Can't control it. I have it.

When you can read minds, you have power over people. But not knowing how to control it, is another story.
Reading minds at the wrong moment can ruin relationships, but you can't help it. You just can't control it.

Yvonne is not ready to learn about everyone's lives just yet, she just made the gossip column in RichWood High school newspaper. Will she spill?

Jessica, also can read minds, but just made the cheerleader squad. Will they kick her out or would she lead?

Lewis is an outsider, becoming an inner circle mate. Will he become popular?


2. Jessica

Jessica could see that Yvonne was panicking and she was too. She didn't want to laugh right at Yvonne's face when, Abby makes fun of them. She feared that she might have got in the wrong group of people. The Cheerleaders. But it did get you away from being humiliated and teased.

Abby leaned in to face Yvonne, so close that practically their noses were touching. Yvonne's eyes swelled up, trying to not breath down Abby's neck.

"Why stand in my way?" Abby asked with an abnormally straight face.

 "Didn't see you coming," everyone froze when Mary said that.

"Who told you to speak!? I am speaking to her!" Abby nearly screamed, pointing directly at Yvonne. There was silence, no one spoke for a minute. 

"Yvonne, saw us though," a girl at the left of Jessica uttered those very words. Most of the cheerleaders feared being kicked off the team, most of them were teased by Abby. Except, Beth.

"Did you?" Abby turned back to Yvonne, waiting for a reply. Jessica watched impatiently, when suddenly a searing pain scorched her head as she was looking down a hall to see a boy drinking water from a water-fountain. 

Reading minds, is boring, everyone has the same thoughts.

Jessica froze, she couldn't comprehend the information she just heard.

She looked back at Abby and Yvonne. Yvonne was not saying a word. She was just staring at Abby, not moving. Jessica loved her braveness, but then Yvonne opened her mouth.

"Yes, I did see you coming, with your feared sheep," everyone was shocked, as no one says anything like that to Abby.

"What!?" Abby was probably the most shocked. Jessica glanced back down the hall to see the boy had left the water-fountain. She wanted to find him and ask how he can read minds. She looked back just in time for Yvonne to say something unpredictable.

"Say what you want, I'll get you back," the bell rang, but nobody moved. They waited for Abby and the cheerleaders to go first. But one cheerleader stayed behind, feeling ashamed for being a cheerleader. She walked away from the cheerleaders, taking off the cheerleader wristband and throwing it at Abby, shouting "I quit."  



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