrieks of laughter and screams of pain filling the air. Strangely enough, the fact that all of that was going on behind them turned her on even more the the situation had done in the first place.


"I sincerely hope you obeyed my order," Voldemort whispered silkily in her ear, his grip tightening on her hair.


Bellatrix decided to play along, beginning to struggle against his grip. "What order, my Lord?" she responded, arching her back, her eyes on his, smiling smugly.


"We will soon find out," Voldemort hissed, pressing his free hand against her neck and applying slight pressure. "I hope you have not disappointed me." He removed his hand from her neck, before reaching down and sliding it up her leg. His eyes flickered to her face as he reached her skirt, and he smiled as his hand continued it's journey upwards. "I see you have not," he murmured, tilting his head and pressing his lips against hers for a brief moment.


Bellatrix moaned again as he fingered her, lifting one leg and placing it around his body, pulling him closer towards her.


"But then," he continued, inserting a second finger, smirking smugly at her. "You never disappoint me."


That comment alone was enough to make her orgasm. She lived to make him happy, and there was the evidence to say that she did do it. She could hear him laughing as he continued his ministrations, and she thought she could vaguely hear the sound of someone moaning, before realising it was actually her.


Voldemort shifted, and she cried out in disappointment as he removed his fingers from her. A moment later, they were replaced by something much bigger.


"So greedy," he muttered into her ear, thrusting slowly in and out of her. Still tingling from her first orgasm, Bellatrix could already feel her second building. "So fucking tight..."


Bellatrix moaned, feeling him release his hold on her hair, moving his hand underneath her and lifting her up higher. He continued to move, pushing harder and harder into her every time. Bellatrix knew she had never had sex like it before, he was so strong and it thrilled her to think that he was all hers.


"You're mine," he whispered to her, kissing her violently on the lips, his tongue invading her mouth. Bellatrix's hazy mind figured that he must have been reading her thoughts, as he so often liked to do.


"A... A hundred times... all you... yours," Bellatrix managed to tell him, trying to get some control over her thoughts and emotions, and hold it together.


Voldemort lifted her up once more, and Bellatrix vision clouded as he hit the perfect spot within her. She screamed out, grasping the back of his neck tightly, knowing her nails were digging into his flesh but unable to help it.


"Fuck!" she cried out, feeling her inner walls beginning to clench around him.


Instantly, he grabbed hold of her face, before slapping her violently across the cheek. Her moans grew louder as she let go, convulsing around him. She couldn't stop herself now he had done that to her. "What have I told you about your language?" he snarled, but Bellatrix could see the laughter in his eyes.


"For... forgive... me... Master..." Bellatrix said, slowly, to make sure she said everything right. She certainly didn't have much control over her brain at that moment.


The use of the word 'master' spurred Voldemort on, and his thrusts grew more erratic before he cried out, and Bellatrix felt his hot seed exploding within her. He continued to move slowly inside of her for a moment, before pulling out, and setting her to the ground. He murmured a hasty cleaning spell, before putting his arms around her and holding her close.


"Happy birthday and anniversary," he whispered into her ear, kissing her hair.


Bellatrix's frazzled brain gave out on her, as she gazed back into his eyes. "I love you, Tom," she told him, not even realising what she'd said until a few seconds later, when she pulled back from him, clapping her hands over her mouth in horror. She didn't want anything to ruin tonight, and it had been going so well before that had flew out of her mouth.


To her surprise, Voldemort pulled her closer to him, leading her to sit down on her discarded robe behind them. He beckoned to his lap, and hastily she sat down, still half expecting the worse. "I love you too, Bella," he responded, kissing her lips fiercely for a moment, and then reaching for her hand and kissing that.


"Aren't you angry?" Bellatrix asked him softly, resting her head against his chest.


"How can I be angry with you after that?" he enquired, raising an eyebrow. He smiled after a moment. "I suspect I will regret telling you my name at some point soon."


"It suits you," Bellatrix muttered, looking away from him. "I confess, I have been thinking of you more as..." She paused, swallowing nervously, not so sure about saying the name aloud now she was a bit more recovered.


"Say it," Voldemort whispered. "I already know, but I want to hear it."


Bellatrix looked back at him, smiling. "I have been thinking of you more as Tom then as anything else."


Voldemort smiled back at her. "Then pick the right moments to use it, and you will get away with it," he told her, slowly standing up, still holding her tightly in his arms. "Do you think you can walk?"


"I don't think I have much choice," Bellatrix said as he set her onto the ground.


"Not really," Voldemort replied, laughing. "My followers might find it a little strange to see me carrying you back towards them."


They began to walk back to the others, close together though not touching. "They will know exactly what we were doing," Bellatrix said, sniggering as they walked around the corner.


The dark mark was hovering above them in the sky, casting an eerie green light over the scene. Bellatrix hadn't noticed it go up, but she suspected she was very preoccupied at the point it had and that would have been why. The girl Rodolphus had been with was dead on the grass, her eyes glassy and her naked flesh bloodied.


Bellatrix shuddered, to think she had almost been married to that man? She shifted closer to Voldemort, who seemed to know what she was thinking, which more than likely he did know, before he slid his arm gently around her.


As they reached the group of cloaked men, Bellatrix could see there were five muggle women, bound together, quite badly beaten up but they were still standing. Four of them were crying, and the other one, the prettiest by far, so Bellatrix thought, was silent, staring at the ground.


Several of the death eaters were staring at Bellatrix, probably noticing her sudden lack of robes, before a look of realisation hit their faces as they saw Voldemort's arm about her waist.


Evan was beside her in a heartbeat. "What do you think?" he whispered to her. "I got the pretty one, she's mine!"


Bellatrix rolled her eyes. "A girlfriend wouldn't like that, either," she told him with a grin.


"Never mind a girlfriend, too much like hard work anyway," Evan replied, grinning back. "Where did you go?"


Bellatrix glanced to Voldemort, who was glaring at Evan. Clearly he was feeling very possessive of his wife tonight. Evan suddenly noticed this, and his eyes widened as he worked it out, before hastily stepping away from them.


Voldemort stepped forwards, pulling Bellatrix with him, surveying the women before him. Evan's girl looked up, her eyes widening as she saw the Dark Lord. Bellatrix guessed her first thoughts were about how gorgeous he was, and her second thought probably had something to do with his red eyes. As his lips widened into a smile, Bellatrix knew she was right.


He moved towards her, holding her gaze up as he pressed two fingers under her chin, forcing her to look at him. Slowly, he tilted his head towards Bellatrix. "I've seen better," he told her, smirking at her. Bellatrix smiled back, and nodded. She realised he was telling her he thought she was better looking in a subtle way.


Across the grass, Bellatrix could see Evan nodding in agreement as well, grinning at her. She hoped Voldemort wouldn't catch him doing that, but then Evan would probably get away with it, as Evan had a very good talent of making Voldemort laugh effortlessly.


"I like you, because you don't cry," Voldemort told the girl softly. "Remember that tonight." Voldemort released his hold on her, stepping away, leaving the girl looking fairly confused.


He winked at Bellatrix, putting his arm back around her.


"I think we all deserve a few glasses of wine," Voldemort informed his followers, and a loud cheer echoed off of the walls of the now empty and damaged houses. "Be sure the muggles make it back in one piece, they aren't much good to us if they are overly damaged."


Bellatrix looked up at him, wondering if he was intent on using the girl later that night, and she felt him squeezing her tightly to him. "My lady," he murmured, taking hold of her hand and apparating them back to the manor.


"Do you want her?" Bellatrix asked softly, knowing she had to ask this quickly before the others made it back. She wasn't quite sure how she would feel, witnessing that.


"Why would I want her?" Voldemort responded, sitting down in his usual seat in the meeting room, at the head of the table. "I have you, and believe me, you are more than enough."


Bellatrix smiled, going over the the table at the side of the room which now contained several bottles of various wines and spirits, pouring him a large glass of his favourite red wine, and getting herself one as well. She placed it on the table before him as she sat down beside him, pleased to see he had made sure she was seated to his right. She tilted her chair, so she was closer to him, almost at the head of the table.


A moment later, the door burst open and Lucius and Rodolphus walked in.


"No ladies for you two?" Bellatrix asked, smirking at them.


"Not while I know full well you report everything I do to your sister," Lucius told her icily, pouring himself a drink and sitting down on the other side of Voldemort.


Bellatrix grinned. "Just looking out for my baby sister," she told him.


More people came in, and the five girls were left at the back of the room, tied to the hooks on the walls, whilst the men all helped themselves to drinks. Bellatrix noticed Alecto eyeing up Evan, and she was almost sick. Evan was stood next to the bar, pouring a shot of each spirit into a large glass, before taking a large gulp of it. Selwyn was laughing, and took a sip when Evan offered it to him, before gracelessly spitting it out.


"It's none of your business," Lucius hissed across the table at her.


"Now, now, Lucius," Voldemort chided, his voice bordering on dangerous.


Lucius immediately sat back in his seat, taking a long gulp of his wine before speaking. "My apologies, my Lord."


"I wouldn't tell her if you did tonight, Malfoy," Bellatrix said after a moment of contemplation. "My sister is very fragile after all, I am sure she doesn't enjoy the rough and tumble that we do here."


Lucius stared at her in shock. She thought that Voldemort was doing the same as well, but she didn't dare look at him.


"That is very..." Lucius paused, contemplating. "Considerate of you, Bellatrix," he said, his voice still cold but his expression was a bit warmer.


"Bella," Voldemort murmured, catching her attention immediately. "It is not your business."


Bellatrix smiled up at him. "It is not yours either."


Voldemort didn't reply for a moment. Lucius hastily excused himself and walked away, over to where Evan was with the highest members of the death eaters.


Quite suddenly, he smiled. "You play a dangerous game, my lady."


"It thrills me," Bellatrix replied, leaning closer to him, taking some of her drink. Voldemort did the same, his eyes dancing in excitement as he watched her.


Bellatrix exhaled as she realised just how close they were. The other people in the room suddenly weren't there. It was like they'd vanished, and the only two people left in the world were her husband and herself. Bellatrix found she liked that world, quite a lot.


She felt his hand on the side of her neck, his fingertips brushing her hair lightly, drawing her face closer. She shut her eyes, parting her lips, smiling as she felt his soft lips touching hers, his tongue lightly pressing against hers for a moment, before he pulled back from her, smirking.


"That's twice you should have punished me tonight," Bellatrix murmured.


"I've got two reasons not too," Voldemort responded softly, drinking more of his wine. "Number one, today you are nineteen. You won't be just nineteen ever again."


Bellatrix laughed, putting her hand on his knee, squeezing him happily.


"Number two, one year ago today we were married."


"One of the best days of my life," Bellatrix told him, grinning and drinking her wine.


"I agree," Voldemort said, sitting back in his seat, smirking. "So you see, you have now run out of chances; you had better watch yourself tonight from now on."


Bellatrix smiled. "I don't fear you one little bit right now," she told him.


Voldemort chuckled. "I like where you are sitting," he murmured, placing his hand on top of hers. "Beside me."


"I like it too," Bellatrix responded, looking around the room. Alecto was still watching Evan, from a distance. She really was nothing to look at, short, dumpy, and she had her hair scraped back from her face in a very brutal fashion. She definitely wasn't Evan's type.


Voldemort suddenly raised his wand, slamming the door to the room closed and releasing the five women from their bonds. "This party is a little too tame for my liking," Voldemort said softly, as the room dropped into sudden silence.


Evan stepped away from the bar, grabbing his girl by the wrist and dragging her forwards. He pulled her wrists behind her back, holding them in place. She'd probably lost a lot of blood, and though she was fighting him, she wasn't strong enough by far. Her gaze was still firmly trained to the floor.


The other four women began to scream and cry and beg as they were individually brought forwards, one by Rodolphus, one by Lucius, one by Selwyn and Rabastan and the other by Rookwood and Yaxley. The one held by Rodolphus was staring at Voldemort, apparently frozen to the spot, unable to look away.


"Take your filthy gaze from the Dark Lord!" Rodolphus snarled, slapping her face roughly. She ignored him, her eyes round like saucers.


Bellatrix hissed in anger, standing up on her chair before launching herself onto the table, her high heels carrying her quickly down the length to where Rodolphus was holding her. "Do not look at your betters in such a way!" she screamed, anger coursing through her veins. How dare a muggle look at her husband in desire? Bellatrix reached out and slapped the girl across the face, drawing blood as her sharp nails caught her skin. "Keep your eyes to the ground if you wish to keep them!"


The woman inhaled sharply, before looking down at the ground, visibly shaking.


"That's better," Rodolphus growled, pulling her arms back at an uncomfortable angle.


Bellatrix drew her wand, pointing it down to the woman. "Crucio!" she snarled, watching from the table in satisfaction as the girl began to scream and cry, unable to escape the pain, Rodolphus's hold on her making it even worse. Bellatrix turned away from her, surveying the other women, ignoring the cries behind her. Their gazes were fixed firmly to the ground, all trembling in fear. Bellatrix smiled, removing the curse from the first woman, her ears ringing from her screams still.


"Bring her up here, Lestrange," Bellatrix said quietly.


Rodolphus paused, apparently fighting with himself about obeying what appeared to be an order from Bellatrix. He cast a look to Voldemort, who's eyes were narrowed. Hastily, Rodolphus stood onto the table, lifting the weakened woman up as well. Bellatrix grabbed her wrist, leading her forwards to the centre of the table, where everyone could see her.


Slowly, she reached up and tugged at the woman's dress. It was plain brown, held in place by two thin straps. Smirking, Bellatrix raised her wand, cutting both straps. It fell to the table instantly, leaving her in only her underwear, which was pale blue. She'd apparently lost both of her shoes in the struggle at her house. She whimpered, but didn't dare to look up.


Bellatrix cackled in delight, this woman's body wasn't bad. Standing behind her, Bellatrix undid the bra, letting it drop to the table as well. Several tear drops followed it, the woman was crying properly now.




"Please what?" Bellatrix asked mockingly. "Please let you go? Dressed like this?" She reached forwards and yanked the blue panties from around the woman, leaving her completely bare.


"No!" the woman squealed.


Bellatrix giggled. "Well, behave yourself and Rodolphus here might take pity on you, and take you home, clothes and all..."


The men around the table all laughed, Evan looked thoroughly entertained and excited, as did most of the others. A fair few held there composure, Lucius and Rodolphus included. Everyone else in the room knew Rodolphus had never taken pity on one of his victims before, and that he never would.


"Oh, please!" the woman cried, as Bellatrix led her down the table towards the Dark Lord by the hair. He was watching Bellatrix with unmasked desire, his arms folded.


"What do you think, my Lord?" Bellatrix asked him, grinning.


Voldemort slowly took a sip of his wine, then set it back on the table, smirking. "I do not care for her," he told her softly.


Bellatrix grinned. "Perhaps you would like to compare these five?"


Voldemort nodded at her.


Slowly, Bellatrix turned around. "Well, boys, strip the others and we shall see."


Rabastan's woman was naked and on the table first, her gaze firmly on her feet, next to the first girl who was sobbing loudly. The other three followed shortly, and Bellatrix wasn't at all surprised to see that Evan's had the best figure.


Voldemort rose when they were all lined up, beckoning Bellatrix towards him. He held out his hand, and lifted her from the table, back onto the floor. "I can't go much longer, I need you to myself," he whispered to her.


Bellatrix smiled happily. That was her favourite time, when it was just the two of them. "I know," she whispered back. "I know."


The Dark Lord smirked. "Gentlemen, Bella and I are going to take our leave," he called out. "Clean up after yourselves," he added, as he began to lead Bellatrix to the door. She continued to watch the men as they left the room.


Rodolphus stared after them, before letting go of his muggle and headed towards the drinks in the corner. Evan was laughing, as he usually was whenever Rodolphus was concerned. The last thing she heard was Evan shouting "Get over it, Lestrange!" before the door closed behind them.


Voldemort was laughing. "I am beginning to feel sorry for Lestrange," he said, as he led Bellatrix up the stairs.


"Why?" Bellatrix asked. "He's vile."


"He's unable to stop loving you."


Bellatrix rolled her eyes. "Shut up and kiss me," was all she said to that, and Voldemort, being a man, shrugged silently, and did as she said, kissing her with fervour and passion Bellatrix couldn't remember feeling from him in the longest time. Perhaps he was falling for her more then before?


Voldemort opened his eyes, feeling Bellatrix's thoughts run crazy. The fact was, she'd hit the nail on the head, he was falling for her more than he thought he would, and that frightened him. He couldn't... Couldn't have such a weakness. It was so dangerous for him. The thought of not having her around hurt him. Voldemort couldn't remember what being hurt felt like, this was so alien to him.


"I love you," Bellatrix murmured into his lips.


Voldemort's mouth curled into a smile, a genuine smile, one that he couldn't have stopped even if he had wanted to.



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