The Alpha Prince

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3. Chapter 3

(Aren't they so cute.. -3- goals.)



Mia's POV

I wake up to an unfamiliar scent. Cinnamon? I turn around a see Zayn isn't in the room. I then sit up and sigh. How long am I even gonna be here for? I need to get back to my brother. He's probably freaking out. I get out of bed with quite a bit of struggle. I finally make it to the bathroom and realize I don't have a toothbrush. I groan and walk out to the bedroom and into the hallway. Ugh, stairs. I ease my way down the stairs. When I reach the bottom the scent gets stronger.

I look around for Zayn. "Zayn? Are you here..?" I look down and see a big clump of... dog hair? I lean down and pick it up. Is it dog hair? I gasp and smile. "He has a dog?" I feel a gust of the wind and the fur out of my hands. Zayn then appears smiling. "You're awake! Why are you down here?" I look around a notice that this isn't just a normal house. This is a mansion! Oh my gosh, I'm in a mansion. "I-I just needed a toothbrush.. and maybe a um.. hairbrush?"

He sighs and leads me back upstairs. We walk into a room filled with clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. I gasp quietly and look around. "Is this a walk-in closet??" I say my voice still low. Sometimes I wonder how he hears me. "Yep. It was my sisters." I nod and follow him. Guess this is a make-up/hair room.

"This is amazing," I say starstruck. I've never seen so much makeup and hair products. "Were the clothes you gave me her's too?" I ask timidly. He just nods and starts to walk out. "The bathroom is the first door on the left." He says before walking out. Now, you may be wondering why I'm not pummeling Zayn with questions. But I guess he can tell me when he's ready. I don't wanna rush him. It'll probably make him angry.

I sit at the vanity and look at my appearance. I'm a mess! My hair is everywhere, my face has dirt on it, and my cheeks have tear stains on them. I need a shower. I get up and go into the hallway. First door on the left. I walk over to the left and open the door. This is amazing.

The biggest bathroom I've ever seen ever. The walls are sparkly and new-looking. I look at the sink and there's a toothbrush still in its package. I guess Zayn put it there. I squeeze toothpaste onto it and brush. The, after rinsing I grab one of the towels. I look in the mirror and sigh.

I need a shower. I turn on the hot water and strip my clothes. After putting them in the hamper I step in and the hot water instantly relaxes me. Sleeping in a weird bed is really stressful for me.

I grab the folded washcloth and body wash off the basket and clean myself. I then find some shampoo and wash my hair.  I rinse then do the same but with conditioner. After combing my hair out, I rinse and turn off the water.  I wrap a towel around my body and sigh contently. I tip-toe back to the closet and look for clothes to wear. Hopefully, my size this time. 

I find a pair of tights and socks. Also, a bra. Slightly smaller size than mine, which is kinda uncomfortable. I sigh and slump into the chair. None of these shirts fit me. I'm too fucking fat. I look down at my flab as my sight gets blurry. Oh.. I'm crying. I sniffle and wipe my tears, yet they continue to flow. I hear someone walk in and my try to straighten myself up. Zayn walks in bends down to me. "Mia, what happened? Are you okay?" I shake my head and start to cry again. This is so embarrassing. I'm shirtless in front of a guy I barely know. 

He looks toward the ground where I threw the shirt and picks it up. He then looks at the size tag and sighs. "Come on." He helps me up and we walk back to his room. He opens a drawer and pulls out one of his t-shirts, then hands it to me. "Y-you want me to wear your sh-shirt..?" 

He nods and gently nudges me. I pull it over my head and sigh. "You look adorable." He chuckles. I walk over to the mirror. My frame almost fills it in. Almost. "Now, come on." I turn around and he's walking out. "Where are we going?"

He laughs and pulls me out the door. "Wha.." I keep my mouth shut as we get in the car. I lean my head against the window and hum quietly. I wish I could become a singer. I really believe I can sing. But, I'm too shy to be on stage. I write my own songs. Some of them are about Chris.. Tears start to fall but I quickly wipe them. Zayn starts the car and we drive off.

I watch the people as they pass. Oh, a little girl. She looks happy. Unlike me. A sad mess. Zayn turns off the radio and Selena Gomez's  "Hands to Myself" comes on. "Can't keep my hands to myself. No matter how hard I'm trying to. I want you all to myself. Your metaphorical gin and juice." I feel Zayn staring so I quiet down. "Sorry." I hear him chuckle a bit. "Don't apologize. Your voice is nice. You have talent." I blush dark pink and look down at my hands. "Thanks.." Stupid! Why are you so shy around him?

You weren't with Chris. I sigh and look out the window. Are we at the mall? "The mall?" I ask speaking my thoughts. "Yep. I'm taking you shopping."  My eyes widen slightly and I shake my head. "You don't have to. It's fine." We get out the car and he smiles warmly. "It's ok Mia. I want to." I nod giving in and walk inside with him. I feel people's eyes on us so I keep my head down. A girl about 2 years younger than me stops us, a big grin on her face. "O-M-G! You guys are the cutest couple! Can we take a picture!?" My eyes widen. Do we look like a couple? I bite my lip. Do I take a picture just to make her happy? I don't really want to.

"Uh, Mia. Why don't you just got wait over there, love?" I nod and sit on a nearby bench. They talk for a bit and take some pictures. He then takes her phone and types something? His number. Right. He walks back over but I keep my head down.

"You ready to shop?" I nod and we walk to some stores. He walks into 'A&F' so I walk into 'Victoria's Secret'. The lady at the desk greets me with a smile. I wave back and walk toward the sets. Royal Blue, Baby Pink, Black, Red, and White. I take one of each and I walk over to her and remember Zayn has the money. I walk into Footlocker I see Zayn flirting with a red-headed girl. 

I sigh and walk over to him. "Um, Zayn I need the card. I-If that's okay?" He puts his index finger up telling me to wait. I step back taken by surprise by his rude actions. Just cause I interrupted your flirting doesn't mean you have to be an ass.. He gives me the card not even glancing at me. "Thanks.."

I say quietly. And pretty much to myself since he wasn't caring. I walk out and back into VS for my clothes. I look down at the counter and see a pretty pink perfume. 'Secret Angel' It read. I grab one of those as well. I pay for the things and she gives me the bag.

I decide to walk around a bit since Zayn is preoccupied at the moment. I spot a necklace in a shop window glistening. It's so beautiful. It has a little gem with a flower inside. I always wonder how they manage to do that. And how does the flower not wilt..? I walk down to the food court and get a mango peach lemonade with a pretzel.

After sitting I start to think. Why is he taking me shopping? Am I going to be staying at his house? Why do I need to stay? Why did he have dog hair in his house with no dog? How does he move so fast? The questions dwindle around in my mind.

I sigh and take a sip of my lemonade. A girl walks up to me and sits. "Are you okay?" I look up from my pretzel and see a grey-purple haired girl with a lip piercing and a pretty face behind it. I shake my head and she frowns.

"What's wrong?" I sigh and tell her everything. From my boyfriend who may be dead getting mauled by wolves to the guy that kidnapped me who I may take a liking to, flirting with every female he sees. She nods and smiles warmly. "I'm Lacey. You are?" She seems really nice. I could use someone other than Zayn to talk to. "I'm Mia." She smiles gleefully. "So, tell me about this seemingly suspicious Zayn character." She laughs as do I. Looks like I've made a friend.. 



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