Can't control it. I have it.

When you can read minds, you have power over people. But not knowing how to control it, is another story.
Reading minds at the wrong moment can ruin relationships, but you can't help it. You just can't control it.

Yvonne is not ready to learn about everyone's lives just yet, she just made the gossip column in RichWood High school newspaper. Will she spill?

Jessica, also can read minds, but just made the cheerleader squad. Will they kick her out or would she lead?

Lewis is an outsider, becoming an inner circle mate. Will he become popular?


4. In search| Yvonne & Jessica

Everyone was still in shock at what Yvonne had the guts to do. No one stands up to Abby. Jessica knows that, she used to be bullied by her and all the original cheerleaders. Most of the original cheerleaders dropped out of school or graduated. As soon as there was only two cheerleaders on the team, everyone who were bullied by them tried out, everyone on the team now, tries to stay on the team. Getting bullied in Richwood High is the worst.

"Why did you say those things to Abby?" Mary said walking into class with Yvonne. Yvonne didn't know what to say to Mary, except, "I had to." The truth is, Yvonne, wanted to get Abby back for bullying, the only she can do that is, the gossip column. 

"Umm...I will be right back, Abby," Jessica said to the cheerleader captain, before slipping away down the corridor, she saw the mysterious boy. She looks up and down the abandoned corridor and spots Kieran at the back door, "Kieran!" she shouts to grab his attention, "Yeah?" you could smell he smoked weed, "Have you seen a boy slip out there, by chance?" she said putting on her sweetest voice she could pull off, "Yeah, he went over the fence, towards the mall," he said walking further down a dark hall.


The teacher Mary and Yvonne had was the worst, Mrs. Primton, ever getting an A in her class is impossible she has the highest ever standards, Why Mrs. Primton? Yvonne couldn't stop herself from thinking. Mary had her last year, and says she never got an A, and Mary is a straight A student! "Not again," Mary groaned silently. Yvonne couldn't help, but feel sorry for her. But now she is sorry for herself! she looked out the window to see a girl running to the fence in a cheerleading uniform on. What!? She couldn't believe her eyes it was impossible. Cheerleaders never ditch! Yvonne taps Mary's shoulders and just pointed at the cheerleader running to the fence. Mary gasped, mouthing 'We can use to our advantage!' How? Mary read Yvonne's facial features and mouthed, 'We can tell on her and she can suspended from the team-' Mary froze, she could feel Mrs. Primton's breathing down her neck.


Jessica was panting her heart out when she climbed over the fence. She looked up and down the street, just in case she doesn't see anyone she knows and to find the boy she saw earlier. (Duh!)

When the close was clear she crossed the street, to face the biggest mall in the area. Everyone hanged out there, Richwood Mall. She quickly scanned the area before going in the mall, 'He must have went in,' she thought, but before she could walk in, she got a searing pain in her head.

Why is a cheerleader here? Don't they get suspension if they ditch.

She sharply turns around to be facing, a boy, with a navy blue heavy hoodie on, covering his face in shadow, jeans that ripped to show cuts at his knees and silver blue eyes.

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