broken hearted

Read it you'll like it . Plzzzzzz.....


4. you killed him.

"were is this place" i asked him i felt kind of weird "well this is my moms house" I looked at him "you don't live here" I asked him. "no I actually live a block away from you" I nodded. "okay lets do this we go talk to my mom then I'll take you back to your place." After he said that I felt a bit better. "okay" we walked in and Claudia was cooking. "oh hey guys Lucy would you like to stay for dinner" Claudia asked. "sure what can I help you with" I asked. "oh nothing you guys can gust sit and talk." I nodded. "how did you know they were lying to me, you didn't even know them" I looked up at her. "well my son told me, I had already met them before, they work for the other side." I looked down at my hands. "so they know what happened to my brother" she nodded her head yes. "Claudia I whant to work for you" she looked at me and nodded with a big smile "I'm going to kill the son of a bitch that killed my brother." She nodded and called zayn. "give her a gun a fake ID and the shot" I walked to him and walked downstairs to the basement "do you really whant this " he asked I nodded my head and he grabbed my hand "come with me" he walked into a little room and there were guns everywhere "pick two" I picked a regular small gun and a big one "come over here I need to take your picture for the ID I stood still and ge took my picture he handed me a passport and money. And car keys "what is this for" I asked. "when my mother sends you to do something you can't take your car you have to take this one" he took me to the garage and I saw a motorcycle "are you kidding" he looked at me. "what you can't drive it" I nodded my he's yes. "I haven't owned one I forever my last one I used it for a race and a train took it. "we need to give you a shot" I nodded there was a little red scorpion and medicine. The scorpion dissolved and he took a needle out. "how does that help me " he looked at me and spoke "this will help you with your wounds" I shrugged and let him do it. "I need you too take your shirt off" I nodded and took it off revealing my black lace bra. He stared at me till I moved his chin up. "that's all" he said. "zayn do you know who killed my brother" I looked up at his brown eyes . "Liam did your brother was sent to go kill their leader but Liam was told too shoot and kill." I felt anger and regret. "I have to go " I turned and left to were the motorcycle is I hoped on it and left. When I got home I saw them in the living room I walked up to Liam. "your a damn liar,I trusted you with my home my life,I gave myself to yo-" I took my gun and pointed at him. "you killed him, what makes you think I shouldn't kill you, after all a promise is a promise right" I felt tears running down my face "but I wont because no matter how much i whant to shoot any of you i can't because i fell in love with you and your friends" i lifted my gun and shot the base next to liams head.


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