Superglue - nh

❝This is a disaster.❞ ❝I have tape.❞ ❝That won't work. It keeps breaking.❞ ❝Maybe some superglue will help?❞ ❝No, it won't.❞ *the sequel to Tape*


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A story where the patient girl, who taught the stubborn boy how to use tape to fix all their problems, realizes that tape isn't always the answer. Sometimes you have to pull out the heavy duty stuff to fix a problem. Or maybe some things are broken beyond repair, but that's ridiculous.





Tina Desai as Carmen Shay Mitchell

Niall Horan as Niall Horan

Ezra Miller as Mike

Suraj Sharma as Adrian

Kiersey Clemons as Brandy

Avan Jogia as Peter

Dreama Walker as Samantha




so um. . . this is the sequel to Tape y'all. you don't have to read Tape to understand this story. but you can if you want to 'less you're the type who likes reading in order (tho I highly suggest reading Tape)


if you're a new reader...prepare for the lamest jokes and references ever to exist bc I'm not a punny person


expect updates at least once a week Friday, Saturday, or Sunday!

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