Skype /Phan\

The one where Dan always messages random people on Skype but no one ever replays.
Or the one where Phil decides to make a Skype account and immediatly recieves a message from a stranger.


1. 0.1 - "Asl?"

Dan typed away on his computer, messaging random strangers on Skype- a thing he daily did.

No one's ever replayed, but that doesn't stop him. He doesn't really know why he does it... Maybe just to make some new friends, or just to annoy the hell out of people. Probably the last one.

He lazily scrolls through the list of e-mails, not really finding anything appealing. Then a new one pops up.

He chuckles at the name and clicks on the profile

Phil Lester

"Rawr. I'm a lion."

Wow. Beautiful. But not bad.

Dan opens the chat and quickly sends a message.

Dan: Asl?

Phil: 19/m/UK

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