Superglue - nh

❝This is a disaster.❞

❝I have tape.❞

❝That won't work. It keeps breaking.❞

❝Maybe some superglue will help?❞

❝No, it won't.❞

*the sequel to Tape*


7. 5

Chapter Five, Winter [Break] Is Coming


      I had forgotten all about my social life-- my friends and the girl who still had my heart whether she wanted it or not-- and was too engrossed in studying for all my classes. My mother dearest would not hesitate any chance she had to remind me that even though I had applied to the colleges I wanted to and she wanted me to, I still had to keep up my grades. Being a senior in high school was no excuse for having below average grades and a minimum grade point average or GPA. Finals were around the corner and I had to make sure I did more than pass on them. Studying left me no time to think about how my relationship with my friends practically picked up where it left off or how I just barely started talking to Carmen again.

      Oh yeah. We're talking. And it's not enough but it's definitely something other than staring at her every time I can like I'm some creepy ghost from her past trying to become a constant in her present and future. As my mind moved on from my anatomy homework and onto Carmen, my phone vibrated and went off with a text message alert.

      Queen: Are you studying?

      Niall: yes

      Niall: no

      Niall: I stopped a min ago

      Niall: why?

      Queen: I need a break from
writing this stupid essay on Beowulf

      Niall: glad I don't have Big Red

      Niall: sux

      Niall: wait, what's it bout?

      Queen: I have to choose a section and rewrite it in prose, and then write about the differences and/or similarities. Like how the tone and meaning can change or stay the same, etc

      Queen: It's easy, just annoying

      Niall: dayum

      Niall: that sux

      Queen: Yeah

      Queen: Not really

      Queen: Who's Big Red?

      Niall: your English teacher

      Queen: Why Big Red?

      Niall: she obvi dies her hair red

      Niall: or at least used to die it a darker red

      Niall: and she can become mad

      Queen: Is it like the gum?

      Niall: not really

      Niall: but whatev floats your boat

      Queen: What's your teacher's nickname?

      Niall: Machine

      Queen: Why?

      Niall: she's old, but she's a beast

      Queen: True

      Queen: Ugh, my work is staring me in the face

      Niall: then turn away ?

      Queen: If only it were that easy...

      Niall: mine's gonna sit there for some time

      Queen: What are you doing?

      Niall: listening to music

      Queen: When aren't you?

      Niall: never

      Niall: tbh at school

      Queen: Who are you listening to?

      Queen: Taylor Swift?

      Niall: no, Kanye West

      Queen: You're joking

      Niall: [picture message of a screenshot]

      Niall: I really am

      Queen: Omfg

      Queen: Why?

      Niall: Adrian

      Queen: Of course. He's gotten worse since he went to his concert

      Niall: and bought Yeezies

      Queen: And apparel from his clothing line

      Niall: and finally bought the last album of his collection

      Queen: Surprisingly he still loves Kanye after his concert where he basically gave a lecture

      Niall: he wished that was the concert he went to

      Queen: I think he's more than obsessed

      Niall: I've been saying it from the beginning

      Queen: I think it's time for an intervention

      Niall: been there

      Niall: done that

      Queen: Dear lord

      Niall: it's best to just go with it

      Queen: He said if I didn't listen to Kanye's newest album, he'll quote

      Queen: "Kill me and force me to stream it for all of eternity"

      Niall: lol

      Niall: I mean what a jerk

      Queen: I told him I couldn't listen to it if I were dead

      Niall: omfg

      Niall: lol

      Queen: But then he said he'd make me listen to it until I was deaf

      Niall: then you wouldn't be able to listen to him anymore !

      Queen: EXACTLY

      Queen: But then he said if I didn't shut up and just listen to it, I'd be dead to him so I gave in

      Queen: I love the guy too much

      Niall: same

      Niall: he's intense , but amazing

      Queen: Yes!

      Queen: And Peter is tolerable

      Queen: He's just weird at times

      Niall: cuz he's always on Google and Youtube

      Queen: I still can't believe Brandy and Adrian applied to the same colleges

      Niall: I can

      Queen: How?

      Niall: they're the same

      Niall: they're both geniuses with similar goals

      Queen: True

      Queen: You know Harry and Cheyanne applied to different ones

      Queen: Well, maybe 1 or 2 were the same

      Queen: They're top choices are different

      Niall: yeah

      Niall: talked to him bout it

      Niall: I asked if they're going to break it off

      Queen: WHAT DID HE SAY?!

      Niall: sorry

      Niall: our connection is breaking up

      Niall: I gotta go

      Niall: my computer is running

      Niall: my mother caught me not studying

      Niall: I didn't eat my snack

      Niall: I have work to do

      Niall: I think you're

      Niall: ttyl

      Queen: Wtf just happened?

      Queen: You just named like 50 excuses

      Queen: Why'd you leave?

      Queen: Are you ok?



      Queen: Answer me!

      Queen: Please

      Queen: Ugh

      Queen: Fine

      Queen: I guess you are busy

      Queen: You aren't reading your texts

      Queen: Thanks for distracting me from my homework

      Queen: I'll talk to you later


      I stared at the last text notification on my phone for probably five minutes in awe. We had talked. Through text on the phone, that is, but it's the longest we've talked since. . . that time. It was going so well and was too good to be true, that I couldn't take it anymore. Especially when the topic of our conversation shifted to Adrian's and Brandy's relationship and Harry's and Cheyanne's relationship. I couldn't talk about someone else's good relationship with the girl I wanted to have a relationship with again. It's just too much.

      It's why I embarrassingly made up excuses and ended our talk. I could talk for days with her, just not about couples when we weren't even close to it.

      My thoughts were interrupted when I received a new notification.

      Wolf Brother: YOU LISTENING TO YEEZUS????????

      Niall: yes

      Wolf Brother: good

      Wolf Brother: you best be

      Wolf Brother: now the reason I wanted to talk

      Niall: Kanye tweeted ?

      Wolf Brother: no!

      Wolf Brother: IT'S ALMOST WINTER BOO BOO

      Wolf Brother: you know what that means?

      Niall: no ?

      Wolf Brother: FORMAL AFTER BREAK

      Wolf Brother: IT'S GONNA BE LIT

      Wolf Brother: just talked to Liam

      Wolf Brother: can't give spoilers

      Wolf Brother: swore to secrecy

      Wolf Brother: crossed my heart

      Wolf Brother: swore on Yeezus's grave

      Wolf Brother: already asked Raisin Bran to be my date

      Wolf Brother: BAE SAID YES

      Wolf Brother: I cried a little

      Wolf Brother: tbh nah

      Wolf Brother: we just made out a little

      Wolf Brother: nah, tbh it was hella a lot

      Wolf Brother: anyway

      Wolf Brother: we gotta figure out your date

      Wolf Brother: got anyone on your mind?

      Wolf Brother: cuz I got a few you can ask

      Wolf Brother: time's runnin out tho

      Wolf Brother: winter's coming and everyone will be studying for finals real soon

      Wolf Brother: are you even listening???

      Wolf Brother: I mean reading my texts???

      Wolf Brother: my phone says yes

      Wolf Brother: but your silence says hell nah

      Wolf Brother: hello?

      Wolf Brother: it's me

      Wolf Brother: brother

      Wolf Brother: bro

      Niall: I know who I want to ask

      Niall: but I'm afraid

      Wolf Brother: why??

      Wolf Brother: who is it????!

      Niall: Carmen

      Adrian didn't reply for a while and I didn't expect him to. Winter was coming. I didn't have much time if I wanted to go to the dance with Carmen. Not only was there not much time to ask her, but because it was scary and could determine if I still had a chance with her or not. Only time could really tell.


yeah.... I may start updating twice a week, but no promises! apologies if it's going slow but omfg I missed Carmen and Niall texting each other

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