Quinn is just about ready to finish her senior year of high school with her best friend by her side. She's been accepted into her school of choice. If only her mother would just let go. There's no escape for Quinn except the ones she makes herself. She and self-harm have always been very close and she's kept this to her self for a long time. Then there's Trent a mysterious boy who she seems to see everywhere. He learns of her secret and still by some miracle which Quinn can't see, Trent falls for her being her first everything, Quinn starts to feel the same. Will Quinn make it to college or will her abusive mother keep her for her self? Can Trent save her? Can Quinn save her own life and keep moving forward?


4. 4

My mother was standing over me. Her eyes were glazed over and her hair was a mess. Her clothes were wrinkled like she’d slept in them. I frantically got to my feet and retreated towards my desk. My mother lunged at me and caught me by my upper arms. I could hear Eve pounding on the door and her calling for her parents. She shook me like a doll and tossed me to the floor.

“Those people called me. You think you’re fucking leaving me? That is never going to happen. You will be here with me if I have to tie you to the bed. Do you understand!?” I could hear Rodger slamming against the door. She pulled me up by my hair and pushed me towards the window. Finally Rodger broke through the door and ran towards us. He grabbed me and pulled me so that I was standing behind him. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing Rodger? That’s my daughter she belongs to me. I can do what I please with her so if you don’t mind get the hell out of my house. She’s not going anywhere.” I stood behind Rodger as he stared at my mother. Sarah grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the door.

“Melinda, you can’t keep doing this. I can’t keep protecting you. If you lay another hand on her I will call the police. This is the best for her right now. She’s going to college in a few weeks to start her classes. If you don’t want to help her we will. Now Quinn is going to pack some things and you’re going to stay where you are.” Never taking his eyes off her he motioned for me to start packing. I gathered my clothes while Sarah and Eve packed my desk so I wouldn’t have to be too close to her. When I was done I backed out of my room and I ran down the stairs out into the driveway. I sat and waited for the others to come out. An almost familiar car pulled up into the driveway. I stood trying to see who it was.

               Trent stepped out of the car and started walking towards me. I dropped my bag and ran to him. He was taken back almost falling over when I slammed into him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he held on to me tight. I started crying while he rubbed my back and swayed from side to side trying to calm me. I finally let go when I heard Eve and he parents coming out of the house. I looked up at him and gave him a weak smile and asked what he was doing here.

“Well I felt pretty bad the way I left last night so I thought I’d come see you. I see you have some stuff going on though I’ll let you get to it. Text me later okay?” I smiled and told him that I would. I gave him another hug and headed towards Rodger’s car. Once we were all in the car Eve reached over and squeezed my hand I looked at her and smiled. I was finally out. I could do anything I wanted and I didn’t have to worry about her anymore. I rolled down my window thankful for all the people in this car. I was so thankful to be out of that house and thankful for Trent who showed up at exactly the right time. After driving for what seemed like forever we finally stopped. We ended up at some furniture store. I looked over to Eve but she looked just as confused as I did.

“Well Quinn, since you’ll be with us from now on we figured we should make you feel at home. No reason for you and two to have to share a bed anymore.” He chuckled at his own joke and smiled. I was so excited I almost ran into the store. Eve and I picked out an entire bedroom set. I saw the prices but Sarah said not to worry about anything and to pick exactly what I wanted. After we searched the entire store for a desk I was just about ready to give up hope but then I saw it. Rodger said that whatever desk I picked would be going up to school with me and I knew this was it. It was a dark cherry wood finish with black lines swirling around the legs of both the desk and matching chair. It was bigger than my old desk but I tried not to think about that. My old one was a light pink color. I’m sure it was perfect for a ten year old but I was older now and I thought I needed a more sophisticated looking work space. After everything was picked and paid for we headed out to the car with a promise that everything would be delivered and set up but 9o’clock tonight. As we left I thanked Rodger and Sarah over and over again giving them both huge hugs which they gladly returned.

               After we had dinner we headed back to Eve’s house. Well I guess it was my house too now. I just couldn’t believe that I was home now. I never thought I’d get out at least not alive. Once inside Sarah led me to my new room. Everything was set up as promised and I could feel tears rolling down my cheeks. Sarah took my hand and pulled me into a hug she let me cry and finally when I stopped she told me to take as much time as I needed then to try and get some sleep. All of a sudden I was exhausted. I didn’t realize since we’d been moving all day.

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