Puzzle Case

Remember Sherlock Holmes?


3. Brilliant

The case beat me. Nothing can beat me, but the case did. Maybe I am just an ordinary idiot, a fool like the rest, but then again; what is the point? What could possibly make fools want to stand up every single boring day and continue that for the rest of their days? It is so boring. Nothing can beat me, but yet the case did. I should quit, but I am no quitter. That stupid foolish hat, I should definitely throw it. Retire from failure and boredom, is that even possible? Everything is boring anyway and yet the case beat me. It sure must be something I missed but I can not see it, I am a genius and I failed. I failed those morons at the station, those idiot officers. If they weren't fools maybe they could do their job right, but then I wouldn't have had mine. Puzzles. The case is a puzzle, it has pieces, and the pieces are missing. People are missing. Irene is missing.


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