Power, Wealth and Social Status

This is the story of the life of Bellatrix Black; a life ruled by power, wealth and social status. Split into two parts, the story loosely follows that of the Harry Potter books along with some added twists for drama. Voldemort/Bellatrix


13. Chapter 13

 Bellatrix was on her way to the library, humming slightly under her breath. She was in a good mood, and was excited about today's lessons.


Hearing a sound over her shoulder, she turned and looked. Voldemort was watching her.


"Good morning, my Lord," Bellatrix said, smiling at him.


He didn't reply straight away, he just stared. Bellatrix was about to ask what was wrong when he spoke again. "There's a letter for you." His tone was serious.


Bellatrix swallowed nervously. "Oh." She paused, before walking towards him. Clearly this was her NEWT results. They walked towards his office, and Bellatrix could feel herself shaking slightly. Sitting on the desk was a crisp white envelope, the Hogwarts stamp at the top. Noticing the address was marked to Voldemort's house, she glanced at him. "They know I'm here."


"It doesn't matter any more." Voldemort sat down on the other side of the desk. "Open it."


Slowly, Bellatrix reached down and picked it up, turning it around in her hands. Taking a deep breath, she cracked open the wax seal and pulled out it's contents. There was just one sheet of parchment. Hands shaking, she read. A moment later, her frown turned into a smile.


"I can't believe it," Bellatrix murmured. She looked up at him. "I got five O's."


The Dark Lord finally smiled. "Well done," Voldemort said, standing up and kissing her briefly on the forehead. "I knew you would be amazing. You worked hard."


Bellatrix smiled. "I did. But I feel that the hard work has only just started."


"You're right, it has," Voldemort responded with a smirk. "It's worth it. Think of the power and the prestige, my darling."


"I do, my Lord," Bellatrix replied, looking back at her results. "Even Lucius didn't do this well."


"Hogwarts has few students that get a full set of O's at NEWT level each year. It shows you are worthy of my training."


"I hope so." Bellatrix turned, and put her arms around her fiancée. They stood in each others arms for a moment, content.


"I have something for you." Voldemort reached for her wrist, where her charm bracelet was hanging, and clipped a new charm on it. "Do you remember I promised you this?"


Bellatrix nodded, bringing the bracelet closer to her face to examine. It was the dark mark, perfectly formed and now hanging next to one of the snakes. "It's the perfect addition," she said softly. Her gaze switched so she was looking directly into his eyes. "My Lord," Bellatrix said after a moment. "You're going out tonight."


Voldemort raised an eyebrow. "To a muggle village, there's a family I want hiding there. They've been plaguing us for years and now we've finally caught wind of where they are." He paused, looking carefully at her. "I suppose you want to come along."


"I am your first Death Eater to get five O's," Bellatrix said, with a smile. "Don't I get a reward?"


"You do, but this isn't it," Voldemort responded coolly, walking around the desk. "Sit. I am expecting Rodolphus."


"So I can come, my Lord?" Bellatrix asked, sitting down obediently.


"If you feel confident enough. It will be a challenge, which will be good for you." Voldemort sat down, and rested his chin on the tips of his fingers, surveying her from across the table. "You will stay with me, though," he added on. "I would not usually select someone with as little experience as you possess for such an important task, but it seems suitable for you to accompany me."


Bellatrix nodded. "I am glad you have faith in me, my Lord."


"I would never doubt you," Voldemort said softly, his eyes on her once more, penetrating her soul.


There was a tap on the door. "Enter," Voldemort called coolly. The door opened, and Rodolphus came in, his face lighting up as he saw Bellatrix. Realising how obvious he had just been, he hastily bowed to Voldemort.


"My Lord, Bellatrix," he said softly, stepping further into the room. Voldemort didn't look impressed, but he didn't comment.


"Lestrange, is everything ready for tonight?" he asked coldly.


"Yes, my Lord," Rodolphus replied respectfully. "Would you like my plan?"


"Take me through the basics," Voldemort said, beckoning Rodolphus forwards to the seat next to Bellatrix.


"Rosier, Wilkes, Malfoy, Rabastan and myself to go into the house to take Edgar Bones, and who ever else is in there with him, out. Usually, I would only think four would be sufficient but my brother needs to gain experience, with your Lordships permission." Rodolphus looked nervously at Voldemort, who nodded once. Rodolphus continued. "Outside, I thought perhaps Parkinson, Crabbe, Goyle, Gamp, Nott, Dolohov and Travers."


"It is my wish for us to have a little... Fun tonight," Voldemort said, sitting back in his chair with a smirk. "I will be coming along, as will Bellatrix. It is my wish for her to experience this tonight, as it is my wish to be present to see the end of this troublesome family. You will go inside, with Rosier, Wilkes, Malfoy and your brother, and bring the family outside, where we will... Examine the situation." He smiled, and Bellatrix felt her stomach flipping over, lust coursing through her veins once more. "You may issue everyone their instructions for tonight when you see fit, as long as everyone is ready to leave by midnight."


Rodolphus nodded, a smirk on his features. "Yes, my Lord." Voldemort waved him away with one hand, and Rodolphus bowed, and left the room, but not without another glance to Bellatrix.


"You two were engaged once," Voldemort said, and there was a slight icy edge to his tone.


"I have been engaged many times," Bellatrix replied, ignoring what he was insinuating. "But I have never loved anyone else before now." She stood up. "In fact," she said, walking around the table until she was stood behind him. She gently began to massage the Dark Lord's shoulders. "The thought of any other man touching me makes me want to never have sex or a kiss, or a cuddle, again." She bent down and kissed his hair.


"I suppose it isn't your fault that you are so attractive," Voldemort said quietly. "God knows I can not stop myself from staring at you, and I sleep next to you every night."


Bellatrix laughed softly. "I only have eyes for you. I am going to marry you, and be with you forever." Crouching down slightly, she trailed three, soft kisses down the side of his face. Voldemort turned his head and kissed her lightly on the lips.


"I want to run through some things with you before tonight, we did have a lesson scheduled around about now," he said with a smile.


Bellatrix stepped back from him, excited once more. They shared one more kiss, before Voldemort led them out of his office and over to the ball room, where the lesson would commence.




The family had been brought outside to the dark, empty street, where they were disarmed and surrounded by the group of Death Eaters. One of the children was crying into his mother's leg, the other was holding her hand tightly, looking at the Death Eaters in curiosity, all of their faces afraid.


Bellatrix was standing beside Voldemort at the back of the group, her heart pounding nervously. She knew what was expected of her tonight. Voldemort had taught her the theory behind the Killing Curse during their lesson, and this was to be her first kill.


Bellatrix felt a hand on her own for a moment, before Voldemort stepped forwards into the centre of the circle. Bellatrix followed him close behind, the wind catching her hair and robes. The children gasped, staring wildly at Voldemort as the circle closed around them once more and starting to cry again. Their mother tried to comfort them, but she too appeared terrified.


"We have done nothing wrong!" Edgar spoke, his voice shaking slightly.


Voldemort chuckled. "How wrong you are," he said, in that deadly tone that seemed almost warm to the untrained ear. He slowly paced around the family. "You have committed a terrible crime."


Bellatrix watched through her dark eyes, wide with curiosity, the first time she had seen Voldemort in this way.


"We haven't," Edgar said again, turning his body so he could watch the Dark Lord.


"Your crime," Voldemort said loudly, over the crying and whimpering of the two children and of Edgar Bones's wife. "Is that you have married a Mudblood, and produced two half bloods as a result. You have diluted and tainted magical blood."


"She's a witch!" Edgar replied, slightly hysterical now. "Our children are both magical."


"The magic that runs through their veins is not as strong as yours, as any of ours," Voldemort said, gesturing around him to the Death Eaters. "And here we prove it, because we are the ones with the power over you now."


"You bully," Edgar's wife snarled suddenly.


"Hardly," Voldemort hissed, close to her ear from behind her. She was visibly shaking as she pulled the children closer to her. "I am merely doing the necessary job that the Ministry is afraid to do." He pulled back, and walked around so he was facing her. "You are brave, my dear. A Gryffindor, no doubt."


The Death Eaters sniggered, and Bellatrix joined in, noticing how Voldemort's eyes stopped on her for a second as he looked around him, with smouldering eyes and a cruel smile. Bellatrix held the gaze for a moment, before Voldemort became serious once more as he rounded on Edgar again. "I am aware you are a member of the Order of the Phoenix, you are one of Dumbledore's favourites. But I can offer you more then he can. I offer you the chance of power and glory... And the chance to save the lives of your family."


"I have sworn to destroy you," Edgar replied quietly, without hesitation. "I will never side with you."


Voldemort stepped back, close to Bellatrix. "Pity," he said coolly. "Very well. Bella," he continued, his eyes not leaving the family. "Kill the youngest." The pressure was almost unbearable. Bellatrix stepped forwards, afraid that the spell simply wasn't going to come from her wand. In front of the most important Death Eaters, that would be a real knock.


The child was probably around four, his eyes wide as his mother pulled him tight to her, sobbing loudly between her begs and cries. He didn't seem to understand what was going on. He was clutching a blanket tightly.


Standing in the circle just behind the family was Lucius. She could suddenly see his steely eyes watching her, laughing and mocking, disbelieving. Catching his eye, she smirked. If Malfoy could do it without remorse, she could. Slowly, she raised her wand, and took aim. "Avada Kedavra," she whispered, and to her surprise the green light left her wand, and hit the child.


He didn't fall to the ground. He was tight in his mother's arms. There was silence, from the Death Eaters, from Edgar, from the other son and from the mother. Voldemort too was silent.


Bellatrix inhaled, the cold midnight air filling her lungs. She turned back to Voldemort and curtseyed briefly. "My Lord," she murmured, before stepping towards him once more.


He inclined his head to her, not quite meeting her gaze. When Bellatrix turned around, the family were huddled together, the oldest son even quiet, knowing what was going to come next. "Kill them," Voldemort ordered the Death Eaters. Dolohov was quickest, securing the death of Edgar.


Bellatrix turned away, her hands shaking in shock. She had done it, and finally she could call herself a Death Eater. In the distance, she could see blue lights flashing. The Death Eaters appeared to be keeping the mother alive for a bit longer, she was screaming in agony. Voldemort was among them, she could hear him laugh the loudest. They hadn't noticed the lights.


They came closer, and then suddenly the blue lights vanished, and turned into white spotlights, which then turned into muggle cars. "My Lord," she said, not daring to look away. She stepped back. Voldemort hadn't heard her. The doors opened, and the men got out, armed with batons and an odd hand held device, which she assumed were the dangerous guns Voldemort had told her about. "My Lord..." she said again, as the guns were pointed at them.


Without a moments hesitation, she aimed her wand. "Incendio!" Flames burst from the end of her wand, covering the police men with red and orange dancing fire. They were on the floor, rolling and screaming in agony as well.


Finally, the other Death Eaters and the Dark Lord noticed the fire. "Enough!" Voldemort called. "Dolohov, kill her." The man raised his wand, and did what he was told. There was silence, all but the crackling of the fire. "It is time we departed. We will reconvene at the Manor now."


Voldemort disapparated.




It was past four by the time Voldemort got into bed. Bellatrix was curled up in a ball, still shivering, but she wasn't cold. She felt strong, warm arms around her but it seemed to make no difference. "Relax," Voldemort whispered in her ear.


"I can't," Bellatrix replied, staring towards the window. "That child was innocent."


Voldemort sighed and pulled away from her. "I cannot show mercy, even to a child. One day, he will be a grown up."


Bellatrix turned over, looking at him with a frown.


"He would grow up and be just like his father," Voldemort said coolly, his eyes on the ceiling. "I think about the future. He would never have been innocent forever."


Bellatrix laid on her back, her mind reeling.


"Can you handle this?" Bellatrix turned her head, startled by his abrupt question, and by the way he was looking at her. She could see the red rivets appearing around the edges of his blue eyes. "Are you going to pass this test?"


Bellatrix gazed into his eyes. "My Lord," she murmured. "I thought I already have passed."


"The test was not to kill, the test is now. Here." Voldemort's eyes were almost completely red as he stared at her. Bellatrix could feel how tense he was.


"I can handle this," Bellatrix finally said quietly. Voldemort didn't relax. "Your words make sense to me. Everything you say makes sense, always." She turned forwards, looping her arms around his chest, and resting her chin on his shoulder. "My Lord. I will always do your bidding."


Voldemort finally put his arm around her. "I know." His eyes were returning to normal.


Bellatrix smiled, and planted a kiss on his cheek. "No regrets."


"I hope not," Voldemort replied, and there was a smile. "You did so well, stopping those police like you did. They never manage to kill, but they cause annoying damage." He reached up and kissed her on the lips, his hands running through her hair. "You spell was perfect," he said, quietly now.


Bellatrix smiled, and turned over. Voldemort's arms moved around her once more, pulling her body close to his own. "I have a good teacher," Bellatrix replied, smirking. "Do I get a reward?"


"When we're married," Voldemort said softly, his lips pressing against her cheek.


"One week to go," Bellatrix said happily.


Voldemort squeezed her tightly. "One week. Don't expect to sleep for a good couple of days after, though," he said, and Bellatrix could hear his smile.


"Yeh right," Bellatrix said, turning to look at him. "You're old. You need sleep. I'm going to tire you out, anyway."


Voldemort laughed. "You're a sweetheart."


"It's only because I adore you," Bellatrix replied, giggling.


"Go to sleep," Voldemort responded, kissing her neck a few times before laying back down.


Bellatrix snuggled into him, completely content and happy, knowing she had made the right choice in her life.




Next chapter will be the wedding, honestly!


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