The Alpha Prince

"I'm an alpha prince. I own you." ©


4. Chapter 4

Mia's POV

Before Zayn dragged me back to his house, Lacey wrote her number on a napkin for me. Too bad I don't have a phone. So, I told her I would contact her when I could. 

"You alright?" Zayn asks as I push my food around with my fork. We're currently eating dinner. Chicken parmesan, with bowtie noodles. I slowly shake my head. 

"How long are you gonna keep me here?" 

"Until your leg heals I guess."

"But it doesn't even hurt anymore. I just need to go home."

He glares at me and I sigh looking down. "Sorry.." I finish my food and set the dish in the sink. Walking up stairs isn't that much of a struggle anymore. But I feel kinda dizzy. I feel myself fall into someone's arms. Zayn? But how did he- Everything becomes blurry then fades black.


I wake up in Zayn's room. It looks way better than the guest room. A way bigger bed too. I feel a chill over come to my legs and look down. I'm not wearing pants! Oh my gosh, where did they go? I look around and see Zayn sit on the bed, staring at me. He looks concerned. "What..?" I ask feeling self-conscious. Is there something on my face?

"Are you alright, love? You passed out and I had to carry you. Your leg isn't infected or anything.."

I look down and see a new bandage wrapped around my calf. I sigh and shrug. "I'm probably just tired." 

"You've slept for 6 hours. It's nearly 3 am." I look at the alarm clock at it's 2:46. I run my hand through my hair. 

"Don't worry Mia. I'm sure you're fine. Hopefully, it's just stress and nothing too serious." I nod agreeing with him. His eyes meet mine and they still read concern. I break our gaze by looking down and he takes a breath. "I'm gonna hop in the shower. Are you alright here? Or did you want to-" 

"I'm fine here, thanks." He simply nods and walks to his bathroom.

After around 30 minutes or so Zayn comes out of the bathroom dripping wet. I bite my lip and slowly eye him up and down. How is he so god-like..? I admire his tattoos for a bit before he speaks. "Like what you see?"

"What??" I ask hoping I had heard incorrectly. 

"I said, did you wanna leave, or would you rather see me naked?" I instantly blush after he finished the sentence. 

"Right sorry. Leaving." I walk toward the door giving him an apologetic smile. I bump into something hard and see the door. "Ow. Shit.." I rub my head walking out the room and down the hall into the guest room.

Idiot. How did you not see the fucking door? I walk into the room and stop. I think I just heard something.. I walk over to the window when I hear a rustling noise again.

I slowly peek into the window and I hear growling. I back away and lock the window. I hear a bark and a wolf comes crashing through the window. I whimper, holding still in place. Zayn appears almost as fast as light and growls! Growls? Fast as light?? 

I hear a zapping sound and then there are 2 wolves in the room. "Zayn?? Where the fuck did he go!?" I grab a lamp and smash it on the wolf's head before running. I run through the hallway not knowing where the hell I'm going. At all. I turn a corner and end up in a closet. I hear banging and thumping in the guest room and curl up into a ball. 

I start to sob into my knees rocking back and forth. All of a sudden the noises and commotion stop. I Peek through the blinds of the closet door and see the black wolf from the forest last week. A blue cloud of smoke appears and then Zayn is standing there?! Where did the wolf go?? I stand up and push open the door causing him to jump slightly. 

I wipe my tears and glared at Zayn, his eyes still glowing yellow. "What the hell. Just happened?"

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