The Alpha Prince

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6. Chapter 6


Mia's POV

I step out of the shower and walk back into the room. Zayn is standing there with a scowl etched on his face. I gasp holding my towel tight to my body. "Uh, Zayn. Could I get dressed?" He nods and starts to walk out but stops at the door. "I need to talk to you. Be downstairs in five." I nod quickly and he walks out closing the door. Hmm.. Who was that person at the door? And why did Zayn's mood turn so sour..? I get dressed and pull my hair into a high ponytail.

I sigh and make my way downstairs. I hear Zayn and someone talking in the kitchen so, I sit on the two-seat sofa in the corner. I twiddle my thumbs waiting for him to come back. For some reason, I feel more secure and safe with Zayn. Even though he basically kidnapped me.

Zayn walks in with a pretty girl by his side. He has his hand on her waist and she's all over him. I feel my stomach in knots. "Vanessa here is going to watch over you. For the full moon." He stares at her while he speaks. They look at each other so fondly. "Hi. I'm um- Mia.." She nods. 

"I already knew that, kid." I look down feeling really sick. I'm hoping it's just nervousness and nothing else. I can't get sick, right. "Yeah. So when am I starting babe? You know I've got to go in 3 hours." My breath hitches in my throat at her words. 'Babe'. Ugh.

He has a girlfriend. A full werewolf, tall, has-more-body-than-me, pretty, girlfriend. "You ready to start, kid?" I look to Zayn confused. He shakes his head and whispers something in her ear. She sighs dramatically and nods. "We're gonna start you off with reflexes." She smacks me and I squeal in pain. I rub my stinging cheek gently attempting to soothe it. What was that for..? "That was just to get you ready." She sneers. I look to Zayn but he says nothing. I sigh and look down.

Guess he doesn't care. Vanessa leads me outside while Zayn takes a seat on the porch. She speeds toward me before I can even blink and pins me to the ground.

"Number one. I shouldn't have been able to do that." I huff and ready myself for the next hit. But once again way faster than me I'm pinned by her. I get up determined to beat her games. I close my eyes and ready myself once again. I hear her slowly walk around me so I quickly pull her around and flip her to her backside. "Nessa!" Zayn cries out. 

"What the hell Mia!?" Tears form in my eyes as he scolds me. "I-I was just... She told me I-"

"Forget it!" He yells at me. I simply walk inside and up the stairs. I lie on the bed and let the tears dampen my pillow. "I didn't do anything wrong.. It's not like she won't heal. I doubt I even really injured her.." I huff and sit up. I take off my shoes then, lie back down. I don't have to deal with this nonsense.

I bite my lip as my mind wanders aimlessly. What am I supposed to do about my brother? He's most likely worried sick. I also still don't have a phone since I left it in the woods off somewhere.  That reminds me, Lacy! I sighed realising I won't be able to call anyone for a while.  

I slowly make my way out the room and through the hallway. I do not want to run into a most likely angry werewolf girl.. Maybe he has a home phone. I walk toward his room but stop when I hear his voice. "Ungh shit.." He whispered. Why can I hear this..? Must be another power/perk. Shock appears on my face as I realise what I was hearing.

I quietly walk past but the moans and pants get very loud. Why would they do this while I'm here? I hear him growl loudly and I jump, slightly squealing. I quickly cover my mouth and run down the stairs. Way quicker than I thought I would. I sit in the kitchen at the island, tracing odd shapes with my finger on the marble counter. Zayn's footsteps descend down the stairs. I put my head down and sigh. I can't believe I heard them Ugh. 

He says nothing to me as he opens the fridge. I feel a blush creep onto my cheeks making me fidget. "Sorry, you heard us. We can get a bit..animalistic." He laughs at his joke while I drown in embarrassment.

He puts his finger under my chin forcing me to look up. He chuckles at my reaction and releases my head. "Calm down Mia, It's not like you haven't had sex before." I put my head back down and whisper to myself. "But I haven't."

He opens his water bottle and sips before speaking again. "What was that babe?" I shudder at his choice of words. I know he's a Brit but... I'm not used to it. "I- uh. It-it was no-nothing."

"Tell me."  I feel my body shiver. Why is he so intimidating..? 

"I-I said I've n-never had s...I've never had s-sex." His eyes widen as looks back up at me. "You've never.." As he trails off I nod my head. "Well, I knew you were innocent but..fuck." He bites his lip as a low growl comes from him. I sigh defeatedly. "It's a good thing you still have your innocence, babe."

He moves closer leaving his water bottle. I look down and huff. Zayn caresses my cheek gently and lifts my head. My stomach does flips and my face reddens once again. He stares into my eyes slowly inching closer when I remember something. "I was supposed to lose it that night. To Chris. That's what the special dinner as for." I realise that was what the dinner was for... It was supposed to be a special night. My..special night. I snap out of my daze to see Zayn staring into my eyes. 

"Your eyes. They were glowing when you were talking about Chris. I shake my head and wipe my tears away. "I have been crying so much lately.." I huff fiddle with my hands. "It's understandable. You just lost your lover."

I shake my head correcting Zayn's words. "He wasn't. But he was my best friend.", A small smile creeps upon my face. "Since the 7th grade actually."  Zayn is staring into my eyes again but this time, he says nothing. I stare back into his as they start to glow that pretty gold colour... He leans in but I put my hand to his chest. Not to mention it was very firm... and muscular. I bite my lip before sighing.

"You have a girlfriend, Zayn." He shakes his head and proceeds to say, "We're not serious" I pull away raising a brow. He rolls his eyes in annoyance. "Not that serious." He tries to move closer again but I stop him. Again. I start to grow a bit impatient and scoff. "You were just fucking 6 minutes ago remember?"  

He chuckles at my choice of words and finally moves away. "That doesn't mean anything." I glare at him and shake my head. "How can you not see it? Shouldn't you be able to sense these things?" He raises an eyebrow confusedly. "Zayn she loves you. In the way, she looks at you. Her body language.." I inspect his face as he thinks for a moment. "I-I just thought she was horny. Are you sure?" I roll my eyes at his stupidity and shake my head. "Yes, I'm sure."  I swing my chair back toward the island. After a moment of silence, Vanessa walks downstairs and smiles. "Hello, my prince.." 

"Ew..." I speed into the living room and scoff. Roleplay? I mean, really? And what the hell do they need tailed corsets for? She has an actual tail, for goodness' sake... I hear Zayn slowly walk into the room. I sit down on the couch and stare at the blank tv. 

"So, um. I'm an actual alpha prince in my pack. And it's not roleplay. So, your disgust was quite unnecessary." 

"How come you didn't tell me?"

"It wasn't your business. You aren't even supposed to be here."

I scoff and turn away from his glare. He speeds in front of me and grabs my face forcefully. 

"Just because you have some powers, that aren't fully developed might I add. Does not mean you can be 'brave'. Got it?" I nod quickly as tears fall from my eyes. He lets go and retracts his claws. I touch my cheek and see the blood on my fingertips. I start to panic and cry even more. I purse my lips, muffling my sobs. Zayn walks out leaving me to cry.

What is happening...


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