The Alpha Prince

"I'm an alpha prince. I own you." ©


1. Chapter 1:

Mia's POV

I smile as I walk through the woods, with my boyfriend of 1 year. He laughs and covers my eyes as we continue walking. "Chris, why are we in the middle of the woods?" I ask giggling. "Calm down princess. It's a surprise." He laughs. I sigh and let him guide me toward wherever. "I, 2, 3 Open." I open my eyes and gasp. I take in the sight in front of me. A table with a canopy tent around it, a rose petal pathway, candles, and a piano player.

 I turn around and Chris has that beautiful smile on his face. "Happy 1 Year Anniversary princess." He leans down and kisses my lips gently. I smile and we sit at the table to eat. A waiter comes over and gives us our plates and champagne. I look down at my plate and smile. Chicken alfredo with sauteed spinach and pine nuts. The first meal he cooked for me. After we ate we walked around talking.

We even carved our names into a tree. After an hour I realize we're walking in circles. "Chris I think we're lost.." I say looking around. He tries to check his phone but it shuts off. I stick my hand into my pockets looking for my phone. "I left it at the table." He sighs and looks at me. "I'm sorry.."  I smile gently and raise and eyebrow. "For what? The best date of my life? Tonight was amazing Chris."

I grab hold of his hand and rub circles with my thumb reassuring him. "But we're stuck in the middle of the woods.." I sigh. "At least I'm out here with you." He pouts and I kiss his lips making him smile. "Alright, alright I'm happy again." I giggle and kiss him again. This time longer, until he hears a wolf howl. I gasp and he pulls me closer.  "We should keep moving, try to get out of here." I nod quickly and we start walking again. I hear an animal bark at least three times. I start to get really frightened. "Chris..." I whine moving closer to him. "It's probably some dog park in the distance? Maybe we should follow the barks?" 

I shake my head. "What if it's wolves..?" I suddenly hear men's voices and so does Chris. "That sound like wolves to you? C'mon." We walk over to the voices until they stop. Completely soundless. I gasp as I hear growling. "Chr-Chris.." I say as the animal comes into sight. "Th-those are wo-wolves.." Chris pull me behind him and starts to back up. The wolves move two steps closer each step backward. "They look mad Chris. We should run.." I whisper. Suddenly, Chris bends down and starts kissing the air. "Wha- Chris get up! You making them angrier!" He snaps as well. 

A small wolf pup runs toward him and licks his hand. My eyes widen as he picks it up. The wolves start to run toward us. "Chris we gotta go now!" One of the wolves jumps on him snarling viciously. "Chris!" Tear start spilling from my eyes. One black wolf looks and me and slowly walks toward me. "Mia.. I love you! Run!" I start to sob and I see his face scratched up and bleeding. The black wolf runs behind rocks and disappears.

Chris punches one of them in the face and it bites his arm. I feel two strong arms wrap around me. "I won't hurt you. But hurry we have to go!" A husky British voice says. As he pulls me away I feel a sharp pain in my leg. A wolf bit my ankle. As I cry out in pain me man kicks the wolf in the nose. It growls and runs back over the Chris.

The man tries to pull me away but I fight. "Chris no! Chris! Please save him!" Chris' fighting gets slower. "No! Chris get up!" He gets farther and farther until he's gone. I turn around to see the man who saved me. He sighs and turns me away. "You can't see my face. Not yet. Let's just get you cleaned up first." I start to feel weak and sleepy. "Shit, it's working already?" He says and I feel myself fall. Everything goes black and the last thing I hear is: "This was not the fucking plan."

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