The Alpha Prince

"I'm an alpha prince. I own you." ©


2. Chapter 2

I wake up in a small yet cozy bedroom. I sit up and attempt to stand but fall back to the bed in pain. "Right.. wolf bite," I say to myself. I muster up some courage and stand. I feel all the pain but try to ignore it. I limp into the other room which is also empty. "Hello? Is anyone here?" I try to yell but realize my voice is barely above a whisper. Most likely from crying.  

I'm still in denial that Chris is dead. Maybe he got up after I passed out and ran off? Anything could give me hope, honestly. "You shouldn't be up. Your ankle needs to heal." I quickly turn around on my heel but I lose my balance. I prepare myself for the fall but it doesn't happen. Instead, I land in the arms of a heavily tattooed man. Who's shirtless by the way. I feel myself blush of embarrassment. Way to go Mia.

"Like I said. You shouldn't be up." The voice says. He picks me up and I gasp slightly. I look up and see his face. Oh my god his face. Is like.. beautiful. His eyes are golden brown which compliments his eyelashes which are as long as my own! His lips are so pink and plump.

Like he just finished sucking on a lollipop. He carries me to the bedroom and sets me on the bed. He sits down staring at me. I look down feeling embarrassed. Why is he staring? Does he think I'm ugly..? "No." I hear him say. "Huh?" I reply still a bit stunned. "No I don't think you're ugly. You're quite beautiful." Did he read my mind??

"I-I uh.. thank you. Um.." He chuckles slightly still staring. "Um.. Wh-why are you, s-staring?" He sighs and looks away. "It's nothing. You just remind me of someone is all." I nod and lean back onto the many pillows. "I'm Zayn." I nod and keep my head down. "I'm Mia." I say softly.

I look up slightly and see him smile. "You're quite shy yeah?" I nod my head and look up at him. He sighs and stands. "That's alright." As he's about to walk out I grab his arm. "Wait!" He turns to me and gives me a confused look. I quickly let go of his arm and feel my cheeks go red. "Um I don't usually.."

He sits back on the bed and nods urging me to continue. "Well.. I'm not used to sleeping in a different bed and I-I umm have nightmares.." I looks down at my hands feeling embarrassed. What 18 year old has nightmares?? "Oh. Well um, I could sleep in here if you'd like?" I nod slowly and exhale looking around.

"D-Do you have any umm pajamas I could m-maybe wear?"  He nods and walk out. I take this time to look around and observe more. I don't actually get up though. I look over to the nightstand and see a golden necklace. I hear Zayn's footsteps so I leave it be.  He comes in with a girls tank top and shorts.

He has a girlfriend? I kinda feel disappointed.. "They look a bit to small for you. Maybe you should try it on?" He gives me the clothing and tells me where the bathroom is. I take off my sweater and sigh. I stare at the newly cut wounds hoping they would just disappear.

I pull on the shorts which fit but are really high. Like boy-shorts.. And the shirt was way too small. You could see all of my boob. I mean all of it. Just cleavage everywhere. I try to decipher if I'd rather wear a provocative shirt or be shirtless. I sigh and leave the shirt on. I spot the hamper and put my dirtied clothes in there.

I walk out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. I feel Zayn's eyes on me as soon as I walk in. I swear my face is most likely a tomato. I look around and notice the isn't anything else to sleep on but the bed. I turn to Zayn confused. He then assures me that he will sleep as far away from me as possible. Which isn't very comforting by the way.

I stretch and a yawn slips out as well. Suddenly, Zayn is by my side inspecting my wrist. I pull away quickly and fold my arms. "Mia what did you do to your wrist..?" Zayn asks his voice soft and low. I feel tears form in my eyes as I shake my head. "I don't wanna talk about it.." I whisper. I sit on the bed and bit my lip. Another habit that I can't help.

"Please? I wanna know why a beautiful girl if harming herself." I sigh and give in. I never like to disagree because it ends it fights and yelling.. "The left is for each day my mom isn't here. The right is for how many people i've lost." He looks at my wrists and sighs. "I'm so sorry Mia.."

I shake my head and take his hand. "It's not your fault. You didn't kill them."  He nods and kisses my head. "Should get some sleep. It's nearly 4 in the morning." My eyes widen as I process what just happened. A total stranger just kissed me. And I didn't not like it.. I hope I don't  have a crush on him..

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