broken hearted

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2. weekends

Lucy P. O. V.

​I woke up with a huge headache. I got up and changed into my light blue jeans and my white tank top with my white convers and my levis button shirt half opened. I did my long wavy hair into two French braids and grabed my keys and phone and ran downstairs. "good morning guys I have pills in the guest room and you can eat all you want." I grabed a toast from Nialls hand and ran before he caught me. I took harrys juice and left through the door. Crashing with a tall person "hey" i looked up and saw a pair of brown eyes that i would love to wake up too. "hey Liam " i walked to my car. "were are you going " I turned around"ummm I am going to the park " I looked down I smiled and he laughed. "bye Liam" I looked up to see that he WA walking away to the house" I started the car and left to the storage rental place to meet someone I got off my car and walked to him "I can't do this bull shit anymore okay I'm out I just want to be able to have a normal life like a normal person" he took a step towards me. "sorry Lucy but that's not how it works you have to wait and the only way out is death " he chuckled "don't tell me, you wanna stop because now you have feelings for someone" I steped back and got in my car "stay away from me and my house if she is smart she will listen she needs me more than I need her so if I in any circumstances I will put a bullet in my head." I drove off and went shopping I passed by Starbucks and got my daily coffee I drove back home and there a pink car in my driveway. I parked it out and walked in. "guys I'm home." They didn't respond until I saw the boys tied up and in the dinning room "shit" I walked from behind her and knocked her out . "told her not to mess with my man " me and Liam explain how it all happened and we all laughed. I tied her up and called the cops. "hello my name is Lucia hidalgo I whant to report a property break in." The police came and I talked to them. When they left with the girl I walked downstairs to the basement I had made it a place were only I could be. I opened the door and walked around befor I herd someone at the door. "Lucy what is this place" I turned to see Liam at the door "Liam you can't be in here" I walked to the door "don't you trust me" I looked up "I do I trust you more than anyone" I inhaled and exhaled we sat at a little table and chairs "look I wasn't always like this I was a sergeant major I had a man he was in the army too just one more rank superior and one night my mom calls your father past away "it hurts like a bitch but you get over it my man was doing something wrong and when they caught him he pulled me with him I was taken away from everything then I met a friend who told me about racing and I started my wrong path." He looked down. "do you still race" I nodded my head no he got up and so did I. I have my uniforms to fit in special frame so that I could hang them. I was walking straight before I was pushed against the wall I felt a pair of soft plump lips on mine I kissed him back and let my hands travel through his body his kissed my neck and shoulders leaving love bites"aww fuck Liam wait" "he got of "wats wrong why " I took a deep breath and kissed him again I felt my core getting wet I grabed his hand and took him and pulled him with me we walked to a queen bed with a really good window. He took of my shirt and my shorts "Lucy are you sure" I nodded and kissed him. He took of my bra nibbling on my nipples and the skin around it. I moaned over and over. She he got to my bellybutton he licked and kissed around my waist I felt turned on I took of his clothes and mine. "do it Liam I trust you" I felt his soft lips on mine and he thrusted into me "aww shit" I yelped. I felt him go hard at first it hurt but after it was pure pleasure"fuck me" I felt this overwhelming feeling in my stomach. He filled me with warm liquid and laid on me befor he got dressed. I got up and wore a sports bra and a pair of sweat pants. I walked to the kitchen and took out the tuna salad to make a sandwich. "hey Lucy can I have some people over." I turned around and saw Lou and Niall "yes but no more than three" the walked off. They ran back and looked at me with curiosity. "what guys" they laughed . "who made you the bites" I smiled "nobody" they gave me an awkward lol before Louis said "we will find out" I smiled and looked at him "okay that's fine" they were walking out when Liam came in . "Liam do you have any clue of who might be lucys boyfriend." I laughed "me" he said. "Liam you are really funny but shed full of bites even on her hip she has one." He pulled the neck from the t-shirt down and it showed love bites too. They high fived and left. Liam walked to me and kissed me. "do you want to go eat something" I smiled and nodded. I ran upstairs and his phone rang I saw it was from harry so I answered. "Liam hows the plan going " I smiled "harry what plan" I asked "oh shit um its a surprise for you" I smiled. He hung up. I wore my white lace shorts and a white tank top. I walked downstairs and put on my levis top I grabed my white vans left to the car.

************after breakfast with BAe ************​

we drove back and I got a text from Claudia saying she needed to talk to me. I agreed. I was walking to my car when a tall dark hair guy stoped me "hello my name is zayn you must be Lucy I work with Claudia" I stopped in my tracks "and" I stared at him. "she asked me to pick you up and take you to her" ​

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