Power, Wealth and Social Status

This is the story of the life of Bellatrix Black; a life ruled by power, wealth and social status. Split into two parts, the story loosely follows that of the Harry Potter books along with some added twists for drama. Voldemort/Bellatrix


16. Chapter 16

Voldemort likes to have control over Bellatrix. He likes to tell her what she can wear, where she can go and what she can do. Voldemort knows she is going to be a major asset to him, she's clever, she can fight and she is beautiful. Its everything he wants in a Death Eater, not to mention that now they are married, she is his in more then one way and she will always be loyal to him.


This is how I think things were, I think Voldemort was a complete womaniser and I think that he does hold the ability to love, for now, even though he does hide it fairly well. And in my world, he will always have a very soft spot for Bellatrix.




Bellatrix was seated at the bottom of the garden on a wooden sun bed, soaking up the last of the summer sun. Voldemort was beside her. Bellatrix and Voldemort had had a good time away together, seeing the sights of Rome, staying at the nicest hotel and eating at the swankiest restaurants. Voldemort hadn't quite gone shopping with her, but he had given her a lot of money to go out and spend, just as long as she bought some sexy underwear for him to see. Now they were back, Bellatrix knew that the hard work was really going to start.


Bellatrix was waiting for Voldemort to finish his book very impatiently. She kept leaning forwards, looking to see how many pages he had left. She was glad to see he was now on the last one. A moment later, he closed it, setting it down on his lap and sitting back thoughtfully. She was about to speak, but he beat her to it.


"How much do you know of Grindelwald?" Voldemort asked, tilting his head to look at her.


"Only that Dumbledore defeated him, and that's from the chocolate frog card," Bellatrix responded after a momentary pause. "Why?" she asked inquisitively.


Voldemort sighed. "Dumbledore defeated him the year I left school. He came to dinner late one night, with scars and bruises, but he had that triumphant look in his eye. I always watched him carefully back then, just as he watched me." He sat back in his seat, a sigh leaving his lips.


Bellatrix sat up, fully attentive now. She always loved hearing his descriptions of how he came to power.


Voldemort looked back to Bellatrix. "Dumbledore didn't kill him, as he should have done. Instead, he locked him in prison, in Germany... In the very prison Grindelwald had built for his own enemies."


"Nurmengard?" Bellatrix asked him, frowning slightly. She'd heard the name before, and knew it was in Germany.


Voldemort nodded. "In the top tower. Dumbledore put protections around it, to stop anyone from getting out and also to stop anyone from getting in."


"You want to kill him?" Bellatrix murmured, gazing at her husband.


"Of course," Voldemort responded, looking back at her. "It is only a matter of time until he finds a way out, and then my aims will be in jeopardy. Grindelwald wanted to talk control of the muggles, where as I want to purify and strengthen the magical race. There is only room for one Dark Lord." He sighed again. "I am not strong enough to break through the protections yet."


Bellatrix looked surprised. "My Lord, you must be mistaken..." she said softly.


Voldemort smiled at her. "Your faith in my power is comforting," he said, reaching out and squeezing her hand in his. "I have to go away again. I need to complete my transformation."


With a nod, Bellatrix squeezed his hand back. "I know."


"And I shall be requiring you to remain here and make sure those Death Eater's behave themselves," Voldemort continued, leaning forwards and kissing the tip of her nose. "Lestrange has a couple of raids next week, you can go out with him on them."


Bellatrix put one hand on the back of his head, drawing him closer and kissing him on the lips. Their kiss deepened, until Bellatrix could hear footsteps behind them. Voldemort pulled away, looking up, before his face relaxed slightly. "Sister!" he called out. Bellatrix turned and looked too. Narcissa was standing nervously by a tree.


"Lucius said you were down here," she said quietly, taking one step further forward. Voldemort stood up, and beckoned her forwards. When Narcissa reached them, Voldemort went to her and kissed her briefly on her cheek. "How is the kitten?" he asked, leading Narcissa to his vacated seat and sitting down next to Bellatrix in hers.


"She is good," Narcissa replied, smiling. "I left her in your rooms, asleep." She eyed Bellatrix, one eyebrow raised. "I have never seen you with a tan."


Bellatrix laughed. "Fell asleep in the sun, and someone thought it would be amusing to let me tan." She looked to Voldemort with narrowed eyes, who chuckled.


"You look beautiful," he said, before turning his attention back to Narcissa. "You have tonight, and tomorrow night before your return to school, am I right in thinking?" Narcissa nodded. "Then you are, of course, invited to dine with us tonight. I have to make my own announcement regarding my departure once again."


Bellatrix nodded at him. "You do."


"I shall leave the day after tomorrow," Voldemort decided aloud. "I should think I will only be gone for two nights," he glanced down to Bellatrix, who seemed to be a mixture of excited and sad all at once. "You have Shadow."


Bellatrix nodded, and put her arms around Voldemort. "Two nights with the bed all to myself," she said giggling softly.


Voldemort pulled her closer, whispering in her ear. "I will come back with more physical strength too," he murmured. "Do you know what that means?"


Bellatrix pulled back from him slightly, frowning for a second, before he winked at her. "Oh!" she said, as realisation dawned upon her. "Ooh, how wonderful," she purred sexily. "Two orgasms at once..."


Voldemort laughed, already excited about getting her into bed that night.




It was just beginning to darken outside, and Bellatrix had been on edge all day, waiting for his return. Narcissa had now been back at Hogwarts for two days, and Bellatrix knew she was already pining for Lucius. She hadn't accompanied them to the train, knowing that now Narcissa was a Malfoy, the only escort she would have would be that of her husband. Lucius had returned later in the day in a foul mood, informing Rodolphus that he would be coming out with them after all. When questioned on the matter, Lucius had explained that he 'needed to kill something', and Bellatrix knew he wanted it to be someone on the opposite side, lest he should loose favour with the Dark Lord. Bellatrix had been amazed at how skilled a dueller he actually was.


As soon as she had heard that Voldemort had returned once more, Bellatrix danced excitedly into the office to see Voldemort standing in front of the bookshelf, staring thoughtfully at all of the books and didn't appear to have heard her come in.


"You're back!" she cried, launching herself into him. He caught her, but he didn't lift her up like he usually did. Bellatrix was struck with how different he smelt, not in a bad way, there was just less of a cinnamon smell about him.


Voldemort released his hold on her, and Bellatrix stepped back, finally looking into his face. His natural warm, dancing blue eyes had turned red, like he had predicted, but they were now much colder then before. His skin was paler and his general aura was cooler then before. He looked down at her and Bellatrix thought that he still looked gorgeous in a very different way, but the look in his eye frightened her. "My Lord..?"


"There is a time and a place for that; which is not now," Voldemort said, and even his voice was colder. "I have things to be getting on with." He turned away from her, and moved back to the shelf.


Stung, Bellatrix stepped back again, stumbling and falling into the wall. "Are you not pleased to see me?" she asked boldly, looking towards him in shock.


Voldemort sighed, exasperated and turned back to look at her again. "Bella, you are my wife of course I am pleased to see you, but at the same time I have work to be doing." He watched as her face crumpled, before impatiently beckoning her to him. When she reached him, he kissed her forehead gently. Even his kisses didn't feel the same. "This was always going to happen," he said quietly. "I've undergone a severe magical transformation. I had to sacrifice..." He paused, and sighed. "Part of me." Bellatrix didn't respond, she merely rested her hair against his shoulder. "Nothing has changed, Bella," he continued, his fingers soothingly in her hair. "This trip has brought me into having a sharp realisation that I have still got a long journey ahead before I can reach my goal of taking over."


He tilted her head back, and kissed her on the lips. Bellatrix felt her lips curving into a smile beneath his despite herself. "Yes, my Lord," she responded, feeling slightly happier.


"Now sit down I am expecting Lestrange," Voldemort said, pulling away from her abruptly, leaving Bellatrix feeling slightly confused, but she sat down anyway.


"Did everything go well?" Bellatrix asked, slightly nervous. His mood swings frightened her.


"Yes, it did. I am pleased I have finally achieved this. My powers are much stronger then I ever hoped to imagine." Voldemort pulled a book from the shelf, and sat down opposite her. "How has your training been?"


"I prefer your teaching, my Lord," she said in a low voice, feeling slightly emotional but hiding it well. "But it was good to work with someone else."


Voldemort nodded. "I thought it would be good for you."


There was a tap on the door, and Voldemort looked up at it and narrowed his eyes and as he did, the door opened. Bellatrix gasped, looking at him, but Voldemort didn't react, he simply returned to his book. Rodolphus walked in, and bowed. "My Lord."


"Sit down, Lestrange," Voldemort said, not looking up from his book. Rodolphus did as he was told, glancing to Bellatrix and nodding briefly. A moment later, Voldemort shut the book with a snap and looked straight at Rodolphus, who Bellatrix could tell was surprised at Voldemort's new appearance, even though he hid it well. "So. Anything to report?" he asked coolly.


"Things went well, my Lord." Rodolphus paused, nervously, glancing to Bellatrix for a moment, and then back to Voldemort. "We've taken out two more Auror's, my Lord, with the help of Bellatrix."


"I am glad to hear it," Voldemort replied, sitting back in his seat with a cool smile. "We need to make sure that the Auror's continue to be targeted. I will be relying on both of you to keep it up."


"Of course, my Lord," Bellatrix said quietly.


Voldemort's gaze switched back to her. "Did you make any kills?" he said, and there was a slight dangerous tone in his voice.


"Yes," Bellatrix replied in determination, her eyes fixed on his. "Three, my Lord."


Voldemort's smile suddenly widened in amusement as he stared at her, and Bellatrix was suddenly aware of Rodolphus looking between them in confusion.


"Good," Voldemort said shortly, though he was still smiling with cold amusement. Bellatrix felt relieved. Voldemort looked back to Rodolphus, the smile gone. "Do you feel Bellatrix has made progress?"


"Without a doubt, my Lord," Rodolphus said, and Bellatrix could tell instantly he knew he'd been too eager in saying it. "Bellatrix is... Very talented, as you have always said, my Lord," he continued, trying to cover it up.


Voldemort smirked coldly, though Bellatrix knew he wasn't happy Rodolphus still seemed to be in love with her. "Well, good. I want her to gain as much experience as she can with you for now, Lestrange, so that as I continue to expand I will have two very able leaders."


Rodolphus bowed his head slightly. "I will remember to include Bellatrix in my plans in the future if that is what you wish, my Lord?"


"Yes," Voldemort replied. "Though I am first going to make sure that she has the magical skills, otherwise things could go horribly wrong." He looked at Bellatrix, and she could see a hint of a smile on his lips. "Give me a couple of weeks with her, and she'll be almost perfect."


"I think she is almost there, my Lord," Rodolphus said quietly.


Voldemort looked coldly at Rodolphus. "Indeed," he said, and Bellatrix knew that Voldemort's mood has just worsened a bit. "Alright, Lestrange, that is all."


Rodolphus bowed, and left the room, and Bellatrix was sure he had thrown her a look over his shoulder. "Have you eaten?" Voldemort asked her quietly, ignoring it.


"Yes, my Lord," Bellatrix responded quickly.


"Good." He picked up her cloak, and tossed it to her. "We're going out."


"Should I change?" Bellatrix asked, confused.


"It's not a social event," Voldemort said coolly, striding towards her. "You have work to do."


He took hold of her arm, and without looking at her, apparated them away.




They appeared in the middle of a quiet muggle village. It was dark, all except for the moon, half covered by a dark cloud. There was a single street lamp in the distance, and behind that a church lit up by flood lights on the floor, past a few trees, which were moving in the soft wind. Bellatrix felt a cool hand in hers, leading her forwards into the trees. "Where are we?" Bellatrix asked, looking up at the church, shivering despite the hot weather.


"Devon. Near Exeter," Voldemort replied quietly. He pulled her around the side of the church, and finally there was a row of houses in front of them. Only one window on the bottom floor was lit, the window wide open because of the heat. Bellatrix could see a young girl, probably about five, with long blonde hair, laying asleep on the sofa, a pink blanket over her. She'd probably fallen asleep and her parents didn't want to wake her to take her up to her bed. Voldemort stepped behind Bellatrix, pushing her forwards slightly.


"Kill her," Voldemort whispered in Bellatrix's ear, and she could feel cold breath on her cheek.


Bellatrix frowned, not understanding, staring at the little girl through the open window. "But, my Lord..."


"Your hesitation on your first kill worried me," Voldemort said quietly into her ear, his voice cool. "You should enjoy this."


She turned to face him. "Couldn't I just practice on an adult?" Bellatrix asked cautiously, looking around at his face. He was still cold.


"You will do as I say," Voldemort hissed, grabbing her arm roughly and turning her around to look through the window again. "I will bring you to a muggle child every night until you make a kill without caring."


"My Lord, please don't make me do this," she said quietly, turning back to him, panic in her voice. She didn't want to kill a muggle child for no reason. "I implore you..."


Suddenly, she felt him standing behind her, and she felt something digging into her side. When she looked down, she saw it was his wand. Swallowing nervously she looked over her shoulder at him. "You know what I will do. I know it scares you."


Bellatrix caught his red gaze and nodded. He was doing this to protect her, for the future. "Yes, my Lord," she mumbled. Slowly, Bellatrix raised her wand, aiming through the open window. "Avada Kedavra," she said quietly. The spell hit the girl square in the chest. She still looked like she was sleeping.


One of Voldemort's arms wrapped around her chest, and he disapparated them back to the bedroom. He didn't let go of her once they were there, and his wand was back at her side. "Crucio," he whispered into her ear. At once Bellatrix felt extreme pain coursing through her body, she was too shocked to scream. She slumped against his supporting arm, her knees giving way but he wouldn't give her the pleasure of falling to the floor to roll, to try to extinguish the flame of pain attacking her body.


The scream left her mouth unexpectedly, and then the pain was gone.


Voldemort's arm was still around her. "You should learn to become immune to that too," he said, and he wasn't quite as cold now. "The Auror's will not hesitate to use it against you." Bellatrix felt too exhausted to speak as she rested against his body, panting slightly. "We will return to the muggles again tomorrow evening. I will not have weakness in my ranks, do you understand?"


Bellatrix nodded. "Yes, my Lord," she muttered, shutting her eyes and trying to block out all of the aches that had now developed. He let go of her and she dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes, limp and weakened. When she finally opened her eyes again, she saw him sitting on the bed, watching her.


"We need to make sure we distinguish between business and personal time," Voldemort said, and he was very quiet now. Bellatrix was grateful, her ears were ringing. "You aren't going to be trained very well if I keep going this easy on you."


Bellatrix almost laughed, he was calling this easy? She couldn't help but think about the girl. Would her parents go into the room and think she was still asleep?


"Bellatrix!" Voldemort snapped loudly. Bellatrix jumped and hastily looked towards him. "Stop thinking about that muggle brat! She is not worthy of your attentions. You should only be focussing your thoughts to your training, you should only think of me, your Master, and nothing else. Do you still want this?"


"Above everything, Master!" Bellatrix replied eagerly, crawling towards him and bending down to kiss his robes as she'd seen them do during gatherings. "More then anything, I long to be your most faithful, your best... I long to do your will-"


She felt his hand roughly dig into her hair, wrenching her head backwards to look at him. "Then tomorrow you will kill a child, a baby, without hesitation, because it is my will."


"Yes, I will, my Lord," Bellatrix responded quickly, staring at him nervously. She didn't want to be cursed again.


Voldemort paused, surveying her through narrowed eyes, one finger tracing his bottom lip thoughtfully, before shifting backwards onto the bed. "Come here," he finally said, beckoning her up with the same finger. Bellatrix stood up and laid down on the bed, close to him, her head resting on his chest. A sigh left her lips. "Have you found today hard?" Voldemort asked her.


Bellatrix shook her head. "Different," she said softly.


"Things are different." Voldemort paused, and his hands finally settled in her hair. "I think my absence has made you more confident in your abilities. Rodolphus seems certain you are very special." Bellatrix nodded silently. "I know you will do better tomorrow."


"I hate knowing I have displeased you," Bellatrix muttered into his chest. Voldemort stroked her hair.


"I am easy to anger, but I can be easy to please as well, Bella." Voldemort tilted her head so she was looking at him. "You know what you have to do, and you know I will reward you greatly when you please me."


Bellatrix nodded, and kissed his shoulder briefly. They lay together for a few more moments, before Voldemort sat up, and slid off the bed. "Go to sleep now, Bella," he said, looking over her briefly, her face still wet with tears.


"Won't you stay with me?" Bellatrix asked him, her eyes threatening to spill over again.


"Not tonight," Voldemort said quietly, and for a moment Bellatrix was blinded by tears. When they had cleared, he was gone. Looking down to where Shadow had been curled in her basket, Bellatrix saw that he had also taken her with him.


She fell back onto their huge bed, crying silently, hating herself for having disappointed him so badly that he didn't even want to spend the night with her. Their bed felt too big without him there, she was shivering with cold and wanted to feel his arms around her. She knew better to try and find him though. Slowly, without undressing, she crawled under the duvet, pulling it tightly around her body to stop the cold air reaching her limbs. Her pillow was cold and damp against her cheek from where her tears had fallen, but she didn't want to move. Slowly, she could feel herself drifting into a deep sleep, and she knew that when she woke up in the morning everything would seem better.




True to his word, Voldemort took her out again the next night, to another village. She didn't even care to ask where they were this time. The village was dark, and Bellatrix hardly noticed anything around her as she followed Voldemort through the lanes and rows of houses.


He had hardly spoken to her all day, and when he did he called her Bellatrix, and it was only about business. She had spent the day in his office with him, reading various books, hoping with every fibre that he would touch her, or look at her, trying to pluck up the courage to ask where he had taken Shadow. Even at dinner he'd sat Lucius in her usual seat so they were not close together. She hated knowing he was so disappointed in her, and was determined that she would make it up to him tonight.


The house he had chosen was a bungalow, and through the window Bellatrix could see a dim blue light, illuminating a nursery. Inside the crib was a baby, probably only a few months old, sleeping peacefully with his little thumb in his mouth. Bellatrix couldn't take her eyes off him as Voldemort softly stroked her cheek.


"What do you want most in the world, Bellatrix?" Voldemort whispered in her ear.


"To please you, my Lord," Bellatrix responded, shivering, her eyes downcast. "I will do anything to please you."


"Go on then," he said, and she could see he was smirking. As she turned around to face the baby again, she could feel his hands on her shoulders, possessively. She raised her wand and performed the spell, thinking only of spending the night next to him once more and sitting in her rightful place beside him at dinner.


She felt his hands slide down her arms and wrap around her body, holding her comfortingly close. "Good girl," he murmured, and Bellatrix felt heat spreading through her body at those words. "That's my Bella."


Bellatrix turned around and kissed him full on the lips, relieved to feel him kissing her back with similar vigour. His hand tightened in her hair, and his other arm moved around her body, pulling her in closer. "I'm sorry," Bellatrix cried passionately, pulling back from him for a moment. "I will never disappoint you again."


Voldemort held her in his arms for a moment, before kissing her hair and disapparating them to the bedroom. Shadow was sitting daintily on the bed, licking her paw. Bellatrix hugged her tight, and felt a rough little tongue licking her fingers. "Come here, Bella."


Swallowing, Bellatrix straightened up, and turned to face him. He held up a bottle of wine, a knowing expression on his face. Bellatrix smiled, and walked towards him. "Not yet," he said, lowering the bottle back down. "You have to put on a sexy dress to drink this wine."


Bellatrix planted a kiss in the hollow of his neck. "How sexy?" she asked him after a moment.


"I would quite like a lap dance," Voldemort responded with a smirk. His red eyes met hers, and for the first time in a few days she saw a spark of desire illuminating them. "And you are my lovely wife, so I think the duty falls to you."


Laughing, Bellatrix walked to her wardrobe and after a moment found the dress she wanted, and held it against herself. It was red, the same shade as his eyes, strapless, tight fitting and exceptionally short.


Voldemort nodded, smirking still. "Perfect," he murmured. "Just like you." He winked at her, and pressed a light kiss against her knuckles. Bellatrix felt her knees weakening slightly. "Do your hair like you had at the wedding, too," he told her, patting her arse lightly and moving into the next room. Bellatrix heard him pour wine into two glasses, and she sighed in relief, preparing herself for what she knew what going to be a long, but very satisfying night.


Voldemort lounged back in the armchair, glass of wine in his hand. He swirled the burgundy liquid around the glass thoughtfully, thinking about the woman that was in the room behind him. He burnt a fierce flame inside for her, but he knew he couldn't show it as often as he wanted to now. He still had to train her, and he couldn't turn her into a hardened warrior if he went easy on her. He needed her to want to please him.


One thing Voldemort knew for certain was he hated every moment he had been away from her the previous night, and every moment he had spent ignoring her that day. The cat had sulked as well, refusing to look at him all night. Voldemort was pleased that Shadow was already showing fierce loyalty to Bellatrix, even though he meant she wouldn't look at him all night long.


The whole thing had, in hindsight, proven to be a successful punishment, and as she was killing that baby, her mind had been focussed only on him, and what he wanted.


As he heard the door behind him open once more, he reflected that it would certainly be easier if all of his followers were as in love with him as Bellatrix was. That thought was pushed from his mind when a vision of black curls and scarlet shoes dropped into his lap, demanding wine if he really wanted her to dance for him.




Voldemort is almost done with his transformations now. He's started to like the power he has over her, and is using it to make her the best warrior she can be.


If you got really excited about reading the chapter and didn't read my notes at the beginning, it would be cool if you went and read them now! I've written this chapter in bits, almost every part of it was half finished until today when I got my writing head back on!


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