Haze Grey is super oblivious. She's been played many times, countless heart breaks fill her soul, she's even fallen into depression. So when Haze meets this grey eyed, black haired biker. She instantly rules him out. They cross paths a few more times, and he soon falls for her. Will he win her over, or will oblivion strike again.


3. Prologue.

She stares down at the endless messages of how he never loved her. He never really cared. He just wanted someone to play with when he was bored, and she was that object. She actually thought this one might have been different. Actually cared enough to spare her feelings. But the never ending messages had made their point. 

 I never loved you. How could anyone love a person like you. You're a horrid creature and no one will ever love you a day in you life. Are you actually dumb enough to believe that I would actually like, let alone love, a disgusting thing like you? Go burn in hell with your worthless mom and brother. I hope your junkie of a dad never gets better. I hate you.

 She poured her heart out to him, and he let her down like all the others. Depression soon took over her body as she read those messages. She missed her mother and Riley. Her dad still loves her right? No, he hates her, and Riley and mom are better off without her. 

 How could she have been so weak. How could she have been so unaware,so unconscious, so blind. So Oblivious


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