broken hearted

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1. stranger

"Lucy, Lucy, Lucy " the crowd was cheering for me I do kick boxing. I was on track befor I herd my name I turned and that's when I got my ass knocked out.

​I opened my eyes to see a tall guy with chocolate brown eyes and nice smile "wat the fuck were you thinking that could have been my title on the line" I got up from the couch in my dressing room and started to get dressed up in my normal clothes "look I'm really sorry about that but I'm here to talk with you about something. " I turned to look at him. "something like wat" he nodded no because there was still people in the room "can you guys all just give me a minute please" they all left and two more guys came one was blond with light brown haired and the other one had long curly hair and green eyes. "they are with me " I nodded and they came in. I touched my eyebrow and I felt wet the blonde boy ran to get alcohol and a cotton ball. "ok we are here because we need you to be careful your brother whom had died half a year ago his background was checked and they saw that you were on that list. So now they are after you too due to the fact that you were close with him and they think that you might have herd something from him, here let me do it." He said i grabed the cotton ball and gave him the alcohol too. "i don't know you guys though i don't know anything at this point" i said to him "well we are going to go live at your place in Liam Payne this is harry styles and that is Niall Horan" i smiled at them "well I'm Lucy and you'll live with me for as long as you'd like" i got up and grabed my Nike gym bag "did you guys have a ride " the blond one walked to me and grabed my bag "no we actually don't" "oh okay well no worries I brought my truck" they nodded and we left to the parking lot when we were walking i saw a girl against the wall crying and the guy was yelling at her. It was all fine until he slapped her. "hey you little piece of shit" I slammed him on the wall and he got knocked out. "I don't understand why you let him do that to you" I gave her 100 dollars " go get yourself a room to sleep and go eat dinner" she nodded and left. I kept walking and saw the guys smiling at me "do you guys wanna get food first " they nodded yes. I took them to wings n things. " so Lucy wat do you do for a living" the guy named Niall asked. "I kick box iv been doing it since I was 15 and now I'm 22" Liam opened his eyes "so you go kick each others asses in front of a crowd" I nodded my head "yup" Niall turned to me "wouldn't you like to do something else" I thought about it. "well everything a wanted to be was dangerous so the only one that supported me was my brother I was a professional football player for a while then I was boxing then I was underground racing so yeah. I've been all over the place" I looked down at my hands . "and you gu-" I was interrupted by a tall guy with blue eyes and brown hair he also had an accent like the rest "hello love I'm Louis" I smiled "hey I'm gonna head to the bathroom" they nodded.

​Liam p.o.v.

​she's gorgeous her long dark brown hair and her gray eyes she's like the perfect girl but I can see the other lads like her too. "I'm back hows the food you like it " she asked and we all answered with yeses. We finished eating and left to her house its really nice it even has a pool in the back. We walked in and the maid took us one by one to our room " i left my stuff and walked to the living room. I felt two arms around my waist i saw they were Lucy 's "sorry i just wan- , nevermind. " she turned and walked away. "guys who wants to go swimming at night" she said and we all cheered. She ran upstairs and me and the guys ran into the pool. "lets go get changed guys" I turned to see that they were already in the pool. "or not ill go get changed." I walked upstairs and saw a little closet opened and Lucy was trying to reach for a box. "do you need help" she smiled and nodded. I reached for the box and gave it to her. "so what exactly do you do in your free time" I asked. "I train hard so I don't get my ass kicked out there " I nodded and walked I my room I grabed my shorts and changed. When I went downstairs saw that Lucy had taken out her pool toys and her help had set up a snack bar. I walked outside to see the guys just play fighting. "were is Lucy" I asked. "here" I turned around and saw that she was wearing shorts that went halfway on her bum and a crop top and her bathing suit under I could see a tattoo on her side. I smiled. She ran to me and pushed me in and I pulled her with me we fell in and she started laughing. "wait do you guys want a beer" she said. We all nodded and she left to go get them. "Liam likes Lucy guys" I nodded my head no because of how loud they sounded. When they saw her coming they all got quiet "did I hear my name" we all nodded no . We drank and played til it was 2:00 A. M. we laughed and I saw that Lucy was a bit to drunk. " oh shit she ran to the bathroom and kneeled I ran and held her hair up. "its all good ill take you to bed come on" I said. She nodded and I carried her to her room I took her wet clothes off and put a light pajama dress on her. "goodnight Lucy" I turned to to the door. And opened it. I walked back and saw the guys had fallen asleep on the living room floor. "oh well " I ran upstairs to my room and changed in the bathroom my phone rang "hello" I answered "hey baby how are you" I rolled my eyes " look we broke up grace, please stop calling me" I looked out the bathroom door to see that no of was listening. "why Liam is there someone else" I felt someone's hands in my and the phone was taken from me I turned to see Lucy. She put it on speaker. "hey this is Lucy look I would prefer if you stoped calling my man now" I smiled at her . "what if I don't " Lucy chuckled "then ill find you and beat the shit out of you, well that's all thanks for understanding that he's mine now bye" she hung up and we started laughing. "that should do the work" she said. "thank you so much Lucy" I said. She smiled and walked out..................

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