Can't control it. I have it.

When you can read minds, you have power over people. But not knowing how to control it, is another story.
Reading minds at the wrong moment can ruin relationships, but you can't help it. You just can't control it.

Yvonne is not ready to learn about everyone's lives just yet, she just made the gossip column in RichWood High school newspaper. Will she spill?

Jessica, also can read minds, but just made the cheerleader squad. Will they kick her out or would she lead?

Lewis is an outsider, becoming an inner circle mate. Will he become popular?


3. Lewis

The bell rang in his head as walked down the cold corridor to the back door, he slipped through it. Looking back he sees a girl running in the other direction, seeing it was a cheerleader he smirks.

Why do they treat me like this?

He cocks his head, that wasn't sore, like the other times he reads minds.

He walks down the grassy hill, and gets a searing pain darting up his spine to his head.

Hope a teacher isn't coming, can't let them catch me smoke weed.

"There it is," he whispered. He got bombarded with a pungent scent. He looks around the corner and catches a glimpse of the jock, Kieran, smoking and stuffing something in his pocket. Lewis says unemotionally, "Why?" 

Kieran jumps, the packet falling out his pocket. Lewis picks it up and sniffs it, "Why weed?"

Kieran freezes, "It is hard," he turns away from Lewis. Lewis stands there not moving. "Why aren't you inside school?" Kieran questions Lewis. Lewis doesn't say anything. 

The silence echoes in Lewis' head as he blankly looks in Kieran's eyes, "You didn't answer fully," he walks away leaving Kieran by himself as he jumps over a fence.

Kiern freezes staring at Lewis walking away.

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