The Alpha Prince

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7. Chapter 7

Mia's POV


"Mia! Come down here!" Zayn yells my name angrily. I rush downstairs and look around for him. Today is another training day. We have been training non-stop since the full moon is coming up tonight. I see Zayn standing in the kitchen, drinking water. "Vanessa's running a little late." I look at the clock on the wall and raise a curious brow.

"42 whole minutes late..?"  He growls at me and I whimper, slowly walking away. I sit in the living room and sigh. "I'll bet she's off murdering innocent children." I roll my eyes and scoff. Even if she is late why can't I just turn into a werewolf and then change back? What's all the complicated stuff for? How does Zayn know how to control it? How long has he been a werewolf, how long am I staying here? 

"Hello? Earth to Mia?" I gasp realising Zayn was calling my name. "Vanessa is here. C'mon." I slowly stand and make my way to the yard. I suddenly pick up a very strong scent. It smells like.. "Blood?" I involuntarily say aloud. "What?" Zayn questions. I shake my head dismissing his curious looks.

He sighs and leads me to the yard. I see Vanessa standing there looking dishevelled. I roll my eyes, huffing.  She looks around frantically and constantly flinching.  "Can we hurry up and start..?" I rub my nose harshly. Why is it so irritating right now? Zayn walks inside, leaving me with her.. I sigh we start warm-ups. 

After two long hours of torture, I start to tire out.

I huff and pant out of breath. "Come on get up!"

"S-sorry.." I hear Zayn step outside and sit on the porch. 

"Don't yell at her. She's trying. You were the same when I trained you." Vanessa rolls her eyes in annoyance and huffs.

"Whatever, Zayn."  He speeds over to her in a matter of milliseconds. I'm still so amazed by his powers... 

"Excuse me? Vanessa. You know better."

"Zayn, why are you acting like this? Is this because of that new she-wolf?" I slowly back away and run faster than I expected. Zayn calls my name but the voice quickly fades as another enters my hearing range. 

"Help! Someone, please! Anybody!" The voice followed by a howl of pain. The scent of blood gets fairly stronger. I dash toward the scent, also following the voice. Dashing toward the scent and cries I finally reach the person. I stop quickly in my tracks observing him. "Whoa.." His eyes flicker from gold to brown constantly. 

"Are you gonna help me or not,  Wolf?" I rush to help him off the ground and examine his waist. 

"We should get to a hospital.." He shuts his eyes tightly and growls deeply.

"No. No hospitals." I whimper softly and bite my lip, anxiously. Why is my heart beating so fast?

"W-Well, what d-do I do?" He clenches his waist tightly, leaning on a tree for support.

"First off, Names. I'm Justin. Second, I've been marked by a malicious she-wolf. And I need her blood for an antidote." I nod and sigh heavily. 

"Mia. So, who is this she-wolf?" He shakes his head.

"I'm not sure. What I do know of her is that she's a part of the Silver Fangs clan. They're one of the toughest clans out there."

"Well, why'd she mark you?"

"Soon there's going to be a massacre. She'd instructed me to go inform my clan of the upcoming war. If we don't surrender."


He nods agreeing. "Are you new? Being a wolf, I mean." 

I nod and huff. "When will my powers develop fully?"

"How long have you been a shifter?"

"A day or two."  He nods and smiles. 

"I'll help you out with your powers. But right now can we figure this out?"

"Right. Sorry." We slowly start to make our way to Zayn's house.

"Are we going to your home?"

"I guess you can call it that now.." We finally reach the house. "Alright. The guy who captured me is a werewolf. He's some type of royal alpha so, I guess he's super powerful." He nods. "Plus. He has a bit of an anger problem.. Be careful. There's an open window on the left.." He smiles and rushes over to the house. I rush back and spot Zayn and Vanessa arguing. 

"Mia!" Zayn spots me and speeds over embracing me. He quickly pulls away angrily.  "What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you wandering the woods?" My eyes widen at his extreme mood switch. "I-I uh...I-" 

"For god's sake, shut up you stuttering child. Obviously, she snuck a boy toy in the house because she's bored. Is seeing Zayn in a towel not enough for you? Do your virgin eyes crave more?"

She gives an evil glare along with a smirk. Tears fall down my cheeks as I turn to Zayn.

"Y-You told her..?" My face flushes in embarrassment and shame as I walk inside. I slowly make my way upstairs and into the guest room. 

Justin is sitting on a loveseat, looking slightly high-strung. "What's wrong, Justin?" He looks up at me and huffs. 

"It's her. The woman out there. She's the one who marked me.."

Suddenly, I hear Zayn's heavy footsteps. "Crap. Um, under the bed. Go, go, go." I whisper harshly. Zayn knocks on the door. "Mia..? Can I come in?" I roll my eyes and scoff. Now he wants to be so polite. I sit on the sofa and keep silent. 

"Mia, please? I want to apologise." I sigh heavily and bite my lip. You can't give in. Just..dont care.

He sighs and leans against the door. Why do I care so much..? I hear him take a deep breath. "What I'm about to say. I've never said to anyone." Just then... Justin sneezed.

Zayn quickly opens the door and speeds in looking around the room. I chew on my bottom lip anxiously. "Who was that?" I shrug and back into the sofa. He glares at me. "That wasn't your sneeze. You sneeze like a pup. Who was it?" I feel my cheeks redden at his blunt, measly compliment. 

I groan and peek under the bed. "You can come out now, Justin.." Zayn crosses his arms and steps back.

"So, you did sneak someone in the house." 

"I was only trying to help him..." Justin hits his head on the bed frame before finally emerging from under. 

"Dusty under there. You ever vacuum under there?" He says brushing himself off. I stand quietly as Zayn eyes Justin. 

"Mia. Can I talk to you? In private?" I nod and walk out the door with Zayn behind me.

"He's part of the Shadow Lords. I don't associate with them."

"Tell that to your girlfriend who marked him." He glares at me and raises a brow. 

"That's what he told you? He just wants to take you back. So, he needs to leave."

I stop for a second and realise what he just said. He said take me back. Meaning.. "I'm part of his clan, aren't I... I can leave."

"N-Now, wait-"

"No! No, I'm leaving. And you can't stop me, can you? I'm a part of the Shadow Lords. Therefore, I do not belong here." 

I walk into the room, Zayn following behind me. I walk toward the closet and grab an empty suitcase. I start to fold my clothes into the suitcase. I huff as Zayn starts to put clothes back. 

I groan and continue folding clothes, ignoring his childish behaviour. He holds up a red lace bra and smirks raising a brow. I snatch it from his grasp and groan angrily. "Why won't you leave me alone, Zayn?"

"Yeah! Leave her alone, Zayn." Zayn turns around and grabs Justin by the neck.

"What'd you say, beta?" Zayn growls lowly, tightening his grip around his neck.  

"Zayn, let him go! I'll stay, just stop!" I say trying to pull Zayn away from Justin. He lets go and Justin gasps for air. 

"I'll stay.."  I sigh and stop folding my clothes. "I'm sorry, Justin. I can't have you get hurt." He walks over and hugs me. "I'll get you out of here. I promise." He whispers, gently stroking my cheek. "See ya later, Zaynie." Justin laughs and speeds out... I turn to Zayn and huff as tears fall down my face. "You happy now?" 

His face softens and he slowly moves closer. I back away from him, feeling my pressure rise. "Go away." 

"I'm sorry. You can't leave." He says softly. I scoff harshly and raise a brow. 

"Why not?" I ask my voice quivering.  He backs me into the wall and wipes away the tears on my face. 

"Because you're my soulmate, Mia."

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