Power, Wealth and Social Status

This is the story of the life of Bellatrix Black; a life ruled by power, wealth and social status. Split into two parts, the story loosely follows that of the Harry Potter books along with some added twists for drama. Voldemort/Bellatrix


19. Chapter 19

 Bellatrix was stood next to Lucius, her hood covering her hair and her forehead, but the rest of her face showed. Her husband hated it when other men stared at her hair, usually lustfully, and so tonight had made her cover it up so that he could concentrate on the meeting, and not at the men who were ogling his wife. Bellatrix told him that he couldn't kill all of his followers for looking at her if they didn't even know that she belonged to him, but the Dark Lord merely shot her a smirk and informed her that they should have worked it out already.


Evan was on her other side, and Rodolphus was beside him. It was a small meeting, compared to usual, only eleven men, besides herself and her husband. The Dark Lord always liked his highest to witness the initiations of new followers, and that was why they were there tonight. Regulus had proven himself to Voldemort and now he was about to receive the mark.


Voldemort was conversing quietly with his newest recruit, leaving the others to talk quietly amongst themselves. Every few moment, Bellatrix felt a set of red eyes on her, but when she looked over to Voldemort, he was staring directly at Regulus.


"Black," said Evan, nudging her. "Have you got a tissue? Only I think Lestrange is going to sneeze."


Lucius hastily turned his laugh into a cough and looked away from the scene. He was definitely smirking still.


Rodolphus scowled at Evan. "Give it a rest, Rosier," he muttered, not looking towards Bellatrix. Ever since she had told him she was married to the Dark Lord, Rodolphus hadn't looked at her once. Perhaps he was embarrassed. Or perhaps Voldemort had threatened him. One thing Bellatrix did notice was a new scar on Rodolphus's face, that had appeared after they had killed the two Order members. Voldemort undoubtedly was responsible for it.


"Take it like a man," Evan sneered.


"You don't know a thing about being-" Rodolphus began, but hastily silenced himself as Voldemort turned around and sat back in his throne, staring around the room.


Bellatrix gazed at him adoringly. She loved that man so much. Every time he hurt her, she wanted him more. She couldn't bear the thought of living the rest of her life without him.


"Black has proven worthy to bear my mark," Voldemort announced to the room quietly.


Regulus dropped to his knees, holding his forearm out to the Dark Lord, his head bowed. Voldemort took the arm in one hand, squeezing tightly. Bellatrix remembered the day she had received hers, she remembered the way Voldemort kissed her in this very room. Narcissa's last day at Hogwarts was only a couple of weeks away, and so Bellatrix realised she had been a Death Eater for almost a year.


Regulus's cry of pain brought her back. She was mildly surprised, she couldn't remember it hurting that much, but then she was rather special in her own way to the Dark Lord. Maybe he had made things easier for her.


Voldemort pulled away, leaving Regulus at his feet, cradling his arm in pain. He stepped over his new follower, addressing the group. "We must double our efforts in destroying the auror's and the Order of the Phoenix." Voldemort paused, looking around. "Lestrange," he called. Rodolphus flinched, looking up at the man who had stolen the girl of his dreams. Voldemort didn't appear to have noticed. "See that Black is included in your plans from now on."


Rodolphus bowed. "My Lord."


Bellatrix assumed the meeting was almost over. She always enjoyed these induction meetings the most as they were the shortest. She loved meetings, but she loved her husband even more and out of everything, her favourite pastime was Voldemort.


The Dark Lord looked to her next. "Bella," he said softly, smiling to her. The fact Bellatrix was his favourite was slowly starting to become apparent to the other Death Eaters. He called her by a shortened first name, where he only used last names with the others. He smiled at her, and she never got punished in front of them.


He took her hand, and let her forwards, into the middle of the circle. "You're going to duel me," he murmured into her ear as they walked.


Bellatrix's eyes widened in surprise. "Like this?" she asked in shock.


"You're good at improvising," Voldemort told her before pulling away. "I have been training Bellatrix for almost two years now," he told the room. "And it is now time for her to show all of you here how worthy she is." He looked back to Bellatrix, who quickly removed her wand.


She decided that later, she was going to wind him up with very sexy underwear before telling him her period had arrived so he couldn't have any, in revenge for throwing this on her so suddenly.


The Dark Lord smiled widely at her, chuckling softly. "Bella," he murmured. "Stop giving away your plans."


Bellatrix shut her mind, before bowing her head to him and turning away, so that she was stood on the edge of the circle. Voldemort walked away from her, stopping at the other side of the circle.


Bellatrix could easily block him out of her mind now. She didn't do it often, only when they were duelling. She wanted to be open and accessible to him whenever she could. She wasn't able to look into his mind yet, or anyone's for that matter, but she knew that took a lot more time then closing a mind, and she knew Voldemort would show her when he thought she was ready.


That thought helped her relax. Voldemort wouldn't be doing this in such a public way if he didn't think she was ready.


Pulling out her wand and looking across the room, she could see Voldemort was ready. She bowed to him once more, watching through her eyelashes as he did the same thing.


Half way back up, Bellatrix raised her wand, and flicked it above her head at him. She pulled her hand back, creating a sharp 'Z' in the air before flicking at at him again. A dark purple mist emerged from her wand as she held it, pointing it at him. Tiny teeth appeared to be anxiously trying to escape the mist, hungrily snapping away for any morsel of food.


She heard Voldemort laughing as the flesh eating mist moved towards him, and Bellatrix saw a jet of electric blue light coming towards her through the purple haze. She ducked, and the spell hit the wall with a loud bang, turning it yellow instantly. Had he actually been trying to turn her blonde?


The mist served as an excellent distraction; as Voldemort absorbed it into his wand Bellatrix had an opportunity to send a cutting curse his way. It sliced a sizeable chuck out of his left arm.


Voldemort hardly reacted to it, he merely looked at her with a smirk. He raised his wand simultaneously to Bellatrix and conjured three knife blade thin sheets of ice, one at her neck height, one at hip height and one at knee height. They began to move at a terrifying speed towards her, but changing her plan, Bellatrix conjured a wall of fire in front of her, causing the ice to melt instantly as it reached her.


Without pausing, Bellatrix continued with her original plan. A stinging hex brushed her ear, causing her to jump as she drew a circle in front of her with her wand, creating a ball of blue light. Voldemort was doing the same, only his was red. Both balls continued to grow, spinning faster and faster until Bellatrix released her wand from its position and flung it towards him. Voldemort's was spinning even more, and so it moved faster through the air, hitting hers in the middle of the room. There were two loud explosions, and then vibrant bursts of red and blue light from each respective ball. She ran around the two balls, skidding on the water from the ice.


The balls moved upwards, the blue one emitting long lines of lightning, and the red one strong beams of light which looked almost laser like. Walking through either would be lethal.


Bellatrix leant forward, smirking at Voldemort, who smirked back at her through the activity that was happening under each huge ball.


They weren't done yet.


Voldemort drew a long line with his wand which was pointing to the floor. A beam of red light headed her way, ankle height on her. She easily jumped over it, but she hadn't noticed the other beam of red light above her head, which she jumped directly into. It felt like a hammer had whacked her on the head, and unsurprisingly it knocked her to the ground.


The other Death Eaters were pinned nervously to the walls.


Before she got up, Bellatrix sent a quick cruciatus curse through the mirth, expecting it to miss him and hit one of the unsuspecting Death Eaters. As she pulled herself to her feet, she realised it had hit him. He was doubled over, silently, and Bellatrix thought that she had won. Immediately, she stopped the curse.


Voldemort looked up, and his eyes were burning.


A red colour was heading her way, and it looked suspiciously like the cruciatus curse. Bellatrix's feet slid from under her from the force of the impact, but the curse didn't really hurt that much. She screamed for effect more than from pain.


He lifted his hand effortlessly, and the two balls of light were gone.


Finally, he stepped across the room to her, smirking. "Almost," he said to her, as she struggled to her feet.


"One day, my Lord," she responded with a smile.


Voldemort laughed, before turning to the room. "Gentlemen," he said. "I believe I have found our perfect dark lady," he continued, before turning to Bellatrix and kissing her hand.


The only thing Bellatrix could see was Rodolphus's expression of hatred, directed right at her.




Bellatrix slept in the next morning. She felt extremely pleased with her performance, and thought that a lie in was the perfect reward.


As she walked towards the Dark Lord's office, about to drag him away for lunch, Evan was walking towards her, clearly having just left the office himself.


"My lady," he said mockingly as a greeting.


Bellatrix grinned at him, swatting his arm playfully. "Enough of that," she said laughing.


"Just going to see the Dark Lord?" Evan asked her. "You must have really impressed him the other night when we went out. He's planning on putting you in charge of the next raid, above Lestrange."


With a smile, Bellatrix nodded. "Well, that will certainly upset him," she replied.


"It's only because he fancies you," Evan said, and he sounded serious now. "He doesn't think very highly of women that he fancies, generally."


"Or women he doesn't fancy," Bellatrix added on softly. "I've heard stuff about both him and his brother."


Evan shrugged. "You're just lucky the Dark Lord doesn't think he's good enough for you. And if Lestrange isn't, then no one is." He grinned, joking again. "Shame we're cousins. We would have looked good together."


Bellatrix burst out into laughter. "Evan, that is wrong, on so many levels."


"I know," Evan said, grinning. "Can't help myself." He paused, leaning forwards, his eyes lighting up in excitement. "Before I forget, Malfoy has hired a bar down Knockturn for tonight. I think most of the guys are coming. There are going to be enough dancers down there to start a small army!" He shrugged. "Not that you're interested in them."


"I might be," Bellatrix said, winking at him. Evan laughed. "Does the Dark Lord know?"


"Absolutely," Evan responded with a grin. "We always used to be in this bar, about three years ago. Then the Dark Lord went away for the summer, two years ago, and after that we never went there again." Bellatrix didn't reply. That must have been when he met her for the first time. She was touched, she couldn't believe Voldemort had stopped going out to dance clubs because of her.


Evan took a step back from her. "Hey, do me a favour and wear something hideously short, I want to see Lestrange's face when he sees you, sexed up to the max."


Bellatrix grinned. "You know me, cous, I never miss an opportunity to get my legs out, just like you don't miss one to take your shirt off."


Evan nodded. "Glad you understand, Black," he said. "See you tonight?"


"I think so," Bellatrix replied, waving at him as she walked by.


She entered the office, pleased to see that they were alone. "You've surfaced," Voldemort said, looking up at her.


"Lunch?" Bellatrix offered. Voldemort stood up, walked around the table and kissed her firmly on the lips.


"Sounds good," he said.


"I just saw Evan," said Bellatrix with a smile. "He told me about tonight."


Voldemort nodded. "Only my most trusted have been invited, and since that is the case, we will arrive together, and absolutely confirm the rumours that have been circulating, and prove that we are at the very least lovers."


With a gasp, Bellatrix threw her arms around him, smiling happily. "I know you have often thought about showing me affection in public. Tonight will be the first time I allow it."


"Nothing more though, Bella," Voldemort murmured into her ear.


"Believe me, this is more than enough."


"Call it a reward for almost beating me in a duel."


They silently looked at each other for a moment, before Voldemort pressed a gentle kiss to her lips. "Lunch, then I have a hundred galleons for you to go and buy a new outfit."


Bellatrix was giddy with excitement.




When Bellatrix and Voldemort entered the bar, the party was in full swing. There were various dancers around the room, some in cages, some on poles, dim coloured lights, loud music with a heavy beat, velvet seats and a huge dance floor which was already crowded with various men, and more scantily clad women that Bellatrix knew were also dancers from the way they moved.


There were many eyes on them. Most of them were slightly surprised, as Bellatrix was dressed in a very short and tight deep green, velvet dress, which matched the green of her dark mark tattoo that she had on show, with shiny black stilettos. Voldemort's arm was draped casually around her shoulders.


Voldemort squeezed her to him, leaning over to speak in her ear. "I know you can dance like that," he said, his gaze on one of the dancers in the cage.


Bellatrix laughed. "Maybe I will give you a private showing later."


As they reached the bar, Voldemort ordered two glasses of red wine. They were in their hands almost immediately, and no money was exchanged. He grinned at Bellatrix. "Malfoy is paying, who am I to complain?"


He put his arm around her once more, and led her towards the back of the room. Lucius was sat on a large table with Evan, Rodolphus, Rabastan and Dolohov. Bellatrix sat down next to Lucius, Voldemort beside her. No one on the table bowed to Voldemort, so Bellatrix assumed that this was a very informal situation. One arm slid around Bellatrix's waist, drawing her in so she was close to him. Rodolphus shot her a glare, and Evan, Rabastan and Dolohov all looked fairly surprised, but hid it quickly.


"When he first left Hogwarts, Malfoy and I used to come in here almost every weekend. People used to come here, just to meet me, it was an excellent tool for marketing myself and my cause, and it got both of us laid," said Voldemort, smirking over at Lucius who smiled back.


"Remember that witch with the red hair?" Lucius said to Voldemort, who nodded.


"She was hot," Voldemort responded with a grin and a wink at Bellatrix. "But honestly, not very good in bed. And she wanted to stay over, cheeky thing."


Bellatrix rolled her eyes. "You are such men, its unbelievable!"


Evan leant forwards. Bellatrix knew that Lucius and Evan had been very good friends for a long time. "Best you ever had?" he asked.


"My wife," Lucius said, smirking. "Never had a virgin before."


Bellatrix hastily took a long sip of her wine as the men around her laughed. "Mine was Marcalie Rookwood, believe it or not," Evan replied with a wine grin.


"I don't believe it!" said Rodolphus, laughing. The others were laughing too.


"I believe it, but why would you want to?" Lucius asked sarcastically. "It's wrong, Rosier. The girl is disgusting. She has spots still."


Bellatrix joined in the laughter, she didn't like either of the Rookwood sisters.


Evan looked towards Voldemort. "My Lord, you are absolutely the best of all of us at pulling the most beautiful girl."


The Dark Lord laughed, and Bellatrix felt a shiver run down her spine at the sound.


"My favourite sex is without a doubt with this girl right here," Voldemort said, squeezing Bellatrix to him. Lucius and Evan both made disgusted sounds, but Voldemort ignored them and kissed Bellatrix firmly on the lips.


"Shut it, you two," Bellatrix said, grinning when Voldemort let go of her. "I would be disturbed if either of you found me attractive." She paused as another man headed towards them, and bowed first before approaching when Lucius beckoned him forwards.


"Selwyn, my Lord," said Lucius softly to Voldemort, who nodded.


"Good evening," the man said, nodding to the men around the table. "My Lord."


"This is Bellatrix, my protégé, no doubt you've seen her before," Voldemort said quietly to Selwyn, who bowed to Bellatrix, and half reached to kiss her hand before he seemed to think better of doing so and pulled away when he realised how Voldemort's hand was resting comfortably on her half bare thigh. "Take a seat."


Selwyn sat down besides Evan and Rodolphus, and he seemed to know all of them as they began talking quickly.


Bellatrix looked to Voldemort. "How many girls have sat here, like this, being introduced to your followers?"


Voldemort smirked. "Lots of girls have sat here, but I've never introduced them because I don't know a single one of their names."


Bellatrix frowned. "Not one?"


"Malfoy," Voldemort said, looking over Bellatrix at the blond. "How many names did I learn?"


Lucius appeared to think for a moment, before merely shaking his head.


Voldemort looked back to Bellatrix and smirked. "Count yourself lucky that I know who you are."


Bellatrix shot him a glare. "You've known me for almost two years now."


"I've slept with the same girl twice without even knowing."


"How are you telling me this now then?" Bellatrix asked.


"Malfoy always told me."


"Always after though," Lucius added, and for the first time Bellatrix actually thought she was seeing him drunk.


Voldemort laughed. "Bellatrix," he said, looking down at her glass. "You're empty."


Bellatrix turned to look at him. His glass was also empty. "More?" she asked him, standing up and plucking the glass from his hands.


"Bring a bottle," Voldemort replied, before grabbing her hair and pulling her into a forceful kiss.


As she was receiving the bottle, Rookwood came up behind her. She'd always got on with him, and so she invited him to their table. As she set the bottle down, and Rookwood said hello to everyone, Voldemort pulled her back into his lap and pressed a kiss against her lips. "This is strange," he told her. "Being back here after so long, but with a remarkable change."


Bellatrix smiled and gave him a kiss back, before turning back and pouring them more wine. Voldemort took his glass, and tapped it against Bellatrix's. "To sexy girlfriends," he said, winking, and Bellatrix understood exactly what he meant. In gatherings and meetings, she was the wife, working, dutiful. Here, she was the mistress, gorgeous, fun, sexy.


Rookwood sat down in Bellatrix's vacated chair, casting a glance to Bellatrix and the Dark Lord for a moment before smirking.


"How often do these events take place?" Bellatrix asked Voldemort, resting her head on his shoulder.


"It's been a while," Voldemort replied, drawing patterns on Bellatrix's thighs with his fingers. "You have such amazing legs."


"So you keep telling me," Bellatrix responded with a grin.


Voldemort chuckled, kissing the side of her face. "You do realise that now they've seen us like this, you are going to be a very popular woman," he murmured, in between kisses.


"Why can they know about... this..." Bellatrix began, kissing his neck briefly, before pausing to drink her wine. "But not know we're married?"


Reaching for the wine bottle, Voldemort smiled at her before topping her glass up and doing the same for his. "You are my only weakness," he said softly. "And if this should leak to the outside world, it doesn't matter. I have a terrible reputation." He smirked. "Everyone knows how I am with women."


Bellatrix laughed, drinking her wine, relaxing into his lap and momentarily forgetting the people surrounding them. "You are very good," she confirmed.


"Exactly. Lots of practice." Voldemort winked, drinking his own wine, his eyes on her hungrily. "But with marriage, people automatically assume love. That is not something I want attached to my name, even if it is absolutely true."


With a smile, Bellatrix nodded. "I understand," she said softly.


"There are a limited amount of occasions where I feel happy for us to be like this," Voldemort continued. "These nights have always been informal. Tonight wouldn't have been right without a lovely woman by my side, and tonight is definitely my favourite night out of them all since it is you I have with me."


Bellatrix finished her wine once more, reaching for the bottle and refilling her glass.


"Steady on, Black," Evan called across the table, smirking. "You're only a girl, you can't possibly hold your drink that well."


She turned back to Voldemort. "Vouch for me?"


Voldemort laughed. "I think not," he said, grinning and squeezing her tightly.


"I shall have to prove it then," Bellatrix announced across the table to Evan, who was shaking his head.


"Bellatrix, you have drunk all of the wine," Voldemort said as he tried to pour himself some more but only a few drops had come out. "Go and get some more."


Giggling, Bellatrix handed him her own glass. "You have that while I get some more." She kissed him quickly, before rising and walking to the bar. Most men were staring at her, and all of them had now seen that she was Voldemort's lover and that she was very much out of bounds.


Reaching the bar, she ordered the wine, noticing a moment later that Lucius was standing beside her. She turned to him, smirking. "Are you drunk?"


Lucius looked back at her, before nodding, a smirk on his lips. "Yes," he replied. "So I suspect tonight is going to be a good night."


Bellatrix smiled. "How is my sister?"


Lucius sighed, reaching for his drink. "Well. I..." He hesitated for a moment, looking at Bellatrix. "I miss her."


"I know," Bellatrix said softly. "She loves you very much." She paused, before picking up the new wine bottle. "I don't understand how she can, it's disgusting to be quite honest."


Lucius laughed. "My dear sister, you never fail to comment."


"Never," Bellatrix responded lightly as Lucius walked away.


"Black!" a voice called, and Bellatrix saw Evan coming over, a grin on his face. He went to the bar and ordered his drink, before turning back to her."You've got competition over there."


"As if," Bellatrix responded, rolling her eyes.


She grabbed the bottle of wine, before walking back over to the table. Standing next to Rodolphus, with one hand on his shoulder was a girl, clearly one of the dancers since she was not wearing much at all. Her top was cropped and low cut and her skirt was the same length and Bellatrix's dress. She had long blonde hair, and Voldemort was most certainly checking her out, as were the rest of the men on the table.


As soon as Voldemort saw her, he smiled, winking at her. She sat down in Evan's vacated chair on the other side of the Dark Lord to where she had been before, but he grabbed her hand and pulled her back on his lap. "This is where you belong," he murmured.


Bellatrix smiled, before looking towards the dancer. She didn't look happy that Bellatrix was now getting all of the attention from the men around the table. Evan came back over, and sat down, obviously looking at the girls breasts.


"Hello, sweetheart," he said, winking at her. "Why don't you come and sit with me? I'll be all yours, all night."


The dancer glanced down at Rodolphus who clearly wasn't interested, before taking a step towards Evan.


"So Rosier, how's the wife?" Bellatrix asked loudly, grinning to herself, knowing full well Evan wasn't married at all. Voldemort snorted with laughter.


With a disgusted look thrown at Evan, the girl turned and walked away, shaking her head.


"Aww, Bellatrix!" Evan said, sounded disappointed as the table dissolved into laughter. "I was in there!"


Lucius appeared out of nowhere, and he looked slightly concerned. "My Lord, the auror's have discovered us and are currently attempting to break through our defensive spells."


"Let them!" said Evan, standing up, as the other men around the table instantly drew their wands. Voldemort didn't move.


"Sit down, Rosier," said Voldemort quietly. Evan immediately did as he was told. "You're drunk. No one here is in a fit state to be fighting the auror's." Still calm, he turned to Lucius. "Malfoy, make sure all of ours leave. There will be punishment for those who do not. Report to me tomorrow afternoon."


Lucius bowed quickly, before spinning around and disappearing into the crowd once more.


Bellatrix slid off Voldemort lap as the Dark Lord stood up. The rest of the table did the same. He picked up the untouched bottle of wine Bellatrix had brought back with her. "Gentlemen," he said coolly. "See yourselves home." He glanced to Evan. "One of you make sure Rosier makes it back in one piece."


Evan laughed as Voldemort beckoned to Bellatrix and put his arm around her, disapparating both of them away.


As soon as they appeared in their sitting room, the Dark Lord headed straight towards the drinks cabinet, pulling out two wine glasses, pouring them both their wine. Bellatrix walked towards him and put her arms around his waist from behind, holding him tightly. "Thank you for tonight, my Lord," Bellatrix whispered, kissing his back.


Voldemort turned, reaching for her hand and bringing her dark mark to his lips, kissing it lightly, his eyes staying firmly on hers. Bellatrix moaned softly as a shudder of pleasure ran through her body. "I enjoyed the glances of envy," Voldemort murmured, bending forwards and kissing Bellatrix's neck.


"I don't deserve it," Bellatrix whispered, tilting her head back and moaning softly. Voldemort gently bit on her neck as a reprimand, causing another moan from his wife.


"You do," he told her firmly, running a hand along her thigh. "You have already learnt everything I planned to teach you."


Bellatrix smiled, squeezing him tightly.


"Your training is all but finished," Voldemort continued. "I want to teach you Legilimency, and I will in good time." He leant closer, pressing kissed on her neck again. "I've put you in charge of the next raid. Lestrange won't be going with you, either."


Bellatrix kissed him slowly on the lips, her fingers tangling in his hair as their lips met. She spoke as they pulled away from each other. "I love you, and I will prove it to you when I aid you in winning our war, my Lord."


Voldemort pressed a kiss against her forehead. "Don't call me that now," he murmured. "You're my wife." He paused, looking into her eyes. "My wife first. I was wrong to have said otherwise."


Staying silent, Bellatrix looked away nervously, staring towards the thick carpet below them.


"Bella," Voldemort said, his tone warm. He pressed two fingers under her chin, forcing her gaze back to his. "I do not wish for you to be terrified of me constantly. My actions the other evening were not right." He moved his fingers from her chin, stroking her hair instead, his eyes following the movement of his hand. Bellatrix shuddered in pleasure, he hadn't been this intense for a long time.


"I shouldn't have asked," she told him in a soft voice.


"Why would you not have asked?" Voldemort asked her, now running one finger down her cheek. "You're my wife." He paused, his eyes following the finger lingering on her cheek, as though deep in thought. "I know about your past, you should know about mine."


"It doesn't matter," Bellatrix countered, tilting her head and taking the tip of his finger between her lips, hoping to distract him from his thoughts on the matter.


Voldemort chuckled for a moment, though Bellatrix knew her plan had failed. "This is exactly why it matters." He removed his finger from her lips, moving closer to her, one hand resting on her back and drawing her closer. He held her as if they were dancing slowly together in the ballroom, Bellatrix rested her head on his shoulder and Voldemort clasped her other hand in his. "My real name is Tom Marvolo Riddle," he told her quietly. Bellatrix was relieved she couldn't see his face, she knew this must have been hard for her husband to decide.


"My mother died hours after having me," he continued, his voice still soft and warm, as if this all meant nothing to him. "I was brought up in a muggle orphanage as my father abandoned both of us as soon as he knew she was pregnant with me." His voice hardened. "I killed him. As soon as I was old enough, I killed him, along with his parents. They had a large manor, smaller than this one of course, but still big, in a muggle village called Little Hangleton."


He paused for longer this time, tightening his grip on her, running his fingers through her hair. "I needed to pin the blame on someone. A Wizard. It ended up being my uncle, my mother's brother, Morfin. I only met him once." He laughed coldly. "That was enough for him. I altered his mind, making him believe with all of his heart that he'd done it, as revenge for leaving his sister while he was in prison and being the cause of her death. He was mad. He only spoke in the language of the snakes." Voldemort inhaled deeply.


"He's dead now." Bellatrix could hear the smile in his voice after that statement. "Died in Azkaban."


"How old were you?" Bellatrix asked him softly, running her hands over his back.


"Sixteen," said Voldemort in a whisper. "My first murders. I am glad I killed him." He pulled back from her, pressing a single finger against her lips. "You must never use that name," Voldemort told her softly.


Bellatrix kissed the finger, smiling at him. "Never," she replied. "I swear, on my mark, my love."


With a smile at her, he picked her up effortlessly, carrying her in his arms. "Now there is a name much more suited for the bedroom," he told her. "I can't stand you creeping around me like you have been doing. Granted, that's my own fault. You must remind me we are married more often."


Turning her head, Bellatrix kissed his neck, just once, briefly. "Yes, husband," she purred, smirking up at him.


"I love you," Voldemort told her. Bellatrix's eyes lit up, that was a very rare comment from him. She never minded much, as he always showered her with affection and she always had been a believer that actions spoke louder than words. Still, it was wonderful to hear it from his lips.


"And now," he continued. "I shall prove it." He planted one more kiss on her lips before he walked towards their bedroom, kicking the door shut behind him as he crossed the threshold.



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