The Alpha Prince

"I'm an alpha prince. I own you." ©


5. Chapter 5

Mia's POV

"So.. You're a wolf.. and I could become one too?" He nods. I sigh leaning back onto the wall. "When were you going to tell me all this?"  He just sighs and shrugs. "Ok.. Uh. I really don't know how to react to this. "Is- is there a cure for a wolf bite?" I ask very hopeful his answer is yes. "Yep." I sigh relieved. 

"The only cure is death. Which I assume isn't an option." I sigh and feel tears well up. "S-so the wolves.. they killed Chris?" He nods slowly. "When will I become a wolf?" He shakes his head. "Not sure. But you need to be ready."

"How? How will I even know when it starts?" He starts to sniff around. He slowly moves his head toward the wound on my leg. I gasp when his cold hands touch my skin. He unwraps the bandage and reveals perfectly fine, unwounded flesh. "I-I.. What?"  "As a werewolf, your wounds heal. After about an hour." I gasp astounded by his words. And hour?? "But what about stuff like-"  "Like colds and sicknesses? Never happens to a werewolf. Unless it's a poison." I look behind him and see glass shattered along with other things in the mix. "Shouldn't we clean that up..?" He nods and helps me up. I sigh and walk toward the room. 

The glass shattered as the wolf jumped through the window, bearing its fangs. I gasp as I realize it was only a flashback. I look at the window feeling a breeze drift in. I start picking up shards of glass and pieces of wood. 42 minutes later the room and hall are clean. I exhale and smile. "That was kind of refreshing." I hear him chuckle behind me. I feel myself getting timid and I feel his breath on my neck. He leads me to his bedroom. It's much larger than the guest room. I find myself tracing my fingers along the walls as I walk around. "So.. On a full moon. That's when we turn?" I turn to him for an answer. "No. That's when you turn. I can control it." Oh.. I look down sadly. I wonder if it's painful. Turning into a werewolf. 

My eyes trail to my wrist and I gasp. He rushes over to me, bug-eyed. "What's wrong? Do you feel anything?" I shake my head and show him my wrists. "No scars.."  He smiles and sits me on his bed. "Stay here." I nod and he walks out of the room. I sigh glancing around the room a bit more. I wonder if he does have a girlfriend.. I spot an extra dresser that looks a bit less..male-ish. I peep out the doorway for Zayn.

"Hm.." I walk over to the dresser and open it. Empty. I open the next. Empty again. I skip the 3rd one and open the top drawer. "Wow.." An entire drawer of lingerie.. So he does have a girlfriend. I pull out a black corset. With a..tail?? "What the.." I put it back and shudder. "Just a tad bit too kinky.." I sit back on the bed and just in time. Zayn walks in with a blindfold? "Uh.. why do you have a bli-" The doorbell rings. "One second love." He rushes out the room and down the stairs. I walk out onto the balcony and exhale. I sit on the lounge chair and look up at the sky. It's a pretty dark purple/pink color. Wait..what? I walk back into his room closing the balcony behind me. 

I look at the alarm clock on the nightstand. 5:04.. I groan and plop down onto the bed. I sniff and realize I smell like sweat. Ugh.. I get up and walk into the guest room getting my clothes out. A XL tee and a pair of tights. I also pull out the underwear from VS. I set it out on the bed and walk into the bathroom. I undress and turn on the shower water. I step in and let the water engulf me. I cannot wait until this is all over. 

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