Superglue - nh

❝This is a disaster.❞ ❝I have tape.❞ ❝That won't work. It keeps breaking.❞ ❝Maybe some superglue will help?❞ ❝No, it won't.❞ *the sequel to Tape*


2. 0

     Carmen let out a long sigh of frustration as she stared at the red dress in front of her. She really loved the dress out of her other three options. It was a deep red, like a crimson red, and it had a simple textured material that made it look elegant. She imagined wearing nude colored heels, fake pearled earrings, and her mother's pearl necklace that she loved. She had her entire outfit planned and exactly how she would style her hair and make up. It was, without a doubt, the perfect dress. But it wasn't because she hated anything sleeveless and she hated how short the length was.

     The longer she stared at it, the more she wanted to pretend she tried it on and it just didn't look right. She doubted Chris or Mike, her twin best friends, or even Michelle, her other best friend and Chris' girlfriend, would argue with her. Still she wanted to try it on just to see how it would look- for a peace of mind. She knew her arms needed to be waxed and her armpits at that. And her thighs, too. Okay, her legs could use a good shaving as well. Sighing again to herself, she stripped off her clothes and slipped the dress on, feeling grateful the material was able to stretch enough and it didn't have a zipper.

     She stared in the changing room's mirror and sighed to herself again. She loved it. If she could fall in love with an article of clothing and wear it every single day of her life, this would be that piece of clothing. She did a small twirl and smiled to herself at how it flowed around her. The stitching of the material was done in such a way, it looked as if the dress had a skirt to it and she loved it all the same. She imagined herself walking hand-in-hand or hand-in-arm with Niall to Winter Formal and she grinned madly. They'd look perfect.

     As she admired herself, mostly the dress, in the mirror, she heard the ring that meant she received a text and began shuffling through her pile of clothes on the tiny bench in the compacted changing room looking for her phone. Once she found it, she frowned at the person who had texted her and opened up their thread of messages:

Niall 🦁: are you still shopping???

Carmen: Yes...

Carmen: Why?

Niall 🦁: 🙄

Carmen: 😒

Niall 🦁: how much longer? haven't you found a dress?

Niall 🦁: don't tell me you're buying shoes and accessories and all that crap 2

Carmen: For your information, I have a picky taste when it comes to shopping for myself

Carmen: Second, I only need shoes but I'm doing that another day

Niall 🦀: ...

Niall 🦀: oh

Niall 🦀: ok

Niall 🦀: have you found 1 or narrowed your options?

Carmen: Yes, but idk. I love this one dress soooo much, but I'm sorta uncomfortable wearing it

Carmen: And I have three other options

Niall 🦀: show me the dress you want

Carmen: Um

Carmen: What?

Carmen: No

Carmen: I'm wearing it

Niall 🦀: PERFECT


Niall 🦀: 😋😘🙃😇🙈🐌

Carmen: Idk how I feel about those emojis

Carmen: And what's with the snail??

Niall 🦀: shit

Niall 🦀: 🐺*

Carmen: Because I'm foxy?

Niall 🦀: you know it 😏

Carmen: Good bye

Carmen: I need to change 😉

Niall 🦀: what????

Niall 🦀: baby come back

Niall 🦀: please don't change

Niall 🦀: I'll be good

Niall 🦀: I promise

Niall 🦀: I heart you

Niall 🦁: I'm sorry

Carmen: *picture message*

Carmen: Honest answer and no nonsense

Carmen: What do you think?

Niall 🦁: perfect

Niall 🦁: it's perfect

Niall 🦁: you're absolutely perfect

Niall 🦁: you look good in red

Carmen: Losing him was blue like I've never known

Carmen: Missing him was dark gray all alone

Carmen: Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you never met

Carmen: But loving him was red

Carmen: Loving him was red

Niall 🦁: did you really just text me lyrics to Red???

Niall 🦁: and did I really just sing it in my head???

Carmen: Yes and yes

Niall 🦁: buy the dress and have Chris drop you at mine

Carmen: Fine, but I'm not bringing the dress over

Niall 🦀: crap

     Carmen didn't bother with a reply and set her phone on the bench under her clothes. With a deep breath, she pulled off the dress and placed it on the hanger before putting her clothes back on. In the back of her mind, she knew the only reason why she was purchasing the red dress was because of Niall. Any other day, she would have simply put it back and chosen out of the other three options using Eenie-Meanie-Mine-y-Mo or had Michelle choose her favorite. Nonetheless, all the shopping was making her more and more anxious for Winter Formal now that she had a dress.

     The only thing that truly bothered her- now that she made her final decision on a dress- was how as happy as everything was and as much as she was smiling, internally she was freaking out and frustrated as much as she was over the red dress. And the cause was her boyfriend, Niall, and their relationship.


no, I didn't make the dress red so I can put lyrics to Taylor Swift's Red

no, the song has nothing to do with Superglue

I actually had a different song attached, but then MAGIC! released this song and I just had to

omfg guys I'm so embarrassed 😅 I had been using "Super Glue" for the title and description when it's actually "Superglue"

also on a totally unrelated noted, I apologize if you're unable to see the emojis I used for Niall......

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